Why I Became A Blogger In My 50’s

Why I Became A Blogger In My 50’s

Have you ever heard someone say they are a blogger and wondered what on earth they are talking about?

It’s funny to think now, but just a few years ago that is exactly what happened to me.

I was on holiday in the Caribbean and I saw 2 girls who did nothing for 2 weeks other than pose around the pool and hotel gardens.  I was fascinated by them.

The whole fortnight they were constantly changing clothes and donning hats and other accessories while posing in the most un-natural ways for the camera.

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I couldn’t believe that someone could be so in love with herself that she would have a friend spend a whole fortnight doing nothing but photographing her.

When I got home I was telling my son and his girlfriend about them and his girlfriend said “maybe they were bloggers”.

Maybe they were what? I asked, not having a clue what she was talking about.

She then began to educated me in the finer points of blogs and blogging. I was amazed. I hadn’t realised that just anyone could start a blog and become a “blogger”. I thought you had to be doing something special like travelling the world or saving children or some other such note-worthy activity.

It seems I was wrong. Anyone can be a blogger, as long as they have something to blog about, and 5 years later here I am, a full blown blogger making money from blogging and teaching others to do the same.

I know, and believe me, there is no one more surprised than me. I mean I’m over 50 for goodness sakes. I’m no kid in a bikini and floppy sunhat who can pose in a bendy way around the pool for 2 weeks.

So what on earth do I blog about? Well, to be honest I blog about blogging – mainly. I teach other, ahem, “older” people to start blogs by helping them overcome the barriers of technology.

I show them that just because they are not in their 20’s they still have a voice and that voice deserves to be heard.

After all, in a world where youth is becoming more and more important, as an older person we can sometimes feel a little left out and not sure of our place any more.

Gone, it seems, are the days when the younger person would come to the elders and ask for advice and guidance. Goodness, they could now teach us a thing or two, and they do, constantly.

We have almost become redundant as mid-lifers or baby boomers or elderly people. We can sometimes find it difficult to find a purpose and sometimes also to connect with others.

Family’s are now moving all around the world, yes we can skype but it’s just not the same. We are detached from our children and have nothing in common with the people at work that we are surrounded by.

Some of us feel that when the kids leave home and our nest is finally empty, that we are no longer useful, that no one needs or wants us.

Well, I’m here to tell you that that simply is not the case. There are loads of people out there who are looking for advice on all sorts of matters from parenting to menopause.

There are google searches every minute of every day looking for answers to some of life’s most hidden away questions. Questions that maybe are only applicable to the older generation such as why is my hair falling out or what is the best denture cream to buy.

I know, it can sound a little depressing can’t it? But consider this. What if someone was really concerned about their hair falling out and didn’t know that it was probably a temporary thing brought on by the changes in hormones as we move into menopause?

What difference do you think that you could make to that person by just pointing that fact out, and maybe talking about your own similar experiences and what worked for you.

This is pretty much all that blogging is. It is inspiring people to take action. It is educating them in certain topics, it might be entertaining them or informing them. But the main point is that it is reaching out to people who are looking for answers and helping them to find those answers.

As I mentioned a little earlier, I help people to start blogging because I found out that lots of older people would love to blog – especially once they retire and go on to do something amazing with their lives, but they are scared that they will get in a mess or look ridiculous online.

I answer their questions, I educate them about what a blog is and how to start one and what to blog about. I inspire them to blog by showing them that I can be a blogger and I’m nothing special. I also help them overcome their nerves about doing something online and having to deal with all that techy stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot to learn about blogging, especially, as like most other things online, things change almost on a daily basis. But the most important thing is that I do it.

I didn’t let the technology put me off. I found someone to help me with it. I didn’t let the fact that all the bloggers in the world seem to be Mommy Bloggers with little children put me off – I saw this as an opportunity to add value to a different section of society.

I didn’t quit when my website crashed or when my Pinterest account got suspended or when my Facebook account got shut down. Yes, I had a steep learning curve, but I got there.

I am living each day loving what I do which is helping others to achieve their goals and dreams.  I am making my living working from wherever I choose and working whenever I choose.  I have never been happier and I can only see it getting better.

In a year or so, Ian (my wonderful partner) and I plan to retire (or at least slow down a bit). I want a “job” that I can do from anywhere. I want to be able to work from our caravan in Wales or from a sunbed in Mexico. I don’t want to be restricted by my job, I want to be able to pack it and take it with me. And as a blogger I can do just that because I am making money online rather than having to go out to a place of work.

Because of these goals, I turned my blog into a business. I now use my blog to sell products and services online – both my own, and those of other people.

I am building this business to be as near to a passive income as anyone is ever likely to achieve. I advertise products and services from my blog and then either receive the money if they’re mine or a commission if they’re someone else’s. Either way I am earning money and not having to go out to a place of work.

This is also a pretty much set it and forget it business. Yes you have to work hard at the beginning to get it all set up and working, but once you have, the sky is the limit.

Imagine not having to worry about the fact that you haven’t saved enough for your retirement. Your blog will carry on earning for you long after you retire.

Imagine not having to worry about becoming too old or tired to carry on going to work in your sixties or seventies. Your blog will work for you day in day out whether you are physically there or not.

Would you like to be a blogger?

There’s absolutely nothing to lose. You can start a blog for as little as £40. (You can do it for free but I would advise you buy your own domain name and hosting service as it will be cheaper in the long run). You don’t need to be technically brilliant because you can get tools and apps to do most things for you now online. I have created the Ultimate Starter Kit for New Bloggers which includes a 1 hour tutorial from yours truly to get you set up with your domain name and hosting. Get your free copy here.

You just need to know what you would like to blog about and who your are blogging for. You can get some help with that here in my Lesson 1 for New Bloggers (this is the first in a series of 7 posts that will talk you through the whole process of getting started if you are interested).

Are you looking for something that you can set up around your current commitments? A blog is perfect for that. You can just devote an hour or two each day if that’s all you have, or you can devote every spare minute. It is entirely up to you.

Of course, the more time you can commit to it, the faster it will grow and the sooner you can start making money from it, but you get to choose the pace and it will grow around the other things in your life right now.

How long does it really take to get a blog to make money?

This is a question I get asked all the time by my students and clients. Unfortunately there is no definite answer.

The more time you can give to it in the early stages will definitely make it profitable sooner, but you are looking at probably a couple of years before it’s working for you.

This is because there is a lot to learn, like any other business. You need to find your way around things and figure out how to make it work for you. You have to learn what you need to do and then how to do it.

You also need to learn how to automate it as much as possible if you are going to be running it as a passive income generator.

Don’t let all that put you off though. You just need to stick at it and devote as much time and money as you can afford in learning how to get your blog up and running as fast as possible.

You can learn how to do it all here by following my Lesson 1 for New Bloggers


What if I told you that we could have it up and running and collecting leads for you in just one week?

Would you be interested in learning more? Of course you would, who wouldn’t want a whole business to be created and generating leads in just 7 days?

Honestly, there’s no catch. It’s simply knowing exactly what to do and in what order that will enable you to do this in super quick time. If you would like to know more then check out my “Quick Start Package“.

It’s specifically designed to cut through the 2 year learning curve so that you can get started right away. You will have a professional looking blog that is offering something of value to your audience and collecting subscribers and leads AND following up with those leads automatically. Although it is meant to be taken over a 4 month period (to help avoid overwhelm) you can, if you want to, get it all done in just ONE WEEK – and I help you and walk you through every single step.

Go on, it’s worth a look surely? After all, if you’re still reading you are obviously a little interested in becoming a blogger. Why not just become one sooner?

Don’t Loose Your Voice!

Whatever you decide, don’t lose your voice. If blogging isn’t for you then join some Facebook groups and help people out there. Here’s one that I’m a member of so come and join me; and 15,000 other women at Fab Women Over 50

Don’t think that your opinion no longer matters, or counts. Don’t think that no one wants to hear what you’ve got to say. Don’t think that you’re purpose in life is no longer to help and support and nurture others.

It is, you just need to do it in a different way. That doesn’t mean it’s any less important or vital.

I hope my little story has inspired you to get your voice out there by whatever means necessary, and that you know that you are not alone and that there is a whole world of people who are your age and in your boat that are looking for friends, advice, guidance and support.

Just because your kids think they don’t need you any more (which, by the way, means you have done a great job) doesn’t mean that you are not still needed.

That’s it from me for now. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss any other posts.

Love and hugs (which is what XO means in case you didn’t know).

P.S. I would really appreciate it if you would spread the love and share this post with others. I am trying to get the word out to as many people as possible that old is not useless and that actually getting older can be a whole new adventure.

Just click on your favourite icons and share away. Thank you for your support.



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I love you post.I am 60 and getting ready to start a blog, Thank you for you story and i inspiration

    Lynne ThomasPosted on5:19 pm - Apr 16, 2019

    Hi Millz, That’s great to hear. I love it when I hear other, more mature people are getting into blogging. Let me know when you start your log and I’ll pop a long and visit it. Also, have a look around my site and use any of the resources that are there, I have created a 7 day email series which is great to get you going.

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