What To Do When You Think The Whole World Is Against You

The world is against youDo you sometimes feel that the whole world is against you? No matter what you do it just doesn’t seem to work out or go right for you? Are there days in your life when just about everything goes wrong? Do you sometimes feel that you are the only person that sees something from a certain viewpoint?

It is quite interesting when you stop to consider and study this phenomenon because it is almost true. Almost. We can probably pinpoint times in our lives when these things happened to us. We had periods of times when our lives were a mess or they just weren’t working out how we had hoped. For most of us these are just periods. Why do we have these periods? Why do they go away again?

As those of you who have read my previous posts will know, it is all about your mind-set. It is about the thoughts you have. It is about the actions you take and it is about what you ask the universe for and how you ask for it. Let me explain…

Imagine this…

You have just been turned down for a job you really wanted and had studied hard for. The interview had gone well, or so you thought. You had answered the questions well and had given some great examples of things you had done previously. You are really fed up. What do you do?

  • a) go out and celebrate the fact that you did really well in your interview
  • b) accept the fact that there was someone more suitable and be really pleased for them
  • c) Think about all the amazing other possibilities that there out there that you are now free to explore

You probably wouldn’t do any of the above, it is more likely you would do one of the below:

  • a) feel miserable and let everyone know that you are not happy about the outcome
  • b) tell yourself it was a rubbish job anyway
  • c) Tell yourself you might as well give up looking because if you didn’t get that one you probably won’t get any of the others either

It really is a shame that you do this. If you had done one of the top things you would have been energised and your spirits would have remained high. You would have put a positive spin on it and it would not have become such a big problem to you. The fact that you chose the bottom section means that you are about to embark on a period of negativity.

What you believe determines what you think so if you believe it was a rubbish job and you are better off where you are then this is what you will think. What you think determines what you do so you will do nothing. You will not look any further and you will stay in the job that you were trying to leave. What you do determines how your life will turn out so if you do nothing then nothing will change and you will stay forever in that job that you don’t like, moaning an complaining about how bad your life is.

Being positive however, means that you would have believed that it wasn’t for you and that there will be better, more suitable positions out there. You will be encouraged to look for them. You will then inevitably find one and move from the job you don’t like. This result is a much more favourable one and your life is now much brighter.

You see the periods in your life where nothing is working is usually not driven by the world, or by other people, it is usually caused by your own view of the situation. If you take a step back, pause, look at it again from a different angle then it will usually present itself differently. As Einstein said “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Although a very simplistic model, this is pretty much how life works. We think we are having a run of bad luck but really we are seeing things through negative eyes. These eyes do not serve us well. They limit our vision. they blur the possibilities and make our futures fuzzy and uncertain. While we feel like this we are not very likely to go out and seek positive things. Instead we look for things to justify the way we are feeling ie other negative things. This becomes a never ending circle – until you break it.

Once broken and you begin to see  the world again through more positive eyes then things become much clearer and brighter. You begin to see the endless possibilities that we have available to us. Not only do you see them but you want to embrace them and try them for yourself. You are keen to throw caution to the wind and experience life in the true sense of the word. You are happier and so seek out things to justify this feeling, ie other positive things. This also becomes a never ending circle – until you break it.

So the next time you think the world is against you and nothing is going right for you ask yourself this… “what am I doing to change it?”


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