What Is A Blog?

blogI have recently been asked what is a blog by some of my clients and so I thought others might want clarification too. Here is the really simple answer…

A blog is basically just another page on your website. Most pages on your site stay the same and you don’t have to update or amend them very often. Your blog is different as it is basically a series of “posts” or pieces of content or information that you want to share with your audience (like this content that you are reading now for example).

Blogs are usually updated at least once a week but this can be done daily or even more often if you have a lot to share. I was told that the word blog comes from web-log and got shortened. Not sure if that is true but sounds logical. A blog therefore is a log of what you are up to or what you want to make available for your audience to see.

It is a series of posts about all manner of things. It could be something newsworthy that you have done like raise money for charity. It might be something you have learned about that you then share with others (like this post) or it might be a video that you found funny, entertaining or educational that you think your audience might like to see.

Posts_menuTo start a blog with WordPress is really simple. It is usually set up already as part of your theme when you install it. There is usually a demo post on there entitled “hello world” or something similar that WordPress have included. You just need to overwrite this and, when you are happy with what you have written, publish your post. Even more simply you can just  go into your posts section on your menu and select  “add new” (as shown in the picture here).  You then have a blank sheet to start a new one on. For information on how to get it found and read by people on the internet, please see my  post entitled how to syndicate your post, or just contact me for help.

Have a look at some of mine and some of other people’s until you get the idea. As usual, I am here if you need any help, just contact me on any of the methods below.  Happy Blogging!

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