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How To Make This Year Your Best One Yet!

Are you wondering how to make this year your best one yet? Have you got lots of plans and hopes for your blog this year but are a little afraid of putting them into action in case they don’t work out?

Oooh, I know exactly how you feel. I know because I felt the same the year before last. I had so many ideas and plans and knew just what I wanted to achieve, but do you know what happened in the end? I failed.

Yep, I pretty much failed at everything that I had set out to do. My plans came to nought. I made nowhere near my financial target. I didn’t get anywhere near the number of subscribers I thought I would get. I got nowhere near the number of visits to my blog that I thought I would get. I made so few sales that year that I might as well have not bothered even trying.

I was embarrassed, I felt miserable and disillusioned, but to be honest, I was mostly annoyed with  myself. Here’s why…

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Why I Started A Blog In My 50’s

The other day a friend of mine asked me why I started a blog in my 50’s. She hinted (although didn’t come right out and say it) that blogging was for younger people.

At the time I gave her my standard answer of wanting to be able to work from home and work at times that suited me and my family rather than times that suited someone else’s business needs.

But when I got home, I thought about it a little more and realised there are many reasons why I started a blog in my 50’s. I thought I would share them with you so that you might be inspired to start one too…

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A Genuine Work From Home Opportunity

Are you looking for a genuine work from home opportunity? Something to supplement your income or even to replace it? Are you tired of being told that there is a work from home business for you to join right away only to find out you have to spend most nights out of the house promoting it?

I may have the answer for you. But you will have to consider a few things first because this isn’t for everyone, but for those who do take it up, it becomes a lifestyle as much as a business.


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Do Bloggers Get Paid?

Do bloggers get paid, and if so how? I have been asked that so many times over the last few years since I started my first blog and it still surprises people to learn that yes, bloggers do get paid.

There are a number of ways in which they get paid, in fact, and I will go through a few of the most popular ways here…

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Ebook Creator – How to create your ebook in 2 minutes

Are you looking for an Ebook creator? Great, you’re going to love this tool. You can literally create your Ebook in 2 minutes – yes really.

Don’t believe me? Read on and you will be able to watch and see it being done.

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Hello there and welcome to A Baby Boomer Bloggers site. I’m Lynne and I’m here to help you get started on your blogging journey.

There are lots of resources available here to help you get your blog up and running faster, so please choose where you would like to begin from the options below.

Whether you are looking for some free and easy tools to use or you would like a full mentoring experience there is something for everyone.


5 Metrics You Must Check On Your Blog

There are 5 metrics you must check on your blog. You need to do this for every blog post and here’s why…

If you are a new blogger, you may be writing different blog posts with different intentions to find out what works and what doesn’t. You may be blogging for fun or as a hobby or you may be trying to turn your blog into a business by selling your own products or services or through affiliate marketing.

Although you may have different reasons for running your blog, there are things that remain constant. Things that are important for bloggers to know.

Read time around 10 mins.  Short on time? Listen to the podcast instead.

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Are Blogging Courses Worth It?

A lot of my clients ask me are blogging courses worth it. They tell me that there is a wealth of information for free on YouTube and Google, so why pay for courses.

This is what I tell them…

You get what you pay for. If something is free then it’s very unlikely to provide as much value as something you have to pay for, that’s just common sense really isn’t it?

There will be parts of it, or steps missing, or it won’t tell you the whole method but ask you to upgrade to get the rest of the “necessary” information. Of course, this isn’t true of every free thing you come across on the internet, but I just wanted you to bear it in mind.

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Why I Became A Blogger In My 50’s

Have you ever heard someone say they are a blogger and wondered what on earth they are talking about?

It’s funny to think now, but just a few years ago that is exactly what happened to me.

I was on holiday in the Caribbean and I saw 2 girls who did nothing for 2 weeks other than pose around the pool and hotel gardens.  I was fascinated by them.

The whole fortnight they were constantly changing clothes and donning hats and other accessories while posing in the most un-natural ways for the camera.

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Work With Me

Are you fed up of working hard and getting nowhere with you blog? Do you get disillusioned when you check your analytics and no one is reading your amazing content? Are you frustrated when others seem to be building a list of subscribers and earning money from their blog and you’re not?

Don’t despair, help is at hand…

Would you love to start a brand new blogging business and have it working for you in just a week? That would be amazing right? Well you can achieve exactly that if you come and work with me…

In just one week we will cover these essential basics:

  • Branding your blog so that it stands out online
  • Creating your Blog – getting your domain and hosting service set up
  • Getting your social media presence and profiles sorted
  • Creating a hook to entice new customers
  • Designing and implementing a lead magnet to capture email addresses from potential leads and customers
  • Setting up your email auto-responder and an email campaign that will follow up with your leads on auto-pilot
  • How to monetise your blog so that you can make sales even while you sleep.

These are the basic elements that you need to get right in your blog before you can expect your blog to gain subscribers or start making any money for you.

Unfortunately most people spend years trying to get this all figured out and then they give up on their blog altogether because they think it’s not working.

Whether you want to use your blog to sell your crafts online, or you want to be able to coach and support others; I can help you to get it to the point where your blog is reaching hundreds of people, collecting email addresses and subscribers and responding to these new leads all in just one week and all pretty much on auto-pilot!

Check out some of my testimonials

Interested? You’d be mad not to be!

This is one to one mentoring, I will work with you; and for you to achieve these results. I offer a one stop solution that will save you thousands of pounds, and months of work trying to figure it all out for yourself.

I also offer all this for an unbelievable price.  I have included some conservative costings in brackets which you can go and check for yourself. These prices are based on local services in the UK (West Midlands area).

Who is this not for?

  • Those who aren’t willing to invest any money in their business
  • Those who aren’t coachable or willing to try new things
  • Anyone who is not in a rush to start making money from their blog
  • Someone who is not willing to work hard and invest lots of time in their blog

Who is this most definitely for?

  • Someone who wants to get their blog working for them quickly
  • Anyone who wants to start building a list of subscribers today
  • Anyone who wants to run their blog as a business
  • Anyone who wants to get their blogging business up and running in just a week
  • Those who want to make sure that they are operating their blog legally and complying with GDPR and other online business regulations.

Okay, are you ready to work with me?

This is how your week will pan out:


We will work on your branding. To get noticed online you have to appear consistently and branding helps enormously with this. If you already have your branding done then I will show you how to use it in your social media. (Typical cost for branding from £400)


We will work on creating a hook and a lead magnet for your website and social media so that when these go live you can attract leads and customers from day one. (Typical cost from £200)


We will create your website using the branding and the hook and lead magnet that we worked on the last couple of days. If you already have a website I will make sure it is using your branding effectively, that it is GDPR compliant and has all the legal stuff on it that you need to operate websites today. I will also show you how to monetise your website by using your blog. (If you would like to start your website beforehand then I have created a step by step tutorial that you can download here) (Typical cost for someone to build your website from £800 + ongoing maintenance and hosting charge)


We will work on your social media presence. To get traffic to your website you are going to need a referral system (unless you wish to pay for traffic which is something we can discuss on the day).  We will work on creating you a Facebook Page, a Linkedin Profile (or update your current one), create a Pinterest account and discuss other options for where your ideal customer might be hanging out online. (Typical cost from £2,000 for agency fees usually with a minimum ad spend)


We will set up your auto-responder so that you can respond to leads promptly and on auto-pilot. I will also help you to create your email series.

We will create a sales funnel for your business. This will lead your customers through a buying process which will start with your freebie (which we will decide on and create) and lead them to the next most expensive item and then the next until they are buying your most expensive item. I will also show you how to package and bundle items to make more expensive sales options. (typical cost from £250 per hour – so £1,500 for 6 hours)

You will also receive bonus tutorials such as how to monetise your blog by using different strategies and how to create amazing content for your social media and blog posts.

As you can see, the cost of hiring each professional separately is around £4,900, and then of course you have to go back to them every time you need to make a change. This will be at an additional cost to you.

I will teach you how to do all this for yourself so that it is a ONE TIME cost rather than a recurring one.

I will also introduce you to some amazing free (or very reasonably priced) tools and apps that will help you in your business so that you can automate it as much as possible.

How much does it cost?

I have shown you (and I hope you have researched it and confirmed) that you can probably expect to pay over £5,000 to get these services individually – and it will still take you months to figure out how to put them all together to make your blogging business actually work for you.

You can work with me and have a blog that is working in just one week if you are wiling to invest just £2,000 in your blog and it’s success. That’s just £400 per day! You can pay over £200 per hour just for coaching – and then you have to go and figure out how to do it all yourself!

Why just £2,000?

My whole business has been built around helping new and small businesses to grow and develop and I know that budgets are tight. I also know that time is an extremely valuable commodity when you are a new blog owner as you are expected to be doing several things at once, and learn several things at once.

I want to be able to help you to get your blog up and running and working for you in as short a time as possible and for as little an outlay as possible hence my pricing.

I believe in a fair days pay for a fair days work and I hope that I have demonstrated this in my pricing of this offer.

Limited places

Obviously I have limited places available for this offer (Just 2 per month) so please don’t delay in contacting me if you are interested in working with me as I would hate for you to be disappointed and have to wait a month or two longer to get started.

The offer is also limited to those who have at least a basic understanding of IT as you will be working with me over Skype (or Zoom) and will need to know how to do a few things yourself.

If this option is not possible for you but you would still be interested in working me, I have some amazing online mentoring programmes that you can take a look at:

Book your slot today!

To find out more or to book your week with me please contact me at info@lynne-thomas.com or give me a ring on (UK +44) 07736 396519

To see some of my testimonials please click here