I like to keep things as simple as possible – for myself and for everyone else so my pricing conforms to this too:



I charge:

£30 per hour – then increments of 15 minutes (this is one to one time, I do not charge for travel time or expenses)

£100 for half a day or 4 hours (saving £20)

£200 for a whole day or 8 hours (saving £40)

If you want to hire me for the week then this can be arranged too for a charge of £1,000 (saving £200)

Workshops are charged at £30 per person and run from 9.30 am  – 3.30 pm

That’s it! Nothing complicated, and it doesn’t matter what you need help with. I won’t charge you more for advertising campaigns, websites or complicated spreadsheets (although these will obviously take longer to do). I will, wherever possible, show you how to do things yourself using your own computers and equipment so that you gain skills and save money in the long term as you won’t need to keep hiring us “experts”.

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