Manifestation. Myth or Miracle?

Manifestation. Myth or Miracle?

Is manifestation myth or miracle? This was something I wanted to find out for myself a while ago now, but it has been at the forefront of my mentoring workshops this month and I thought I would share my findings with my blogging friends as well as my clients.

Manifestation is talked about everywhere right now. It is really big in parts of the USA, and the UK, as usual, is taking notice of what is going on across the pond. But what exactly is going on?

Well, there are a lot of people who are promoting the idea that you can manifest whatever you want in your life simply by having the right attitude and asking the universe for it.

mmmm, sounds a little fishy doesn’t it? iI mean, if it were that simple everyone would have everything they could ever want wouldn’t they?

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Okay, so let’s look at the facts and talk sensibly about how manifestation “works”.

Being able to visualise things has long been known to bring about desired outcomes. It has, for example, been used for many years in sport to help athletes overcome mental barriers and break world records. Probably the most famous sports person who did this was Roger Bannister.

If you remember, Roger Bannister was the first person to run a mile in under 4 minutes.  It had previously been thought to be impossible. Many had tried it and not one had succeeded. Until Roger.

Roger spent hours and hours visualising his run. He visualised how he would start, how he would pace himself, how he would keep the speed going and he visualised the end result. He saw himself breaking that barrier.

He saw himself running a mile in under 4 minutes so many times that it became a reality for him. It was, in essence, a foregone conclusion that he would do it. And guess what? Yep, he did it. 3 minutes 59 seconds in 1954.

His record was broken just 3 months later, and it has since been broken by over 1,400 male athletes, because it is no longer thought to be impossible and so the mental barrier surrounding it has gone.

There are also tennis players that have made use of visualisation to help them overcome mental barriers in their games, Ivan Lendl and Andy Murray being just two.

Business people are also using visualisation to bring about desired outcomes in their businesses. They are making visualisation part of their daily routine.

Why visualisation works

Very simply, without getting too technical and scientific, it works like this. Let’s go back to the tennis example. You want to win Wimbledon but you have a mental block and you just can’t seem to get past a certain point in your game.

You imagine playing your game. You see the ball, you imagine hitting it. You imagine serving it back to your partner. You see yourself delivering perfect serves and returning every volley.

You do this over and over. You are now not ever going to do anything wrong because in your imagination you are doing everything perfectly. You are tricking your brain into thinking that you have actually played this game. In fact, to your brain, you have played this perfect game many times.

The brain, for all it’s power and complexity, cannot distinguish between real and imagined very well. If you tell it something happened over and over again then it goes along with you. It begins to believe that those events actually took place. In other words, it believes that you have played all those perfect games.

This brain training helps with overcoming the doubt that you feel about being able to achieve something. Once the brain assumes that you will play a perfect game, the chances of you actually playing a perfect game are far greater. And that’s where manifestation comes in to play.

If you visualise something with enough detail, and do it often enough, your brain will think that it’s already happened, or that it is about to happen and it will start to help you to do the things necessary to bring about (or manifest) the desired result.

Manifestation is not a myth. It has been proven by all sorts of people that it works if applied correctly. You can use it to bring about desired changes in your own life.


How I have used manifestation techniques to achieve things in my life.

Manifestation has helped me to achieve many of the things that I hold dear in my life. It helped me to give up smoking, a habit I had had for over 20 years.

It also helped me to achieve my degree, something I always wanted to do but was scared to try because of the fear of failing.

I am now with the man of my dreams because of manifestation. No I didn’t just think of Mr right and along he came, it doesn’t work quite like that, but it did guide me to do the right things and meet the right people so that it eventually happened.

Manifestation has also helped me to lose weight and to get fit and to do all manner of other things in my life that I would, at some point in the past, have thought impossible or ridiculous, one of which being the creation of my goal conquering system, which I will tell you more about in a minute.

I suppose I realised that manifestation was really just the end result of goal setting. I set my sights on something that I desperately wanted to achieve and I created some great goals to help me get there.

Manifestation isn’t really a miracle, although you could, I suppose, think of it as such. It’s simply the result of setting a good plan and then taking the necessary actions to bring about the end result of that plan.

It is the act of creating some great goals, adding a few milestones along the way, and then setting off with determination to reach that goal. It is about staying focussed, it’s about getting out your comfort zone. It’s about actually DOING the things you need to do to bring about the results you are looking for.

If you do all that then there is no reason whatsoever why you can’t manifest whatever you like into your life too. Most people don’t have what they want because they are still focussed on what they don’t want. They are worrying (and therefore focussing) on not having any money instead of focussing on how to get more.

Most people don’t have what they want in their life because they are not willing to take the actions that they need to take to bring about those results. They find it too difficult to give up the foods they love in order to lose weight, they don’t want to ask their boss for a raise in case they are turned down. There are so many reasons why people don’t and won’t do what it takes to achieve what they claim they want most.

This is why we see success as some sort of “luck”. We think of abundance as something that you are lucky to have. We think of rich people as lucky. We think of those with perfect partners as lucky. Honestly, luck doesn’t come into it.

Those people who are rich, successful or in loving relationships have worked at it. They have taken the necessary steps to bring about those results. They have not been afraid to try new things, meet new people, risk or give up something to get their dream life.

What about you? Would you like to manifest some good things into your life? I can help you. I can show you the way and help you to set those great goals.

Goals are key to manifesting what you want in your life. You need to make sure they are the right goals, that they have enough emotion attached to them and that they are realistic and actually achievable in the time frame that you set yourself.

Without a good goal you have nothing to aim for. You have nothing solid to focus on and nothing to keep you focussed when things get tough or you get thrown off course. A good goal will keep you heading in the right direction, no matter what life throws at you.

Here’s an example of how I have used manifestation to improve my blog in the last few months.

  • I needed more visitors which led me to research how to get more visitors.
  • I learned about Pinterest which led me to creating a business account which then led me to automated pins
  • I learned how to automate my pins on Tailwind and how to use tribes to drive my traffic.
  • I now have over 1100 followers and over 80,000 viewers of my pins each month
  • 75% of my blog traffic now comes from Pinterest which equates to an extra 1,000 people who have visited my blog this month alone.
  • I have also learned about a plugin that speeds up my site loading speed which I am now using to make it even more appealing to new visitors.

I have achieved what I set out to do. I have more visitors to my blog this month. I am attracting new visitors every day and I am getting more eyes on my blog posts. I have done this by manifesting what I wanted and I have manifested what I wanted by first creating an excellent goal.

Here is the goal I set for myself.

“By the end of September 2018 I want to have increased the visitors to my blog by over 500 per month. I will achieve this by checking what tools and optimisations I can make to my blog to bring about this result. Achieving this result will motivate me to spend more time and effort on my blog which in turn will drive even more traffic which will help me to make more sales and commission.”

Do you see how I put a specific time frame in the goal? I also stated how much I wanted to grow my blog visits by. I also put something in about why I wanted to achieve the goal. This is important because it will be your “why” that keeps you going when things get in your way.

This was a really simple goal setting template that I will teach you how to use. In fact, I will show you how to create goals that you just can’t fail at, AND you can make a little extra cash while you’re learning, sound good?

Grab a copy of my FREE goal conquering system here and see what you can manifest.

I created this system to help my business clients achieve the results they wanted for their businesses, but it works for anyone in any situation. It will teach you how to go about creating really focussed goals that will keep you motivated and working towards.

It will show you how to literally create goals that you simply can’t fail at. If you follow the simple steps and take the necessary actions you WILL manifest what you are looking for in your life – Guaranteed!

To quickly prove to you that it works, I have included a little goal in there for you to copy that will generate you a little extra cash while you’re learning to create amazing goals of your own.

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