Looking For Affordable Help With Marketing?

Are you looking for affordable help with your marketing but find that everyone wants to charge hundreds of pounds a month to set up and monitor your advertisements?

I know exactly how you feel. I was that person a few years ago. I was a small business owner who was desperate to make sales but was not yet in a position to be able to pay out huge amounts of money to advertising agencies. So what did I do?

I was in a catch 22 situation. I needed customers to be able to pay for the agency but I wouldn’t have any money to spend with the agency until I had customers.

Then I came up with a solution. I would learn to do it myself. I would then be able to sell my products or services to anyone anywhere and spend my money on the advertisement rather than the agency.

It was the best decision I have ever made.

I didn’t think so at the time though. I had to learn a lot. I had to spend months learning to write copy that people would read and respond to.

I had to learn how to find my ideal customers and who these people actually were. (They turned out not to be the people I thought they were).

I had to learn about keywords and how to choose them and use them effectively.

I had to learn about attraction marketing and how to get customers to come to me instead of me having to chase after them.

I had to learn the rules and terms and conditions of advertising giants such as Google, Bing, Facebook and YouTube.

I also had to learn how to master the FREE strategies, yes there are some of those too.

I am now able to advertise wherever I please, spend as much or as little as I like and know that every penny I do spend is going towards building my own business and not towards someone else’s.

I probably spent about £6,000 in total learning all the strategies over the last few years – but I learned from the best and therefore had to pay for their expertise. I knew that this investment would be worth it but I had no idea just how much at the time.

I now spend my days teaching other small business owners how to do this. I love every minute of my days and have some really happy clients to show for my efforts which makes it all worth while.

But I have never forgotten how I felt in my early days just starting out in my business. I remember how every penny mattered and how concerned I was about attracting customers as cheaply as possible.

It is this memory that drives my passion to be able to help as many others as possible who are in the same situation as I was in. I show it in everything I do and everything I price.

It is for this reason that I have created my brand new online mentoring group. It means that I can teach people how to do the things I can now do for a fraction of the price I paid.

I  can work with people and mentor them so that they become confident in all aspects of marketing their business; from choosing their niche, to defining their customer to getting their adverts running successfully online.

In my mentoring group you will learn:

  • How to choose a profitable niche/even if you already have one that you sell in
  • How to define your ideal customer (ones that actually want what you’re selling)
  • How to write engaging and converting headlines and copy
  • How to find keywords and how to use them effectively in your advertising
  • How to create a sales letter/promo page/online advert
  • How to work out how much to spend on your advert and be profitable
  • How to get your advert to pay for itself (yes, you did read that correctly)
  • How to create landing/squeeze pages that convert into leads and sales
  • How to build a list of people who actually want to buy your product – and sell to them using it.
  • How to use attraction marketing as a tool to get your ideal customer knocking on your door
  • How to create an advert on Facebook or Google (the step by step process)

You will also receive

  • Tutorials
  • Videos to show you step by step processes that you can watch in your own time and learn at your own pace
  • Podcasts and live broadcasts that will educate, motivate, inspire and inform you
  • Live meetings/tutorials twice a month via Skype or Zoom
  • Tips for free tools that will enhance your business, improve efficiency, save you time and money and lots, lots more.

Membership to this exclusive group costs just £1,200 and is for a whole year’s mentorship. That is just £100 per month or £23.07 per week.

What else could you spend £23 on and get so much value?

If you commit to the 12 months up front then I will reward you with 2 months Free so you will pay just £1,000.

I know, that sounds like I am going against my ethos of helping those who don’t have as much money.  So here’s what I will do…

If you complete the full 12 months, do the work, take part in all the live sessions, complete the tasks I set each month and take part in the online community then I will refund you the £200 at the end. Just book a session with me and show me what you have done and achieved.

You will have the first month to decide whether it is for you. If not then simply request a refund of your payment or cancellation of your subscription.

     Save £200 and Pay £1,000 Now!

     Pay Monthly 12 x £100

Disclaimer: Although you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to create your own advertising campaigns after taking this mentoring programme, I cannot and will not guarantee that you will make money from the adverts you run as this can never be assured.


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