Lesson 5 For New Bloggers

Lesson 5 For New Bloggers

Hello and welcome back for lesson 5 where we are going to be looking at adding those other 5 posts and then telling the world that you exist.

If you have missed lessons 1 – 4 you can catch up here:

I also need to point out that this email contains some affiliate links which means that if you click on them and then go on to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. This is one of the ways that I monetise my blog and I will be showing you how to do this in a later lesson.

Okay, let’s get going with lesson 5

Step 1. Add your other blog posts

To do this you need to:

  1. Log into your dashboard (the area with the black strip menu)
  2. Find where it says posts and hover over it
  3. Click on add new
  4. Enter the title of your post
  5. Copy the content of your draft post from the word document
  6. Paste the content of your second draft into your post
  7. Go to the top right hand side of the side bar where it says Save Draft and click on it
  8. Go down to the bottom where it says Set Featured Image and add the image you chose for this post.
  9. Go back to the top and click on Save Draft
  10. Go to the top of the page along the top black strip and click on view post
  11. This will display as it will on your actual blog for the world to see. check that it looks okay and read through it for any errors
  12. If there are any errors to correct just click on edit  on the top black strip
  13. if there are no errors and you are happy to publish go to the top of the right hand side bar and click publish
  14. Repeat this process for each of your other posts.

Great work, well done, you now have the beginnings of a blog.

Step 2. Promoting your blog to the world

Now that you have some content to offer people, it’s time to tell them about your blog and get them to come and have a look.

There are a couple of things you need to do to get this working for you, and yes, I’m afraid there is a little more technical stuff to get around but I hope by now you are not phased by this as you have learnt it is quite simple.

First, you need to get your blog indexed by Google. This is really important as without indexing Google will never know that your blog exists and so won’t be publicising it or promoting it.

How to do this: Watch this short video tutorial.

Okay, have you done that? Good now we can get on to the next thing.

Go onto Pingomatic.com. It’s free to use so don’t worry. As you’ve probably noticed by now, pretty much everything I tell you to do is either free or really inexpensive. (What is Pingomatic?)

Look for where it says services to ping. You will see a lot of services and a lot of unticked boxes next to them. Go and tick (or check) every box.

Now click on the home page. This is where it will ask you to enter the title and URL of your blog post.  Go to your first blog post and copy the URL – the actual published URL, and paste it in the box. Add your title and then click on send pings.

This will let all those publications know that you have published a new post that may be of interest to some of their subscribers. They will now let their subscribers know that there is a new blog post to read.

You will also want to share your blog posts on other social media sites that you are on such as a Facebook page, LinkedIn or Instagram. The more people who get to see your posts the better as the more chance you will have of someone coming to read them.

A quick way to share your posts across your social media platforms is to add a plugin such as Sassy Social Media Shares. This adds the icons to your blog post at the top, bottom or side and makes it easy for you and others to share your content across the internet.

For a reminder on how to add a plugin watch this short video tutorial.

That’s it for today’s lesson. Come back for lesson 6 where I will be showing you how to create great content that gets clicked and shared, and how to add relevant keywords and tags to your posts.

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See you soon





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