Lesson 3 For New Bloggers

Lesson 3 For New Bloggers

Hello and welcome back to lesson 3 for new bloggers. It’s nice to have you back and I hope you are ready to start getting serious about your blog now that you have already done so much of the hard work.

If you have missed the previous lessons you can catch up here Lesson 1 and Lesson 2

As usual, I remind you that this blog contains affiliate links which means that if you click on any of them and then go on to make a purchase i will get paid a small commission at no cost to you. This is one way that I monetise my blog and I will be showing you how to do this in future lessons 🙂

Okay, let’s do a quick re-cap to make sure you haven’t missed anything

  • You have done your research on the forums and Facebook groups to find what people are struggling with
  • You have made notes of the top 5 – 10 problems or questions that people seem to have around your niche
  • You have created a rough draft of your first blog post and checked it for spelling and grammar errors
  • You have gone onto Unsplash and found an appropriate image to accompany your post to make it more enticing and engaging.
  • You have saved the draft post and the image somewhere you can find them later

Alright then, if you’ve successfully accomplished all that then you are ready to move on to the next lesson and start blogging like a ninja! Here’s lesson 3.

Step 1. Create your blog

Oh my goodness, this is where it gets really scary. This is where you have to start using technology and everything. You are actually going to have to create a website – eeek!!!

Stop sweating, and listen up. It is really simple to create a website. If you can use Microsoft Word, and you can coz you just did when you created your draft post, then you can build a WordPress website.

I’m going to show you how to do it, literally step by step, the whole process from getting your domain name to getting it hosted to publishing that first blog post that is sitting on your desktop right now.

There are pictures, there are short 4 – 5 mins video tutorials to show you EXACTLY how to do everything. Honestly, lots of people have created their sites using my guide and you are going to as well.

So now you need to download my Ultimate Starter Kit for New Bloggers, You will see a nice pink picture of it on the right of your screen if you’re on a desktop or below this post if your on a mobile. You can click on that picture or you can click here on this boring bit of text.

Okay, have you got it? You just need to scroll down the page to where you add your email address. Go ahead and put in your email address – I’ll hang on here while you do it.

Okay, now you will have been sent the video via email so go check the inbox of the email address you just put in the box. If it’s not in the inbox check your spam folder or junk folder just in case.

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level?

Click here to access the Blogging Basics For Beginners follow on course at 10% off!

I have created a follow on course that teaches you:

  • How to install and use Google Analytics
  • How to syndicate and share your posts with one click
  • How to get your blog indexed by Google
  • How to promote your posts effectively
  • How to attract hundreds of visitors to your blog
  • How to make sure your blog is legal

The  price for this course is just £49.99. Click on the link below for instant access!

*******Blogging Basics For Beginners********



Not quite ready for that yet? That’s okay, just carry on to the next step…


Step 2. Follow the guide

The guide comes in the form of an hour long video tutorial. It will show you exactly how to get your domain name and hosting set up. It will cost under £40 for both.

I have chosen TSO hosting because they are the cheapest by far that I have been able to find, and I have been using them for my businesses for over 5 years and can personally vouch for their customer service.

You can, however, choose an alternative if you prefer. I do have a link for Siteground on the right (or bottom) of this post if you want to go with a more known and recognised hosting service. They are a little more expensive though overall, and you will need to email me at info@lynne-thomas.com so that I can send you the appropriate instructions for buying your domain name and getting it hosted with them.

If you really don’t want to do this yourself you can ask someone else to do it for you, it won’t make a difference to the blogging bit so don’t worry. Just get them to create the website for you and then follow the video tutorials from there.

Off you go. Build your blog and then join me back here for lesson 4. To make sure you don’t miss lesson 4, or any other helpful posts that I publish,  subscribe to my blog and get an email every time I publish something.

If you do get stuck with anything TSO & Siteground have a number to call where they will talk you through what you need to do (or they will do it for you if they can). Or you can email me at info@lynne-thomas.com but you might have to wait a bit longer for help.

See you back here soon for lesson 4





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