How To Include Halloween In Your Non-Halloween Blog

How To Include Halloween In Your Non-Halloween Blog

Are you wondering how you can include Halloween in your non-Halloween blog and still remain credible?

It’s important for bloggers to keep up with what’s trending on social media and right now people are gearing up for Halloween.

I know it’s not even the end of August yet, but honestly, you have to start promoting your content at least a month before the actual event to give it time to gain traction.

So in a couple of weeks you are going to need something in your blog, Pinterest boards, Facebook page or Instagram posts that talks about Halloween.

But how can you do this if your blog is not at all Halloween based?

Your blog is supposed to be about you, your thoughts, your insights, your suggestions etc. Your readers will be pleased that you are sharing a slightly different part of your life with them, it will make you more human and they will be able to relate to you more too.

So what can you share with us?

Are you decorating your house this year? if so tell us what you are going to be doing. Are you choosing a theme or just filing it with spiders and other creepy things?

Are you hosting a party? Do you have a spooky playlist, or grizzly games? Your readers would love to hear about these and they could get inspiration from you for their own events.

Do you have Grand-kids? Are you making costumes for them? If so show others how to make it too. Take some pictures so that you can share the process on your blog. Us, less creative people, would love to see how to do it too.

Are you making your own decorations? Again, take pictures of them and tell us how you did it so that we make them as well, and we can look good in front of our friends on Halloween.

Create a pin of the creepy cup cakes that you make and give us the recipe and method of how to make them. These do amazingly well on Pinterest for re-pins.

Make sure your blog URL is on every pin that you create so that people see who you are. It also makes your pin less easy for someone to steal (yes people do steal pins – I know whatever next?)

Don’t forget to share your images on Instagram and add appropriate hashtags to make sure that it gets shown to people searching for Halloween ideas.

Put a link to your post on your Facebook page with a short title of what it’s about or what it shows you how to do. Don’t forget to use the word Halloween in the title.

If you’re not at all artsy or crafty or creative in any way then you can still get in on the Halloween act by doing something similar to what I’ve done here. #thecheekyway

I’m no good at making things but I am good at coming up with ideas. I have written this Halloween post to share those ideas with other, more creative people.

I am able to use my blog (which is about helping bloggers) to help bloggers stay relevant during the Halloween period and also to hopefully give them some ideas as to how they can do this.

I would love to know what you decide to do so let me know in the comments below.

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So there you have it. How to include Halloween in your non-Halloween blog and still stay credible 🙂



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NicolePosted on7:59 pm - Aug 17, 2018

This was a great reminder for me to lock down what I will be blogging about for Halloween and get it written. You’ve offered some great ideas for possible blog post, thank you!

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