How To Get More Leads From your Blog

How To Get More Leads From your Blog

Are you trying to figure out how to get more leads from your blog or business without having to hustle or spend every waking minute on social media sites. I’m here to tell you how… Sound good? Read on…

Are you a new business owner who is frustrated and finding it harder than you thought to attract customers to your website or business? That’s okay, you are not doing anything wrong, you are probably just not doing things in the right way.

Just like in the real world, the online world works on systems and processes. Unfortunately many people people think that just because they are working online that they can just miss out the process and get straight to the results. Well I’m sorry to be the one that has to break it to you – that’s just not possible.

I know, you have probably seen it all over the internet that you can make a ton of money in just a few weeks or months online. Some people indeed do exactly that, but most don’t.

What you are not generally told is that those people who made a load of money also spent a load of money. They invested in big advertising campaigns that would have a monthly spend in the thousands of pounds or dollars. This is not a bad thing – as long as you get a good return on your investment then spend away – but most new business owners don’t have this kind of money to throw into their businesses at the start.

So what can they do to get customers and sales faster?

The good news is that there is a number of things that they can do. The bad news is that most of them won’t listen and will continue to hunt for that non-existent get rich quick option that will enable them to cut out the process and skip straight to the result – because that’s what people keep advertising that they can help you do. DON’T LISTEN TO THEM.

The best way to ensure you become profitable faster is to follow a process. Get a system that suits your business and stick to it until it works. Don’t try it for a few weeks or months and then give up because you think it’s not working. It will take time and effort to get it working so you need to be persistent.

The fastest way to get customers online when you’re a new business is to make the most of every single visitor to your site. Traffic is another problem for small businesses. They don’t know how to attract people to their site and so they are lured into paying for traffic. This probably won’t help you to get leads as the traffic will not be the kind of person you want or need to attract.

You need a way to speak to people who want what you have to sell. You need a way to tell them how you can solve their problem or alleviate a pain point. You need to be able to speak directly to those people and show them what you can do for them.

Once you have their attention you need a way to capture information from them. You should at least get their email or phone number so that you can follow up with them. If you have no way of getting in touch with an interested person then you are not going to get sales very quickly.

You will need something to offer them in exchange for their information. They probably won’t be willing to give it just because you ask them. You might need to think about an offer you can make to them to whet their appetite ready for your main product.

Capturing their email is no good unless you have a way of following up with them. You need to be able to build a relationship with a prospect before you can expect to sell anything to them. Don’t be sleazy, don’t try to sell sell sell without giving them some value first.

To really get ahead of the game you need to do the right things in the right order. There is no catch and it isn’t complicated – in fact, it’s so simple you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t just figure it out yourself by now. Don’t be hard on yourself though, it took me about 5 years of getting frustrated before I finally figured it out. It wasn’t even as though no one had told me either. I guess it just didn’t click because it seemed complicated.

I have taken the mystery out of getting leads and sales faster by creating a simple 7 step system that is designed to get you doing the right things in the right order and at the right time.  I’ve put it all into a little downloadable guide that you can access for FREE here. If you want to start making sales and getting warm leads and following up with those leads, all completely on auto-pilot, then this is something you won’t want to pass by.  There’s a couple of extra goodies in there too to help you avoid costly mistakes and things to look out for that will actually slow down your progress.

Don’t stay frustrated, there is a really simple way of getting those all important leads and turning them into paying customers that will buy from you again and again. And the best thing is, you don’t have to make a single sales call!

So get more leads and sales for your business by following my Simple 7 Step System that is just really business basics that drive results.

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