How To Find People Who Want To Buy From You

How to find people who want to buy from you
How to find people who want to buy from you

If your are wondering how to find people who want to buy from you then you are not alone. It is probably the most common thing for business people to wonder about. How can you find people who actually WANT to buy what you are selling?

One of the ways that you can do this is to build your following on Facebook. Having a tribe of people who have gotten to know you over a period of time is a great asset. Because your tribe know you, they have listened to what you have to say over time, they have watched videos and seen your posts. They have a great idea of who you are and what you are about and, more importantly, what you are selling.

Everyone on line is selling something. The mere fact that they are following your page suggests that they know who you are and what you do. For example I am a business coach specialising in helping small businesses to grow and develop. Everyone on my page knows this, its says so right at the top. They knew this when they followed me (well most of them did).

They know that my posts are generally hints and tips about business. They know that I do live broadcasts that teach people how to do something in their business. They also know that at some point I am going to ask them to get their wallet out. It’s just how it works these days. You give so much away for nothing and then you make an offer and expect them to buy something.

The very fact that your followers know this, that they expect this, and that they are ready for it means that they are wanting to buy what you are selling – otherwise they wouldn’t hang around. How much they are willing to spend is another matter and for another post.

Once you have your captive audience you can start to build anticipation by letting your tribe know that you are going to be releasing something new. You can tempt them and give them little tasters or teasers. You could even ask for volunteers to trial and test it for you.

You can also put out surveys to see who would potentially be interested in your product or service. Just ask questions that require a yes or no response as most people don’t have a problem with one word answers.

From the responses you can gauge whether your audience is interested in what you are about to launch and if they are great, if they don’t seem interested you can adjust or adapt your product before the launch date.

Give them a release date and remind them of this date regularly to keep building on the anticipation. You can do this by putting out little reminder posts every few days.

By the time you launch your product you should have a group of people who are excited and want to buy it. For a great example of how this works, think Apple!

So there you go, you now know how to find people who want to buy from you.

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How To Find People Who Want To Buy From You
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