How To Avoid Being Added To Email Lists

How To Avoid Being Added To Email Lists

Are you wondering how to avoid being added to email lists? It’s a nuisance isn’t it? We click on something online and the next thing we know is we are being bombarded with emails from someone we don’t know.

To be honest, most of us end up on email lists because we have requested something online – a freebie or a trial offer or a discount for something.

We wanted the freebie, or the trial but we didn’t want the endless emails that followed it. Why do we get these and how can we stop them?

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Why do we get all these unwanted emails?

Online marketers use “list building” as a way of selling their products and services to people on the internet. List building just means creating a list of email addresses from people who have shown an interest in what you have to say or sell.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this practice and it has been working well for online marketers for many years now. But, there have been a few changes to what they can legally now do or not do, and it seems that some are not following the rules.

Since May 25th 2018 GDPR has been in force. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and is designed to protect people from online data misuse.

I’m not going to go into the ins and out of the legislation in this post, if you want to learn more about it you can do so here

Although it is a legislation that is made, and enforced in Europe, it does not mean that if you operate a blog or business outside of Europe you can ignore it. If your blog is likely to reach anyone inside the European Union then it applies to you too.

However, many blog posts I am seeing lately (especially ones from outside the EU) do not have GDPR compliant forms attached to their opt-ins or freebies. This means that you are likely to fall foul of inadvertently being added to their list – and then receiving unsolicited emails from them.

The GDPR compliant forms will ask you to give your express consent to receive marketing information from the person sending the freebie. There are usually a couple of boxes for you tick to say that you consent to this.

The thing is, most people think that if they don’t tick these boxes, they won’t get the freebie. This is NOT the case.

How To Avoid Being Added To Email Lists

If you don’t tick the boxes but just click submit you will still get your freebie because it is now ILLEGAL to withhold the freebie unless you give your email address. This practice is no longer allowed in the EU under GDPR

So the first thing to do is NOT to check those boxes on the form but just to click the submit button.

You also get an opportunity to unsubscribe from any email that you receive. This is also now a legal requirement. You simply scroll to the bottom of the email that you have received and click unsubscribe, this will now unsubscribe you from the list and you should receive no more emails.

There are also sites where you can get an email address that self-destructs after 10 minutes. It allows you to enter an email address and get your freebie but after 10 minutes it no longer exists. Check it out here

By using this email address you would receive your freebie but would never receive anything else because after 10 minutes the email address will have disappeared.

How does this differ from subscribing to blogs online?

When you subscribe to someone’s blog you are just saying that you would like to know when they publish their next post so that you can follow them or get to find out their next tip, recipe, cool tool or whatever it is that they blog about.

By subscribing to a blog you are NOT giving your consent to receive marketing emails and so therefore, should not receive any (unless they specifically ask for your permission in the subscribe box in which case I’d think twice about subscribing).

Why, as a blogger, am I telling you how to avoid the most commonly used practice for bloggers to monetise their blogs? Me included….

Well, to be absolutely honest; I’m a bit fed up myself with my inbox having 50 emails in it every time I look at it, and most of these I just hit delete and never read.

I get really irritated by it and I find it a HUGE turn off. I tend never to buy anything off the back of an email series. I actually went back and checked where I had found out about my recent purchases.

Most of the time I have done a direct search into Google or I have found something I’m interested in on Pinterest and purchased it directly from there.

Not once, ever, have I bought anything off the back of one of these email series. After speaking to a lot of my clients and friends it seems they mostly delete them too and never purchase.

I have started a new strategy with my marketing now. When I offer a freebie it does not require an email address. It does, however, give them the opportunity to subscribe to my blog if they want to, or purchase something from me if they want to. The whole emphasis is on them WANTING to receive things from me and not forcing myself on them in any way. Here’s one I created earlier…

Lazy gal's guide to SEO. All you need to know, all in one place, straight to your desktop no email required.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out over time and whether I actually make more sales this way or the old way.

I know that many people are still making a lot of money out of their lists but I for one am just plain fed up of being marketed to day in day out. This is why I am showing you how to avoid being added to email lists.

Recap for those skipping to the end

  1. GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018 to protect your rights and your data
  2. Don’t check the permission boxes on the opt-ins just hit the submit button
  3. If you get emails you don’t want scroll down and unsubscribe at the bottom
  4. Get a temporary email address to request your freebies
  5. Subscribing to a blog is not giving your consent to receive marketing emails so you shouldn’t receive any

I hope you have found this post useful and if so I would love it if you could share it with others so that they can learn how to avoid being added to email lists too. I have included some popular social media icons so please just click away.

I’ll be back in a few days with some other useful hint, tip or idea or something amazing I’ve found online to help you out. If you don’t want to miss it make sure you subscribe to my blog and I’ll drop you a quick email to let you know I’ve published something new.

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