How I Improved My Joint Health Naturally in Just 2 Months

How I Improved My Joint Health Naturally in Just 2 Months

I wanted to share with you how I improved my joint health naturally because it has literally changed my life, and I want to share this amazing find with as many people as possible.

I know that for those of you who read my blog regularly, it’s a bit off my usual track, but to be honest I am finding that when I’m talking to my clients and Facebook group, health issues and problems due to age seem to crop up quite a lot.

So me being me, and in my usual spirit of sharing what I find online, I thought I would share this gem with you too 🙂

Since my 20’s I have suffered with my knees, and as each decade passed, more joints became painful. (That’s 3 decades now in case you’re wondering).

At one point I had a ridge develop in my wrist, which I was told was repetitive strain injury from spending all day on a mouse and keyboard.

At some other point, I lost the feeling in 2 fingers which I was later told was a problem with the ulna nerve in my elbow (the funny bone) and later, I developed something that to this day hasn’t been diagnosed but it meant I couldn’t walk, swim or do pretty much anything for weeks.

Want to know to how I fixed myself in just 2 months?


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For years I had suffered with my knees but as I got towards my 50’s I started to find it difficult to walk downstairs in the morning. I also could never just run across a road because I couldn’t trust that my knees wouldn’t give way. Do you ever get that?

My confidence was crashing and I was feeling old before my time. It was seriously getting me down – and then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse,  it got worse, much worse.

I noticed that my wrists had started to ache after a day at work, usually typing and using a mouse for most of the time. I was a trainer helping people to get qualifications in the work place. I spent a lot of my time typing and using my mouse so that I could complete the admin that was involved with the follow up visits, the feedback sessions and the mountain of other admin stuff that I had to do.

Eventually a hard ridge appeared at the top of my hand where it joins my wrist. I was told it was repetitive strain from holding my mouse for hours per day. But this wasn’t something that I could just stop doing, it was my job. It was how I earned my living.

I was scared that this would get worse and that I would eventually not be able to use my wrist at all. It was already so painful to bend it and even more painful to try and circulate it.  I started to have a look to see what I could do, if anything, to overcome this problem.

What I found was so simple and yet so effective.

Like most often, the solution was really simple and yet so effective that I couldn’t believe it.

It was kind of an upside down mouse. Instead of holding your hand in a downwards position all day, the mouse is turned on its side so your hand is in a more natural position. It was so simple and yet so effective. Within one week of using this new mouse my ridge had disappeared.

My clients have asked me what it is when they’ve seen my new mouse, it fascinates them, but once they know they have usually ordered one too, and they like it better than their old style mouse too saying it is more comfortable to use (once you get used to it).

If you are experiencing similar problems try one out for yourself. I’ve put a link to the one I use below. I suppose it could be used as a preventative as well as a cure.

But unfortunately, although I solved this problem, I had even more to come.

One day, while I was swimming, I felt that my neck was really stiff. I swim a lot and so I am usually quite supple around my neck and shoulders.  I thought it a bit odd, but that was all the attention I paid to it thinking it would just get better as the day went on.

But I was wrong…

By the end of the week I was a wreck. My whole body hurt from my neck down to my toes. Literally, everywhere. Every single joint in my body was burning.

I couldn’t walk properly, my knees wouldn’t bend at all. My son started calling me lego legs because I was literally walking like a lego character. Yeah, nice I know but that’s kids for you.

My fingers also hurt, all of them. Every knuckle in each hand was burning.  I was getting really worried by this point as I’m sure you can imagine. I had no idea what could be the matter with me.

My toes hurt too. The knuckles in my toes were so painful that I found it hard to bend my feet so this added to the difficulty I was already experiencing when walking. I was literally a wreck. I was hobbling around like an old lady.

My confidence was taking a right bashing, I was worried to death about what could be wrong with me. I was getting tetchy with everyone and I was taking way to many pain killers to be good for me.

Eventually I made an appointment to see my Doctor. This started a barrage of tests. I had test after test after test. I was poked and prodded and gave gallons of blood in dozens of little viles that were sent off for analysis.

They all came back as either negative or inconclusive. I didn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed. I wanted someone to tell me what was wrong so they could help me to get better, but I was glad it didn’t seem to be anything life threatening at least.

I was then referred to a rheumatologist as the conclusion seemed to be that it had something to do with my blood. So off I went, and after months of seeing her, she still couldn’t say for certain what was causing the problem.

When  all else fails, do it yourself!

I’m happy to say that eventually things started to get better, although not right by a long stretch. I could at least walk and swim again but my hands still hurt a lot and I found that I was constantly rubbing them. My knees still hurt too. It was still a problem getting down the stairs.

It was around this time that I started to look for some natural remedies that might be able to help my situation, particularly as the medical industry couldn’t seem to help me. I thought that as all else had failed, I would look for a “do it yourself” cure (if such a thing existed).

I had read (and already knew about) Glucosomine and it’s great powers where joints were concerned.

I knew that it was supposed to keep joints supple and help to mend the ligaments etc that keep the joints working well. Beyond that I didn’t really know very much so I thought I would do some research.

I Googled Glucosomine to find out what it did. As I looked more and more into the possible rescue remedies for my problem joints I came across something called chondroitin on the Arthritis website.

Chondroitin is responsible for actively encouraging tissues within ligaments and tendons to mend and strengthen. It re-builds them in a completely natural way. You can read more about it here.

I then discovered that Chondroitin was being added to Glucosomine to make a  whole new treatment for joints, that was totally natural and that this remedy came in tablet form.

I did a bit more research as I found that Chondroitin was being taken from sharks and that they were being killed for it. This didn’t sit easy with me, I wondered if there was a more humane way of collecting chondroitin.

Chondroitin, like Glucosomine, is a natural product which can only be found in  animals so if your vegetarian or vegan I’m afraid this option won’t be for you.

After some searching, I eventually found a company that took the Chondroitin from cows as part of the natural butchering process instead. This meant that no animal was killed purely for this one tiny part of them.

I also found that this particular company also added “Proper” doses to their tablets to make them most effective, unlike some other cheaper options on the market.

I decided to give them a go.  I had read that it would take at least one month for the effects to start to be noticed.  That’s okay, I could wait a month. I ordered 6 months worth of supplies and began taking the tablets on 15th May 2018.

It is now 23rd August 2018 just 3 months later and I honestly can’t begin to tell you how much better I am – all over.

As I told you, my knees were shot from the age of 21 but now I am able to squat down and get back up, I can’t remember the last time I could get back up from a squatting position without holding on to something. I’m also more confident now when crossing the road or climbing down or off things and this has helped with my general confidence too.

My hands are completely better, I can’t tell you the relief that not having to worry about my fingers burning at the end of every day because I have been typing.

My toes have been put back in the “never thought about” box as I no longer wince when I have to bend them. It’s absolutely astonishing that such a simple remedy was there in front of me all along but I never thought to take it.

To be honest, the improvements were evident after just 2 months but I thought I would wait and see if it lasted before I told anyone about it.

I am a different woman. I can dance, which I haven’t done for years. I can go on long walks, which I love but again haven’t been able to do and I can exercise more at the gym which is helping other things like my aerobics and weight control.

Now I want to share the good news with others. There’s a cure and it’s a really simple and inexpensive one. You can easily get hold of this miracle cure on Amazon. I have included the link to these wonderful tablets below.

I am totally amazed and ecstatic at the difference they have made to me and my life, not to mention my mental well-being.  If just one person gets to read this post and gives them a go and they help them the same way they helped me, then I am a happy lady.

HERE THEY ARE… The totally amazingly wonderful awesome tablets that saved me from  a life of misery…



I know, they don’t look like much do they, and the cost makes them seem like their a bit of a supplement rather that the amazing life changing things that they really are.

Give them a try, if they do for you what they’ve done for me I would love to hear from you so that I can spread the word even further.

If you’ve found this post interesting or you think it could help someone else I would love it if you would share it. I’ve included some popular icons so please just click away.

I’ll be back in a few days with some other great finds that I have come across on the internet.  So I’ll see you then.



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