How A Baby Boomer Gets Thousands of Viewers To Her Blog

How A Baby Boomer Gets Thousands of Viewers To Her Blog

How a baby boomer gets thousands of viewers to her blog is no real mystery and the best thing is you don’t have to have any special skills or pay any money.  This is all stuff that you can do right now to improve your viewing figures.

Let’s face it, it’s pretty soul destroying to sit for hours writing something that you KNOW is going to be of value to someone out there. You do the research, find the images, sort the keywords and remember your tags but you still don’t seem to get as many viewers as others bloggers claim to be getting.

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Okay, now back to it…

I suppose you could ask if they are making these figures up, and that would be a fair question. Here’s a copy of the dashboard of one of my blogs where I offer tips and strategies to new business owners to get them off to a quicker start in their businesses. If you look along the top you can see where it says “views” in the title.

How I regularly get over 100 views to my blog posts

If you are looking for where you can see your views you probably won’t find it as you will most likely need to add a plugin to be able to see this.  This tutorial to date has had 1,376 views as you can see here… and is one of my top converting tutorials (oh, and I’ll be showing you how to sell things on your blog in another tutorial).

I created this post a while ago as you can see, it is dated 2016. You probably don’t want to wait 2 years for 1,000 viewers to find your blog post, and I don’t blame you.

Fortunately, I have figured out a way to get that amount of viewers much more quickly and this is what I am going to share with you today.

This is my brand new blog for my Thomas Jones Consultants Company. As you can see these 2 posts were published on 12th December 2017 and 24th January 2018 – today is 9th March as I am writing this post.

how to get 1,000 viewers to your blog posts

A new blog needs time to get established as I’m sure you are figuring out. You need Google to like it and to promote it for you but for that to happen you needs lots of visitors to it right? Vicious circle AAARRGH!

Well there are a few simple ways that you can get traffic to your site that is 100% organic and that come from established other sites.

Simple way #1

There is a free tool called Pingomatic. It is a list of online publications that have subscribers. Within these publications are various topics, industries and segments. Subscribers have subscribed to these publications because they are interested in the content that appears in them. Each time a new article is published, or they are notified of a new blog post being published, they will notify their list of subscribers. These subscribers will then be given the link straight back to your blog post.

This is a completely free system. You just register with them and then whenever you publish a post let them know and they in turn will let their subscribers know. He presto! New visitors & without having to do anything except paste your post title and URL into a box. Click here to see a short video of it in action where I am “Pinging” this post.

Simple way #2

Another simple way of getting more viewers is to send your posts as articles to online magazines such as Ezine and Issuu. I would only recommend this if you are new blogger and need to get some viewers to your blog a it has been suggested that if used long term it can harm your SEO (the ranking algorithm that search engines use to rank your site).

Again, these are free to register with and once you have created your post (before you publish it on your blog) submit it to the magazine for publication. Once it has been reviewed and accepted it is then published in the magazine and their subscribers are made aware of it.

There is a box for you to include your link back to your website and blog so if someone reads the article in the magazine and they want to get to know you better, they can click the link and come straight back to your site.

Ezine even give you a banner to include on your blog to show that you are a published blogger. How cool is that?  Just follow the link and click on Join

After a couple of months just post to your blog.

Simple way #3

Make sure you are using the tags on the right hand side of your blog post (if using a WordPress site). The tags are a way of Google finding your post when people key in keywords into the search bar.

For example, if you are blogging about weight loss you could use tags such as Weight, diet, dieting, low calorie, carb free etc.  If someone then keys into Google “low calorie diets” your post is more likely to be shown as Google can see what it contains and what keywords you are ranking for.

The tags option will already be on your posts but not on your pages. You can add it here too but you will have to add a plugin to be able to do it.  See here how to add a plug in and the one you are looking for looks like this…

How I gett 1,000 viewers to my blog posts

Once you have activated the plugin you will be able to use it exactly the same as the one on your posts, it will appear in the same place too.  Go through and add your tags to every page of your blog “about me” “contact” and any other pages you have created.

Simple way #4

Make sure you put all your blog posts onto Pinterest. Make sure you use a Pinterest friendly image and an eye catching title or caption.  For a free graphics design tool, free images and free video tools make sure you ask for access to my Resource Library – there is a request form just above this paragraph.

Pinterest is growing every day. Thousands of people use it for inspiration and support. If you have a product or service that you know someone needs and would get value from then write about it in your blog and pin it on Pinterest.

Once someone comes across your pin, there is a link straight back to your blog where they can read the full post.

Make sure you include some images and keep your paragraphs short. If you can link to other posts within your post all the better as it keeps people on your blog and they get to learn what you do and how you can help them.

Pinterest is totally free to join and it is really easy to create boards and start pinning. This is an incredibly easy way of growing your viewers.

Another way

There is another way to really get viewers to your post, but it isn’t that simple so can’t really be covered in this post but fear not, I have you covered with a training video. See below for details.

This method involves using Google itself to rank you. If Google doesn’t know that your blog exists then it can’t rank it. Your blog or website first needs to be verified by Google so that you can prove that you own it. It also means that you can start using Google Analytics which is a free tool that Google shares with you so that you can track the success metrics of your blog.

A blog that is verified by Google can be ranked. This means that you can get your blog to page one or two of Google for free.

HOW? Access My Full Blogging Guide here for just £9.99

Click here for the complete blogging guide

Once you tell Google that your blog exists and have got it verified to prove that you own it, you can then ask Google to read every post you publish and then rank it. It takes 2 minutes.

You submit your blog post to Google for its bots to go and check out. It will look at the content, the images, the keywords and tags that you have used and rank it according to these things, but the real magic is this…

Let’s say you are selling hand-made pottery. You write a post about your pottery and include some images to show it off. You use keyword in the caption of the images and you also use them in the alt text. You make sure your heading and tags also contain keywords such as Pottery, hand-made, bespoke, gifts etc.

Now let’s imagine that someone is looking for a gift for mothers day. They key in hand made gifts into the search engine. As your post includes these words AND Google knows that your post is out there and has ranked it for these keywords, it will show your post as a possible option for that potential customer. This could mean that you will appear right there on Page One of Google and totally for FREE.

I have done this hundreds of times.  Anyway, the point is you can do this too. All you need to do is get your site or blog verified and then you can ask Google to rank it, rank your posts and promote your blog for you!!!

If you would like to get your site verified in less than 5 minutes, click below to download my tutorial which includes video tutorials on how to do this and everything else mentioned in this post  for just £9.99 and really get the party started! Access My Full Blogging Guide here for just £9.99

Once Google knows your blog is live it can start showing it to the world. This is where you will really start to notice the difference. Once Google gets involved with your blog there will be no limit to what you can achieve with it. 🙂

So there you have it. Now you know how a baby boomer gets thousands of viewers to her blog. Simple!





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