Help For The Mature Blogger

Help For The Mature Blogger

Are you starting your business later in life? I know how you feel. I did too. I’m Lynne and I’m 53 as I write this post. I started my business about 5 years ago so I was about 47. I remember how lost I felt as I looked around all the social media sites and the website tools. I didn’t know where to start or what to do first, second or next.

To be honest with you, I stalled for a long time. I hadn’t really used Facebook, only for checking on the kids, and I had no idea about Instagram and I didn’t think I was posh enough for LinkeIn and what on earth was Pinterest?

I know you are probably a little more educated than I was back then, but let me tell you, it’s a tough old road when you are trying to get something going online.

We are constantly bombarded with people telling us how they make this a month and that a month and how you can easily do it too. Yes, I got sucked into all that rubbish and fell for loads of things that really just cost me money and slowed me down.

Don’t get me wrong, I did meet some fantastic mentors, some of whom I will introduce you to a little later. But for the longest time I was just bouncing around trying to figure out what I needed to do first.

I thought “I need a website, everyone needs a website right?” I hadn’t thought about branding myself at this point (I don’t actually think I thought you could brand just a little old me) and I hadn’t thought about how I was going to attract my customers.

I think I just thought that if I got a website and put some cool stuff on it then people would come and buy what I had to offer. Oh boy was I wrong.  Two years later I was still trying to get enough customers to make my business viable.

I think I was terrified to ask for help too because when I did, they answered me in language I didn’t understand. They talked about SEO, optimised posts, insights and analytics and split testing. I had no idea what any of this meant and I felt pretty stupid having to keep asking.

So I tried to find things out on YouTube. At first this was great. A place where I could find the answer to any question I could think of – and a nice video to explain it all to me. Then I realised my huge mistake.

Although youTube is great, it contains loads and loads of outdated stuff. What I was learning on YouTube was now either out of date, didn’t exist any more or was completely banned! Oh NO! What’s a girl to do now?

I think that it was around this time that I realised I needed proper help. I needed professional people who had achieved what I wanted to achieve who could help me. I started looking around for such a person or people.

After about 6 months of searching and due diligence, I found 2 guys, who were to be not only my mentors; but the people who were responsible for completely changing my life. I will get into that in a bit.

I realised that if I was going to build a proper online business, I was going to need to find up to date, authentic and compliant ways of doing things. I needed to look and act professional as I wanted to be an online life coach. I couldn’t be seen to be doing things that weren’t allowed or that were out of date or looked silly.

I needed my clients to trust in me so that they could believe I could help them with their life issues. I needed my website to look good. I needed to be able to promote myself on social media. I needed to be able to use Facebook (Lord help me!).

Help for Older-preneurs

Meet Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

So let me introduce you to 2 lovely lads. Yes, I know they are young looking (actually they are young) but they spoke to me like a real person, they weren’t patronising, they spent hours getting to know me and what I wanted to achieve and they then spent about 2 years guiding me through the quagmire of the online world, until I became the business I am today.

These lads, along with their amazingly patient and helpful staff helped me with setting up my first ever website, getting my first sale online, understanding attraction marketing and teaching me how to build lead magnets (the things that encourage people to leave their email addresses).

I have introduced you to them so that you now know of reputable people who could potentially help you too. They offer free training as well as paid programmes and you can get to work with them for a whole month totally free here . You have nothing to lose as if you decide they are not for you at the end of the month you simply let them know and walk away, no questions asked. Also, any training material you receive during this month (and there’s a lot), you get to keep – wow.

They own the Six Figure Mentors, The Digital Academy and many other online marketing agencies and companies. They are the very best at what they do, and they also work with the very best which enables them to keep showing you the up to date and proper way to do things. (I operate in an honest way and would advise that if you did sign up with these lovely lads, I would get paid a small commission for introducing you to them, so thank you in advance)

Get A Free Month Of Training Here


Anyway, enough about them and back to you.

I wanted to be able to show you that just because we are older, we are by no means less able or capable than our younger counterparts when it comes to all things technical. I wanted to offer a place where you could come for inspiration, help, support, hints and tips as well as practical help and support with larger projects.

I have, over the years, amassed a huge amount of free tools that will help make your business look more professional, appear more individual, look more brand aligned and attract more leads. I have put these resources into a page on my website that you can apply for access to below. Just pop  your email address in the box and I will give you the password to access the library and all the cool things within it.

Just as an example I have found:

  • A tool for creating outstanding images like the one I have used in the title of this post.
  • A tool for creating little videos of your posts, for free.
  • Places where you can go to and get completely free images to use which are not licensed by anyone.
  • Little tools that help you to record your screen and create training videos for free.

Just click on the resource page on the menu for access.

If; like me; you have no idea where to start or what to do first then you might want to download my FREE Business Basics Guide which is a simple 7 step system that tells you how you should structure your business from day one to maximise on all the visits your website and social media are going to get.

If you set things up right at the start then you will not only be able to generate leads more quickly and convert them into sales, but you will also save the time it will take later to change everything around in your business, trust me, I’ve been there.

Anyway, here is where you can download the free guide. It also has a few extra tips on what to avoid that will slow you down and what mistakes most new business owners make so that you can avoid those too.


If you haven’t started your blog yet and need some help then grab my FREE 7 day email course “Blogging Basics For Beginners” It has all you need to know, all in one place. Simple, actionable daily steps that will help you to create and grow your blog in the right way from day one so that you are attracting visitors and building a subscriber list from the day you launch.

I would love it if you could help us all out. If you find something that explains things in simple terms, that is useful for older-preneurs or that you think we should know about then I would really appreciate it if you would let me know so that I can share it in my board on Pinterest or in the resource page.

I look forward to sharing our journeys and I hope I can help you avoid at least some of the stresses and strains of starting a new business. Good luck!!!

I really hope that you have found this post to be helpful and informative. If so, I would really appreciate it if you would share it so that others might find it too. I have included some popular share icons so please just click away. Without being too cheeky about it, if you found this valuable maybe you would like to show your appreciation and buy me a coffee? By supporting me you are helping me to keep providing this free content to help future bloggers.     Thank you for your kind support.

I’ll be back in a few days with some other useful tidbit that I have found on my travels around the internet. If you don’t want to miss out on these just subscribe to my blog and I’ll drop you a quick email when I publish something.

Speak soon

At last, help for the more mature blogger by a mature blogger. I speak you language and won't bamboozle you with technobabble. Come and find out how I can help you to get blogging successfully. #blogging #over50's #helptoblog #workfromhome #workonlilne #affiliatemarketing #onlinemarketing

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