Free Social Media Challenge For Small Business Owners

Free Social Media Challenge For Small Business Owners

Are you struggling to make sales on social media?

Are you frustrated that other people seem to be able to do it easily but you struggle to make it work for you?

Would you like to learn 5 simple techniques that you can apply to ALL your social media sites to help you generate more leads and make more sales?

Hi, for those who don’t know me, I’m Lynne Thomas and I help small business owners to improve their online marketing and social media. In fact, over the last 5 years I have now helped over 1,000 business owners and I’m on a mission to help 1,000 more.

I started by running workshops in my local area but have now moved online to a format that I enjoy more and that I think gives far more value.

My 5-day challenge “Make More Sales From Social Media” has brought about some great results for previous challengees. Here are just a few comments from the previous challenge I ran…

This lady told me she was hopeless with social media and was scared of technology.

Within just 4 days of starting the 5 day challenge she had achieved sales.

She followed the simple steps that I teach and applied what she learnt and hey presto!

My challenge is designed to be simple to follow and simple to implement.



This lady was having trouble building her connections. She had been trying for months to get them to grow.

After just a few days on the challenge not only did her connections on LinkedIn grow but her profile views rocketed too, which means more people get to see what she does and how she can help them.

She is now making hundreds of new connections every month.

This lady wasn’t confident about what to post or how to connect with her ideal clients. In just one week she has managed to increase her following by 79%


And I could go on, but you get my drift right?

I can help you improve your social media so that you:

  • Build a network of your ideal clients
  • Increase your following
  • Improve your content
  • Increase the amount of people who see your posts
  • Attract the attention of your ideal client
  • Generate more leads
  • Make more sales

Why don’t you come and join me for my next challenge and see for yourself what you can achieve? It’s totally FREE too.

You can join my next challenge right here

See you in there, I can’t wait to show you how ridiculously simple this all is.






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