Ebook Creator – How to create your ebook in 2 minutes

Ebook Creator – How to create your ebook in 2 minutes

Are you looking for an Ebook creator? Great, you’re going to love this tool. You can literally create your Ebook in 2 minutes – yes really.

Don’t believe me? Read on and you will be able to watch and see it being done.

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Yes, honestly, I kid you not. You can create a whole ebook in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea. All you need is a powerful ebook creator tool – just so happens I’ve found one for you. You can take a look at it in action here.

Wasn’t that amazing? An actual book being created right in front of your eyes in just 2 minutes. I didn’t believe it the first time I saw it. I mean, come on….

So, me being me, I had a go. I created my own e-book. You can grab a copy here for just £7.99, it’s called How to Write a Great Blog Post and yes, I created it straight from the blog post that I wrote, except I went one step further and added extra content to the book such as a few video tutorials and extra info on certain things.

I never recommend things that I haven’t tried myself first. I like to know that they actually work, that they add value and that they are good value for money. I found this tool to be all of those things.

I am making sales from my little ebook which has more than paid for the tiny, weeny price of $27 which I paid to create it. Can I just add that the normal price is actually $324 per year but with my affiliate link you will get it for the same price that I did. Click here for the discounted price of just $27

How easy to use is the ebook creator?

Well, let me see, mmmmmm, it’s dead easy. You simply choose a template for your book, the cover image and everything can be changed so that you can keep it brand aligned. You then choose the blog post, (or posts) that you want to include in your book and it pretty much does everything else for you.

It will make sure that your titles are shown on each page, that your pages are laid out for optimal viewing both on desktop and mobile devices and that the images are all crisp and clear.

Like I said, I tried it with one of my posts. I added a few video tutorial links to it (which was also dead easy to do), I put in extra information at the end of most chapters and I read it all through before publishing and all that took less than an hour.

If I had just added my blog post as is, it would have only taken the 2 minutes that it shows on the video that you watched earlier. Oh, you didn’t watch it? Here you go, have a look now.

What can you use the e-book creator for?

Ebooks are a great give-away option. Offer them in exchange for email addresses so that you can start to build your list of interested people.

I created my ebook, took a screen-shot of the cover and used that in my promotional posts and emails.

Although I am selling my e-book (coz it contains some killer tricks and tips) I could just as easily have created a free one straight from my blog, and then took a screen-shot of the cover image and then added that to a opt-in form and used it to build my subscriber list. So simple.


You could use the ebook creator to create an ebook to sell like I have. Do you have something to teach, something to inspire, a collection of something or anything else that you think someone would pay for?

If you have then you can create your ebook and sell it straight from your blog. It’s so easy to do and with this ebook creator tool it’s really quick to do too.


You could create an ebook from a series of posts that you have created. For example, you will see that I have created a series of posts called 7 Lessons For New Bloggers. I could, in just a few minutes, create an ebook that includes all 7 of these posts and so contain the whole series. In fact, I might just go away and do that right now…… Wait right there, I won’t be a jiffy…

11 minutes later and I’m back with my brand new ebook. Here it is

ebook creator tool

Wow, even I didn’t think it would be that easy. I simply put in my first lesson and then at the end I added an element which allowed me to add a new article and the URL for the next chapter. Literally 11 minutes is all it took.

A great tool for coaches 

If you are a coach there couldn’t be an easier tool to help you create learning materials for your audience. Like I said, I have added video tutorials to my ebook, you just create the video and then add the link to it in the body of the text.

You will also notice that the links are all clickable which makes it even easier for your students to find or follow new content.

You can add different types of content to your ebook by using these links, podcasts, video, written text or images. This will keep your content interesting for your students too.

An amazing tool for authors

There’s no need for me to explain how this tool can help you budding authors out there. You don’t have to import your content from a blog you can import it from a pdf or word document or even from a notes file or Facebook page.

Create your content on a familiar platform and then simply upload it into designrr and away you go.

A wonderful tool for bloggers

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a wonderful tool for bloggers because it enables you to create some fantastic give-a-ways to increase your subscriber list.

Simply do what I did above, take a shot of the cover and then add it to your opt-in form on ConvertKit or Mailchimp or whoever you use to create your landing pages.

There you have it, a wonderful freebie that your readers can’t resist.


A fantastic tool for businesses

Look how easily you can create training material for your staff, or information leaflets and booklets for potential clients. How much better to send them an ebook than just a boring old email?

Impress your potential clients with a nicely laid out ebook that contains all the information they need to know about your business and it’s products and services.

Help your staff by giving them access to a pdf that contains all they need to know about the organisation and what their rights and responsibilities are. Your HR department will love it.

Are you convinced yet?

Well I think that if you’re not convinced by now, you never will be. I have done my best to show you how simple and cheap it is to create these wonderful resources.

Just $27 one off payment and you can do all this. Don’t forget the usual price is $324 per year.

Use this link and get the amazing discount that they are offering today – who knows how long they will keep this offer on for?

Yes, please give me access to designrr at just $27 one off payment for life


I hope that you have found this post interesting and helpful. If you have I would love it if you could share it so that others can learn about this amazing ebook creator tool too. I have included some popular share icons so please just click away.

I will be back in a few days with another tidbit of information or cool tool that I have come across to make your life easier so make sure you look out for me. If you don’t want to miss it, why not subscribe to my blog and I’ll drop you a quick email when I publish something.

Speak soon

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