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Get More Leads For Your Coaching Business

Are you struggling to get leads for your coaching business? Are you tired of endless discovery calls that usually end up in no sale? Are you fed up of people saying that you are too expensive and can you do anything on your price?

There is a better way. You could use the same method I do and get pe0ple who are ready to buy to contact you. I don’t make any calls, or send any emails or DM anyone. They just learn about me and how I can help them and then they simply pick up the phone or message me.  Want to learn how? Read on my friend…

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Start An Online Coaching Business Today

Have you ever thought about starting an online coaching business? Were you put off by all the techy stuff that you would need or the fact that you don’t have a website?

Well I’m here to tell you that you can start an online coaching business today without a website, or an email list and without having to make a single call or send a single message to anyone.  Interested?  Read on…

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3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Marketing

I have found 3 clever ways to get more out of your marketing and I’m going to share them with you in this post so get comfy and read on…

Marketing gets more and more difficult as everyone is trying to find new and innovative ways of marketing their business. But sometimes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Here’s 3 clever ways you can get more from your marketing without having to come up with the next best thing!

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How To Market To Your Ideal Customer

his post is going to help you to market to your ideal customer. It includes some great advice (that I have picked up from various sources over the years), and some actionable steps that you can do right now.

If you are struggling to attract the “right” customer, or you don’t seem to get much engagement from your current marketing strategies there are a few simple tweaks that you can make that will improve your results. Read on and all will be revealed…

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Siteground – The Best Hosting For New Bloggers

Have you heard of Siteground? They are a hosting company for websites and blogs, and in my opinion they are the best.

Until recently I have been using TSO Hosting (based in the UK) but recently I have been building all my clients websites with Siteground instead and here’s why…

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The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Brand New Bloggers

Are you a brand new blogger and looking for the best affiliate marketing course? Good, I can help you with that as I have found an absolute beaut of a course that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a successful affiliate marketer.

I don’t promote anything unless I’ve tried it myself first. I mean, what if it sucked? How would you feel about any future recommendations I might make? I want you to trust me when I say something is good, or excellent value, or provides what you’re looking for – and this course does all that and more…

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The Best Carrier Case For Assessors & Trainers

A carry case with a handle and wheels for assessors and trainers

The best carry case for Assessors and Trainers

Are you a trainer or assessor and looking for the best carrier case? I know that as an assessor in a previous life and now a trainer, I need to carry my whole office around with me. Does this sound like you too?

I remember how frustrating it was when I had forgotten something and how unprofessional I looked. I also remember having to take 2 or sometimes 3 bags with me wherever I went and then having to rummage around in each of them to find the thing I was looking for.

Well I might just have the answer for you. I have found an amazing carry case (after getting through about 8 of them so far). It literally has a pocket for everything. I can safely carry around my training materials. my documents, my laptop, my phone, my pencil case, my stapler, my projector and just about anything I can think of to stuff in there.

Honestly, it’s amazing and it’s really good value too.

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Have You Heard About TrafficWonker?

If you are a blogger, have you heard about TrafficWonker yet? I know, it’s a bit of a crazy name but it’s the latest cool tool that I’ve found while wondering about the internet (as I do). If you are familiar with Tailwind (the Pinterest scheduling tool) TrafficWonker is similar, but in my opinion, way better. Here’s why… Read More

TrafficWonker – My First Week’s Results!

Here are the results I promised from my first week of using TrafficWonker. I am surprised as they are better than I had anticipated, being the first week and all.

Not only did they schedule my pins so that I had something going out every day, they also helped me to improve my Pinterest profile ENORMOUSLY – here’s how…

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Starting Up An Online Business

Have you ever thought of starting up an online business? It’s great for those who want to work from home, or those who want a side hustle to earn some extra cash, but it can also become a full time business with a full time income.

When I was doing a 3 hour daily commute to work I dreamt of being able to work from home, No more getting up before the crack of dawn, no more sitting in traffic for hours every day, and no more bosses to drive me nuts. Do you sometimes dream about what that could be like? I made it happen though, here’s how…

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