How To Become Successful At Everything

How to be successful at everything was the title of a course that I took about 20 years ago. I wanted to be successful, I wanted to achieve my dreams and ambitions and I wanted to stop feeling like a failure.

The course was okay, but it was designed to be taken over a 6 week period and I got bored after week 3 and never went back. That was my problem, it had always been my problem, I had no patience. I wanted everything right now, and it was that attitude that had led me to fail at pretty much everything up to that point.

I had to find out the hard way how to become successful at everything. The funny thing is that if I had stuck out the course for just the next 3 weeks it probably would have saved me years of having to figure it all out for myself.

I eventually found the secret to being successful at everything and I’m going to share it with you now because I want you to be successful at everything too.

I found it by accident. I had been in an abusive marriage for years and it got to the point where I had no choice but to get out. I had no money, two small boys and no idea of how to look after myself financially.

I left home, on the end of my husbands foot, on a Friday night with the clothes I stood up in and one of my sons (the other was at a sleep-over). I was lucky that my parents lived nearby so I was able to go there until I figured something out.

I sat on the floor of their lounge with a pen and paper and wrote down exactly how much money I earned. I asked my Mom roughly how much gas, electricity, council tax etc. cost per month and I roughly worked out how much I could afford to spend on rent and food.

It was this process of writing things down that changed my life forever and how I found the secret of being successful at everything.

You see I had made a plan. A very rough one admittedly, but a plan non-the-less. I had a clear idea of what I had got to spend and therefore what I could afford to pay for housing for me and my sons.

Having this knowledge meant I could go and speak to the local estate agents and see what was available in the area. Within a month I had moved into a one bedroom flat that was really small and not ideal, but I loved it. It was mine and I was safe there. No one could hurt me there.

After a few months however, I decided that I really needed something more suitable with at least 2 bedrooms. I wrote down everything I knew about how much it was costing me to live. I also wrote down where I needed to be living for the children to be able to stay at the same school.

I then started talking to people and asking them if they knew of anywhere that matched my description. Most of the houses in this area are expensive and so I was not having much luck. However after about 4 months my Uncle phoned me to say that the house next door to him was up for rent and would I be interested?

The house needed lots of decorating and updating but I didn’t mind, this meant that the rent was cheap so I said yes straight away and one month later I moved into my two bedroom house where I stayed for the next 12 years – I loved it.

I had now learned the power of goal setting. It was a very rudimentary understanding of the principle but I knew it worked, and this led me to explore it further. I was fascinated that everything I needed or wanted I seemed able to get if I just wrote it down.

I started researching it and read all sorts of books by psychologists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and celebrities. It seemed they all had this one thing in common -they all had clear plans of what they were trying to achieve.

This was my light bulb moment. This is when I learnt for sure that this was not just a coincidence, this was science. This was something that actually worked – for anyone.

I then started setting better and better goals for myself. I wanted to learn more about the psychology of goals and how the mind works so I challenged myself to get a degree in psychology. I wrote my goals and I got my degree 4 years later (one year earlier than scheduled as a part time course).

I wanted to give up smoking. I gave up on January 3rd 2006 (my birthday) and have never had a cigarette since.

I wanted to lose weight. I lost 3 stones in just under 4 months (Admittedly this was helped along by the stress of being made redundant). But I did it because I was too fat to get into my interview suit and I couldn’t afford to buy a new one.

Me in December at the Christmas party
Me the following May on holiday in Rhodes

I wanted to change my career. I became an assessor and tutor within 12 months of losing that last job I mentioned. This led me to where I am now in life.

I wanted to become self employed and in 2014 I registered my limited company and became my own boss.

So I am now an ABSOLUTE believer in goal setting. I know for a fact that if you set great goals then you get great results. I am living proof.

But as you will know from all my previous posts, my whole ethos is about helping others to achieve success so I wanted to share this amazing system with you.

I have spent a long time researching, trialing and using the system that I have designed which is called the “Goal Conquering System”. I can and do vouch for it’s efficacy and the the results you will get from using this system will be truly awesome.

I have laid out the whole system in an e-book which you can download for FREE HERE. It will give you all the steps you need to follow to create goals that you can’t help but achieve. It will also explain some of the psychology behind why the steps are needed and what is happening in your mind when you set your goals.

By following the process and taking the actions it suggests you can achieve at least one goal in one month.

I am also going to show you how you can increase your income while you are learning how to create the goals that you can’t help but achieve – Amazing!

So what are you waiting for?

Download Your Copy of the Free e-book Here

I can’t wait to share this amazing system with you and show you how to become successful at everything.

Good Luck!
Lynne Thomas


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