Are Blogging Courses Worth It?

Are Blogging Courses Worth It?

A lot of my clients ask me are blogging courses worth it. They tell me that there is a wealth of information for free on YouTube and Google, so why pay for courses.

This is what I tell them…

You get what you pay for. If something is free then it’s very unlikely to provide as much value as something you have to pay for, that’s just common sense really isn’t it?

There will be parts of it, or steps missing, or it won’t tell you the whole method but ask you to upgrade to get the rest of the “necessary” information. Of course, this isn’t true of every free thing you come across on the internet, but I just wanted you to bear it in mind.

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Some blogging courses aren’t worth it!

I have taken my fair share of paid courses only to be disappointed that they haven’t taught me anything I didn’t already know.

This was probably my own fault for not researching the course a little bit more before I bought it. I am a bit of an impulse purchaser I must admit.

However, just because they didn’t do me much good, I have been able to suggest them to my clients who are not as advanced as i am in their blogging career so it was far from a waste of money.

Don’t be like me and just jump right in. You need to make sure that you do a little research and find out what level the course is aimed at.

If it’s too simplistic it won’t teach you anything and you will have wasted your money. If it’s too advanced you will be left scratching your head at what they’re talking about, and you will realise that you have to do a whole lot of other stuff before you can implement their suggestions.

If you don’t know how to do the other stuff yet this too will be a waste of money for you as you won’t be able to implement what you have learned.

So how do you know which blogging courses are worth it?

Like most other things in life, word of mouth is a really good way of finding out about great things.

Blogging is no different. There is a whole world of bloggers out there who are talking about (and recommending) good stuff for other bloggers to try.

Word of warning!!! Some bloggers, me included, earn money by recommending products or services for other people online.

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people out there which means that sometimes they might not have tried the product or service themselves; and the only reason they are recommending it is because they stand to make financial gain if you go ahead and purchase it through one of their links on their website.

I am glad to say though, that most of us are good, honest people who just want to help others to find great stuff too. Stuff that will help you become more successful faster, stuff that will improve your blog, stuff that will create better images and stuff that will help you make more money from your blogging business.

So my advice would be to find someone you trust online and follow their recommendations – or find someone who is offering a course that lots of other people are offering too.

This probably means that what they are offering is of good quality, has a reasonable price point and delivers on it’s promises.

One blogging course that is definitely worth it

One such blogging course that I came across about 6 months ago is called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. It was created by a lady called Michelle Schroeder-Gardner who spends her life travelling around the US with her husband and her dog in their UV. (Motorhome to us in the UK)

She is a finance blogger who helps people to save money and live more frugally. She also helps them to plan for their future and gives tips on savings etc. Check her out here

Click here to join Michelle's course "Making Sence Of Affiliate Marketing

Michelle has spent the last few years working out strategies that will help her to make money through her blog so that it will pay for her lifestyle. She now earns over $50,000 per month from her blog (yes you did read that right).

She has put all her knowledge and experience into her course (which, she admits, makes up a proportion of this monthly income) so that she can teach others to make money from blogging too.

I bought the course after reading about it on someone else’s blog. Like I said, I’m an impulse buyer and the cost made it very affordable so I didn’t need to think too hard about it.

It is made up of short modules that each build on the last so that you get a complete step by step process of how to go about setting your blog up to make money.

I did the whole course in just one week. Admittedly I did already know a lot of what she taught, but there was plenty in there that I didn’t know, or hadn’t considered.

She goes into great detail about how to monetise your blog, (without it looking spammy and salesy and nasty) and the different ways that you can advertise the content. I learned a lot in this module

She even gives you hints about how to create eye-catching images that are unique to you and free to do.

She also goes into detail about how to make your blog legal and how to add disclaimers and privacy policies to your blog (which are now required by pretty much every country), I picked up a few good tips here.

Michelle also tells you how to stay on the good side of Google with your affiliate links, something I didn’t know and so won’t share here with you in respect to her.

So are you still asking “are blogging courses worth it?”

I hope that I have conveyed that some are and some aren’t, but those that are will definitely make the difference to your blog and your blogging business.

If you want to grow your blog and make money from it in as little time as possible then I would highly recommend Michelle’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

It’s both affordable and quick to work through and the action steps that she gives you can be implemented straight away in your blog.

I would love to hear how you get on with it and what you learned from it so please come back and comment below.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back in a few days with some other tid-bit of blogging info to share with you (once I’ve found it) 🙂

Bye for now!



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