5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making As A New Blogger

5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making As A New Blogger

As a new blogger there are loads of things you need to remember to do. You have to become, a marketer, a writer, a graphic designer, a website designer etc. etc. and so it’s no wonder that you will forget things.

This post is aimed at helping new bloggers to get their posts off to a flying start by making sure you’re not falling foul of these 5 common mistakes.

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Okay, back to the mistakes, and how to avoid them…

Click here to find out 5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making As A New Blogger and how you can avoid them.

Mistake number 1. Not including images in your blog posts

Posts are more interesting if they contain images. They help to break up the post into manageable pieces.

Most people skim read posts so having an image included in your post with a caption added, will help guide your reader to a point of interest. This will keep them engaged and help with your time on page figures.

Creating unique images will also give your blog a branded feel. Your readers will recognise your fonts, colours and images wherever they see you online. This will help with engagement and subscriptions.


Create amazing images with this free and easy tool

There is a free online tool called Canva. This simple to use tool will help you to create amazing images for your blog that will give it a sense of personality and help you to create a loyal following.

It is totally free to sign up for your account and you can start designing your images right away. There are thousands of templates and helpful tools within Canva to help you to create professional looking images no matter your level of skill.

If you would like a full tutorial on getting going on Canva I have created a mini course for you which you can get here for just £9.99. It covers everything you need to know to be able to design images for your blog and social media sites.


Mistake Number 2. Not using affiliate links

Affiliate links are unique identifiers that let a seller know that you are responsible for sending a buyer to their product or service. When the buyer makes the purchase, the seller pays you a commission.

These commissions can range anywhere between 3 or 4 percent up to 60 or 70% and having affiliates means that the seller gets more people promoting their goods and services and so ultimately they make more sales.

You can usually join affiliate programs for free. The best ones to join are those who’s products or services you have actually used yourself. This way you can talk about them and promote them honestly and with more passion and integrity.

Affiliate marketing is the most common and popular way for bloggers to earn an income from their blog – and you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

Michelle Schroeder Gardener is an affiliate marketer and earns over $50,000/ month, yes, you did read that correctly $50,000/month. I learned how to do the same by taking her simple to follow and easy to afford course and you can learn from her too. Just click on the image below.

Let Michelle teach you how make money from your blog. Click here and join her amazingly simple course.

Let Michelle teach you how make money from your blog. Click here and join her amazingly simple course.


Mistake Number 3. Not using Keywords in titles

Keywords are important  for helping people find your blog and its content. Keywords are what people put into the search bar to find what they are looking for online.

For example, they might put into Google or Bing, How do I start a blog from scratch.

If my post contains those words in the title and within the text,  Google will see it as a relevant option and show it as a potential result.

Sue Dunlevie from Successful Blogging has written a great post about  how to use Keywords properly in your blog in her post entitled Boost your Google Rankings which you can read here

Mistake Number 4. Trying too many strategies

It is very tempting when you start your blog, to jump from one thing to another when trying to get readers and subscribers. There are many different strategies out there and they all work, but you have to give them time to work.

Most new bloggers try something and then, when after a week it’s not working, they give up and try something else.

Please DON’T do this. You will just be wasting your time, energy and possibly money too.

You need to learn about the different strategies that are available to you and then choose one that you think is the best fit for you and your blog – then stick to it.

How to start a profitable online business

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Okay, so how do you get to know what options and strategies are available? Well it just so happens that I know someone who can help you out with that. His name is Stuart Ross and he has been teaching people about online marketing for about 10 years now.

He has a free webinar where he introduces himself and talks about the various ways to make a living online, and the different strategies that are available and what they mean in real terms (what they involve, how much time, how much money, etc etc.)

I would definitely take a look at this webinar because the content is really valuable for new bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Just click on the link below to book your viewing.

Mistake Number 5. Writing essays rather than blog posts

A blog has a more informal style than an essay. It is also not a particularly correct way of writing.

For example, paragraphs need to be really short, just a sentence or two. Paragraphs in an essay are much longer and this is the way we were taught to write in school so it does take a bit of practice to break the habit.

Blogs are meant to be written in a conversational style. They should be written how you speak. You can shorten words like it’s they’ve hasn’t etc. and it’s common practice to do so.

If, like me, you are a “proper” writer, you might find this a bit annoying to begin with. You might feel that you are coming across as unprofessional. But don’t worry. You’re not and you’ll soon get used to it.

You are also aiming for a general reading age of about 12 years old. This will ensure that pretty much everyone can read, understand and enjoy your content.  This will also help you in your Google rankings.

You should, however, write for your audience and in the style that they would enjoy. If you are writing for a professional audience then of course, use appropriate language and formatting for your blog and content.

Make sure you have lots of “white space” on your blog posts, (the bit of nothingness between your paragraphs) this makes it less off-putting to potential readers – apparently.

Use sub-headings to divide your content. This also makes it easier for the skim readers to find the information that they are interested in and so prevents them from bouncing off your site.

Use links to other posts within your blog. Once you have someone reading your content it’s important to keep them for as long as you can. You want them to feel that they have got value from you and so will either come back, or will subscribe.

With that in mind – there are some related posts that you might find useful and informative listed at the end of this post so go and take a look. You can also take a look at this one: How to Write A Great Blog Post

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MadelinePosted on3:40 am - Aug 23, 2018

Wow! I am so happy I came across your post. This has been so helpful to me because I started my blog and probably could have taken a couple notes before doing so. I just started a couple weeks ago so I do still have time to grow before getting a good number of views anyway. Thanks so much for the tips!

    Lynne ThomasPosted on2:59 pm - Aug 23, 2018

    Thank you for your comment Madeline, I’m so glad you found the post useful. There’s just so much to take in when you start your blog isn’t there. Never mind, you can always go back and amend anything that is drastically wrong and just bear in mind the other things. We are all still learning, me included. Lynne

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