5-Day Social Media Challenge

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Do you want to make more sales from social media without having to make sales calls or send endless emails?

Do you want your ideal client to contact you rather than having to chase them down?

Do you want to generate top quality leads that are more likely to convert without having to pay for them?

Great- You’re just the person I’m looking for to take part in my 5-day “Make More Sales From Social Media” challenge.

You can sign up for the challenge right here:

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your frustrated that you aren’t getting the results that you see others getting
  • You’ve tried loads of things but nothing seems to work
  • You don’t have time to spend all day on social media marketing your business
  • You don’t have the knowledge or skills to make social media work for you

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above then my challenge is most definitely for you.

By the end of the 5 days you will have:

  • A headline that will shout out to your ideal client
  • The confidence to use social media platforms to showcase your offers
  • The knowledge and tools to create posts that will encourage engagement
  • Hundreds of people a week seeing you and what you do
  • A simple marketing plan that you can manage in just 15 minutes a day
  • A proven and workable strategy to implement straight away
  • A content plan that will leave you clear about what to post and how often
  • and a whole lot more besides

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The challenge begins on Monday 6th July and will run for 5 consecutive days. There will be a new task (or challenge) posted at 6am every morning which you will have 24 hours to complete.

You will need to complete the task and then post evidence in the comments below the post. I will try wherever possible to give you feedback on your evidence so that you can improve.

There will also be a daily questions posts where you get to ask any questions you wish related to the days task. These questions will then be answered in a livestream at 7pm every evening.

The challenge takes place inside my private Facebook group. This is where the daily tasks are posted, the daily questions posts are posted and the live-streams happen. Make sure you join the group as soon as you sign up coz you don’t want to miss anything.

Okay then, let’s do this!!!

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Lynne Thomas

Hi, I’m Lynne, your host for the week.


If you have any questions about this challenge you might find the answers below, if not please email me at info@lynne-thomas.com


Do I have to already be using a social media platform?

No. You can do this challenge even as a complete beginner but it will be useful if you can at least set your account up before the challenge starts. Don’t worry about getting connections or doing any posts as this will be covered during the challenge.

Do I have to be using Premium?

No. Everything I teach in this challenge can be done with a free account on LinkedIn. There is no requirement for you to use Premium

Is there any cost involved in this challenge such as advertising fees?

No. Everything in this challenge is COMPLETELY FREE. I am going to teach you how to attract your ideal clients to you easily and for NO COST!

Do I get any one-to-one support?

Sorry no. This challenge is designed to be really simple and any questions you have can and will be answered in the 2 Live sessions every day – so I guess you could call that one-to-one at a push 🙂

Do I have to be on Facebook to take the challenge

Yes. You need to be able to log into Facebook to join groups. Don’t worry though as this is really easy to do and won’t cost you anything. You can always delete your account afterwards if you don’t want to stay on Facebook.

What happens if I can’t do all the tasks?

The tasks are not difficult but they will take some time. You should make sure to put about half an hour aside for the tasks and about an hour for the Live sessions. If you don’t do all the tasks you won’t be as successful with lead generation as you could be and this is kind of the point of the challenge. Make time for this… put it in your schedule right now!

What happens at the end of the challenge?

You will be invited to do one of a number of things:

  1. Connect with me on LinkedIn and continue the conversation
  2. Join my Business Builder Facebook group for continued support and resources to help you with your online marketing
  3. Join my Mastermind where you will be given all the support and resources you need to improve your social media marketing so that you start to make more sales but I’ll tell you more about this during the challenge.

Here’s what some of the previous challengees had to say…


Now, go and sign up to reserve your place.

I’ll see you on the inside.