The 3 Best Ways To Get More Customers


The 3 best ways to get more customers are also the easiest ways – in my humble opinion. They are things that you can start doing today without having to have lots of training or lots of money. Here they are…

Pay for them – Advertising is always going to achieve results, although you do need to know what you are doing as you may end up spending a fortune and not get enough customers to cover your outlay.

Have a look at my Post from Monday which explains how to work out how much your customer is worth to you and how much you can spend on advertising and still make a profit.

If you are going down this route then please find someone who can help you the first time as every platform has its rules and things to trip you up and empty your wallet. Once you learn how to do it once then it is really easy to do it the next time and every time thereafter. By learning how to do it yourself you are also going to save a fortune on agency fees which can then be spent on more advertising.

There are many free forms of advertising too but these are more long-term strategies. These include blogging, posting on social media sites and networking groups. I do tell my clients that you either need a lot of money or a lot of time if you are going to advertise. Money will get you there much faster but if you have no money then you need to spend a lot of time promoting yourself in other ways.

Promotions/Marketing – Give-a-ways are always popular when trying to launch a new business, product or service. If you wonder if this really works just look at the huge companies like Kellogg’s, Nescafe, Cadbury’s and Mailchimp.

These are all huge companies that most people have heard of, and yet, when they launch a new product they often send out taster samples or offer a free trial period. Why do they do this? Because it gives the customer a chance to sample it/experience it/use it. Why do you think you are offered a test drive before purchasing a car?

Once a customer has had an opportunity to try the product they will be able to make up their minds whether or not they like it, if they do then they form an emotional attachment to it and when this happens you have a sale without the hard sell.

Asking people to try something in return for feedback is also a way of building a relationship with a potential customer. Psychologically you are saying that you trust them and their opinion which will in turn elevate you in their opinion. You are also asking them for help – which most people find difficult to turn down. You are also playing into the “law of reciprocity” which means if you give them something they feel almost compelled to give you something back. So you give them a free sample of something to try and test and they will feel almost compelled to return the courtesy ie purchase something afterwards.

If this seems doubtful then just think about all the free seminars, webinars etc that you have attended over time. The sole purpose of the free bit was to introduce you to the paid bit. People have been making money off this method for years from vacuum cleaner salesmen to timeshares to how to become the best blogger in the world in 30 days. (you get my drift).

Referrals – This is by far and away the best way of getting customers. It’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s guaranteed.

How many times has a friend recommended a restaurant or a clothes shop or a certain brand to you? How many times have you then gone and bought something from that shop or visited that restaurant without ever having known about them before? Why did you do this? Because you trusted your friend and therefore you trusted their recommendation.

When someone is pleased with your product or service ask them if they would mind referring you to someone else. You could even offer a referral fee (maybe a free lipstick, coaching session, car valet or whatever it is that you provide).

The mere fact that a friend has suggested you will also cut out the need for them having to search for someone themselves thus saving them time and aggravation. They will trust that their friend is not recommending someone unscrupulous or who gives bad service. They will also feel that they are being rude to their friend if they don’t take up their suggestion. Again, psychology is playing a big role here for you to capitalise on.

So NEVER miss an opportunity to ask for a referral. You don’t have to be pushy about it. When someone says they are pleased with your service or product just say “then please tell others about me” or “is there anyone else you can think of that might benefit from this service?” or “Is there anyone you can think of that you could recommend me to?”.

Remember, people are 10 times more likely to tell their friends about a bad experience or service than they are about a good one. You need to prompt them.

So that’s it folks. 3 easy ways to go out and get more customers. Whether you have money or not, have friends or not, have time or not, there is a method for you. You just need to adopt it and adapt it to suit you and your business.

Happy hunting!!!

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