Financial Abundance & Why You Don’t Have It

Financial abundance & why you don't have it.Do you ever think about financial abundance & why you don’t have it? Then you are not alone. Most people in the world wonder why they are not able to buy even the most basic things without having to watch the budget, let alone the luxuries.

You might feel, at some level, that you are doing all you can to achieve the money you need to be able to afford the things you really want for yourself and your family. The truth is though, if you don’t have them already then something is hindering you, that something is probably your beliefs around money. These are self-limiting beliefs and I come across them all the time, and not just about money.

Simply put, there is cause (limiting beliefs about money) and resulting effect (lack of financial abundance).

Those of you who have read my posts previously will know that I was brought up will all sorts of scewed beliefs around money. My parents had a “poverty” mentality. They had decent jobs but that just allowed for the essentials and a few luxuries. They felt lucky that they had what they did have and that they were not even poorer. They scorned people who “got on in life” and thought they were trying to get above their station. Yeah – really.

These beliefs were instilled into me and my siblings as children as we had not developed any other beliefs of our own at that time so we took it as gospel. This led us to take certain opportunities and not others, to take certain jobs and to earn a certain wage. We have all done pretty well for ourselves but not one of us has reached their true potential – yet.

So let’s have a look at how we can do better and achieve the financial abundance that we all crave.

“True abundance is not about what you have. It is about your state of mind!” Bill Burridge of New Insights Life Coaching

The first thing you need to do when trying to change your mind set about money is to examine where you beliefs came from. As I just said, mine came from being brought up by working class parents in the 60’s and 70’s. Once you start to think about them you can be aware of them and then you can change them. You will be able to see that they are the creating the cause and effect that you are experiencing.

As I have said many times before, the main difference between those who are financially abundant and those that are not is their mind set and their beliefs about what is possible.

Once you know how limiting beliefs come to being, and the damaging effect they can have, you can start to make changes to the way you think about things. Remember what you believe is what you think, what you think is what you do and what you do determines what your life becomes.

By asking yourself “What is possible?” you start the process of expanding your mental frame around money.

Try this exercise:

Think of something you  would really love but don’t have. Now think about why you don’t have it. Think about how much you wish you could have it and ask yourself why it is that you don’t have it.

Now try a different approach. Think about something that you want and all of the possibilities that you have for getting it. Keep an open mind and ask yourself: “What are the things I could dothat might lead me to get what I want?”  This might be a change in job or a second job or training in some new skill that will enable you to demand a higher wage. It might mean moving to another country where it is more easily attainable. It might mean getting a new group of friends or joining a networking group.

Which one of these approaches makes you feel more energised and alive?

Perhaps you noticed that the first approach is the more traditional one that people adopt – and is the cause of the frustration and anxiety that many people experience in this regard.

Hopefully, the second approach made you feel a lot better. It was designed to expand your subconscious and conscious frames around prosperity and abundance.

A natural human tendency is to protect the status quo and thereby avoid ‘risk’’ but it’s often necessary to have to take a small step backwards in order to make a giant leap forward. We hear about successful people who have endured many failures before achieving their success. The only difference between them and you is that they were prepared to take the risks that change demands and that they were persistent and didn’t give up until they had achieved their goal.

To be able to take full advantage of the endless possibilities that today’s world has to offer, you need to be prepared to change your daily routines, habits and rituals.  You must also learn how to view your wold through a lense that promotes abundance and prosperity rather than one that promotes scarcity and poverty.

It’s amazing what can happen when you change your attitude and beliefs about what is possible. The shifts may be small at first, but as you continue to embrace this empowering way of thinking, the ‘magic’ will inevitably start to happen!

Here it is worth revisiting the Law of Attraction. Basically, you will manifest what it is that you consistently focus your attention on …

… Whether that’s what you don’t want, or what you do 🙂

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How To Syndicate Your Post

How to syndicate your post.If you are wondering how to syndicate your post then maybe I can help?

There is little point going to the trouble of writing a great post and then having no one read it. The whole idea of your posts is to get them read by as many people as possible, either to promote your website or to help you sell a product or service. So how can you syndicate your post is important.

The easiest way is to add share buttons to your website like you can see at the bottom of this post. Once you have published it, you just click on each button and share your content with those platforms. People who are interested in your information can then find you that way.

Another way is to turn your post into a pdf using and then submitting it to an online magazine such as Most magazines will want your content to be shared with them before you promote it to other sites, so do this first and then once accepted and published you can then share on Facebook Twitter, Instagram etc.

You can use the Google search tool which will index your post so that when someone searches your keyword Google will put your content in front of them. The better at this you get, the further up the pages you will get on Google. Be consistent with your posts, make sure your keyword is not highly competitive and make sure your content is totally unique. Also make sure you include your keyword in your title, your page url and your meta description.

Use to promote your content to many online subscription sites and magazines. This will greatly increase your viewing potential.

Publish it on Linkedin if you feel it is appropriate. You can also post it on your fan page in Facebook as a pdf or as a normal post. Sometimes having a pdf of a published article can add credibility to your content.

Use Yeost plugin to help to optimise your keyword for Google. It is a free plugin and simple to use. It will show you for each post what you need to do to improve your chances of being seen by as many people as possible.

Syndicating your posts is a free way to get you noticed by hundreds or thousands of people. Without syndication you are just hoping someone will happen upon your website or post and this is very unlikely given the amount of content on the internet.

Of course, this is a big subject and way beyond the scope of this single post. I hope I have given you some things to go and research further, but as always, if you need any help or further information then please don’t hesitate to contact me on one of the methods below. I would be very happy to help you to syndicate your post.

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Why Do We Let Fear Get The Better Of Us?

fearDo you sometimes feel yourself getting annoyed when you really want to do something but fear stops you from even trying? I used to be like that. I would think, I cant do that, or I would never be able to do that or it looks really complicated.

I remember my first retail job. I was standing behind the till watching a colleague put through sales on the computer. The computer was not what they are today, but back then it was state of the art. I watched her flick through screens at the rate of knots. I watched her clicking through options on the screens as fast as lightening. I saw the queue of people that were waiting to be served and it never seemed to get any smaller. I was physically shaking. I was thinking, oh my goodness, I will never be able to do this.

Just a few weeks later I was as fast, if not faster than she had been. My typing background helped and I knew the keyboard inside out. I quickly learned which options I needed and was soon speeding through the queue of people like a long term pro.

I never forgot that feeling. I never forgot how convinced I was that I wouldn’t be able to do it. If it weren’t for the fact that I was desperate for the money I probably would have not gone back after that first day. If I had let that fear beat me though I would have missed out on everything that came after that.

A couple months after that I was upgraded and got a pay rise. A few months after that I was taken on full time. I was then asked to cover a busier shop with more money and benefits and a few months after that I was selected for management.

My management career led me to all sorts of great places both small, large and medium sized companies where I learned all sorts of skills – Excel being my most accomplished achievement. I am a Microsoft specialist in this application and that was something else I thought I would never get the hang of.

I then decided I was going to have a go at doing a degree to see whether I could achieve a BSC honours. This was something I had always secretly wanted but never for a second thought I would be able to achieve because I never thought I was clever enough. I had learned by now not to let fear put me off. I gave it a go and 4 years later (one year early) I got my degree in Psychology.

These management and IT  skills led me to the tutoring and coaching roles of my later career where I helped individuals and groups achieve work based qualifications, and the psychology helped me to get the best out of people without them knowing what I was doing. This is when I decided that I loved coaching and mentoring and wanted to do more of it.

I then got involved with a charity that helped people to become self employed and gave them support in setting up their own businesses. This was my favourite job yet. I really felt that I was helping someone to achieve a dream. My knowledge of fear and why we let it hold us back helped me to explain it to my clients and this helped them to overcome the hurdles they faced along the way and keep an open and positive mind.

I then realised I needed to learn about online business and how it worked. I needed to know about blogging and marketing and SEO because this is what I was being asked. I decided to get educated in this and remember thinking – this is way above my head. But I persevered and am glad to say that I am now, amongst other things, running my own successful online business and helping others to do the same. I am coaching and training them and delivering workshops to those who have just started their businesses but need a gentle push to get them going.

If I had listened to my fear that day in the retail shop, and I had not come back the second day, I would never have learned this valuable life lesson. More importantly, I would never have got to do all the fantastic things I have done with all those fantastic people and I wouldn’t be enjoying the lifestyle I am now. I am earning more than I ever thought would be possible and I am living in a house that I never thought I could afford to live in. I am literally living the dream. All this has happened because I never gave in to my fear. I pushed on and stuck with it. I made sure I kept telling myself about the last time I thought I couldn’t do something and how that turned out.

I can honestly say that I am not afraid to have a go at anything now. Things go wrong, of course they do, and I fail at some things. The point is, I had a go. I didn’t let fear get the better of me and I never will again.

Perhaps you have been thinking about starting something and feeling that fear creep in. It is natural. We are supposed to be fearful of the unknown, it is what keeps us alive and safe. But knowing when to listen to it and when to ignore it is the clever bit.

If you want a guiding hand or a few words of encouragement then please feel free to contact me by any of the methods below as I would be very happy and honoured to help.

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How To Add A Table To Your Posts Or Pages

If you want to be able to add interactive tables to your posts and pages then this is a great plug in for you to try. It is called TablePress and is Free (although a donation is asked for and should be given as it is a great tool).

The tool lets you create tables which are searchable, that you can easily edit and amend and that you can add hyperlinks to at the click of a mouse.

For a video of how to go about downloading it and then using it, this guy explains it brilliantly.

I hope you found this useful, I know it has helped a couple of my clients out. As always, if you need any help then please contact me on any of the methods below.


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What’s Stopping You From Having Your Own Business?

What's stopping you from having your own business?What’s stopping you from having your own business? Most people have a number of worries or fears about working for themselves and this stops them finding out what they could achieve. Here are some of the main reasons people don’t follow their dream and become their own boss.



1. Fear!

Fear can be in many guises and could be one or more of the following things:

  • It will cost too much to start up
  • It will take all my spare time to get it going
  • I can’t afford to give up my job as I have bills to pay
  • I can’t risk not being sure of earning money each month
  • I don’t know enough about business to ever make it work
  • I don’t know where to start and I haven’t got the time to learn something new
  • I haven’t got a clue about book-keeping or tax and would get in a mess
  • I don’t know anything about IT and you need a website these days to be credible

The truth is that setting up a business is not easy. It does take time and it does take some monetary investment but it probably takes less of both than you might think.

A traditional business, bricks and mortar and staff and premises will obviously take a lot more of your time and money to get it running and then get it profitable. But if you start an online business you don’t have to worry about premises or staff, you don’t have to worry about making rent or paying bills each month for utilities. You can work from home with just a computer and a phone.

You can literally get yourself up and running for about £20 with a domain name and website. You can even buy into a whole business system that is ready for you to start working in a few hours for £20 so saying that it will cost too much is a fallacy.

You can also run an online business from anywhere which means you could check on it in your break or lunch hour while you are still working and maybe spend a few hours in an evening or weekend to get it how you want it. To be honest 2 hours a day is all you need to devote to your online business to make it successful, as long as those 2 hours are productive.

This means you don’t have to give up your current job until you are happy and satisfied that you can cover the loss of earnings. The best of both worlds is possible. You also get to try it out for size to see if it is really something you would like to be doing full time. A lot of people who think they would love to own their own business and work for themselves find that they don’t actually like it when it comes to reality.

You don’t need to know much about business to make an online business successful. Sure you will have to learn a few new skills and methods but that would be the same for any new job that you took on. You can find all the help and support you need out there on the internet. YouTube and Google are endless sources of information and you can find mentors to help you too.

You don’t need to know about double entry book keeping or accounting to run your business. That is what the professionals are for. You can even use quick books or an equivalent to run your business through that makes it even simpler. You just need to keep a record of what you make and what you spend and that is it. If you save about 20% of what you make then this should more than cover any tax that you will need to pay at a later date. Check with a financial consultant or accountant, they usually give you free advice before you engage them.

It is true that business need to have websites these days as this is how people have got used to working. They want to have a look at your “shop window” before they come in and buy from you. They want to be able to click and buy and they want ease of use. All these things are necessary to run a successful business these days so whether you are working online or in a traditional business you will need to either build a website yourself or find someone who can do it for you. Again, this is much easier than you might think. If you can use Microsoft Word then you can build a WordPress site.

2. Time

Having limited time is another big factor why people don’t start their own businesses. They think that they are too busy. They think that they will have to devote  their whole weekend or every evening to it and they are tired enough. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Depending on what business you start will depend on how much time to you need to spend on it. If you start an online business and don’t have to create or make anything of your own to sell then you can run a business on just an hour or so a day.

It doesn’t have to take years to get profitable either. Again if you are selling something on an affiliate or drop ship basis then you can be profitable in just a few months (with good mentorship).

You can fit your business around your family. You can work when they are in bed and if necessary get up an hour earlier each morning to fit in your business objectives. It really can be this simple.

3. Money

There is some mis-conception about how much it costs to start a business from scratch. Of course this again will depend on the business you want to buy into.  If you buy a McDonalds franchise it will cost many thousands of pounds as will most others, if you start your own restaurant it will also cost a fair amount of money to get it up and running but if you start a home business online then you can do it for just a few pounds and then grow it at a rate you are comfortable with.

4. Failure

Fear of failing is another reason people hold back. They are worried about what their friends or families will think if it doesn’t work out and the shame they will have to endure. This again is probably not the case. Most people are respectful of those who have a go. They admire their courage and strength and they secretly wish they were more like it themselves.

True friends will offer help and support and they will encourage you and motivate you when you need it most. True friends will not gloat if things don’t work out, in fact they will help you think of ways around your problems or ideas for you to try next.

So, what’s stopping you from having your own business? You are!

There is only really one way you ever actually fail completely and that is if you never actually try. The difference between success and failure is just a matter of persistence. If you refuse to give up on your dream then you will achieve it eventually.

The Benefits Of Working From Home

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A Real Home Business

If you are looking for a real home business that fits around your family and lifestyle and that will earn you a decent living, then look no further.

Learn how to start a real home business today.

Whether you want to invest thousands or need to start off very small SFM offers you the chance to get started on your own real home business almost immediately. They offer you the training and support to get your website up and running – they will also host it for you so that it is even easier for you to manage. They will train you in every aspect of online business so that you are able to become a confident and self reliant online entrepreneur. They will even give you products and services to sell if you don’t have any of your own. They pay excellent commissions on anything you sell, and what’s more, a customer is yours for life no matter what they go on to buy after the initial purchase.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek help you create a real home business

The Six Figure Mentors was founded 8 years ago by Stuart Ross who wanted to teach others what he had learned as an affiliate marketer. His vision was to help as many people as possible to take advantage of the new digital age and become more free to pursue their dreams than has ever been possible until now. He learned that being able to leverage the internet meant that he was able to work from anywhere he chose and earn more money than he ever could working in the traditional sense of trading time for money.

Six years ago he joined forces with another internet marketing giant, Jay Kubassek, and together they created the Digital Experts Academy. The academy teaches people from all around the world how to become digital entrepreneurs and enabling them to run a real home business.

The training is excellent and you can take part in live webinars and chats, watch pre-recorded videos and follow written instructions too. You can learn anything you want to about internet marketing and trading and the knowledge you gain is yours to do with as you choose. I have already helped someone build their website and was able to charge for the service and I have been asked to help someone with their company’s marketing online. These are income streams I had never even considered.

If you would like to know more then apply today for a limited FREE Membership. You will receive one each day for a week that will teach you the basics of online marketing so that you will be able to make your mind up whether or not it is for you. These are worth $500 so don’t waste the opportunity, watch them and use them as you see fit. 

If you would prefer to speak to me direct then don’t hesitate to get in touch here. I will be happy to have a chat with you and answer any questions you might have.

Limited Free Membership Offer The Benefits Of Working From Home

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How To Start Your Own Home Business For £20

Start your home business for £20If you want to start your own home business but are not sure how to go about it, where to get sound and reliable information or what to sell, then help is at hand. I can help you start a profitable home business for just £20.

I was in the same boat a year ago. I knew I wanted to work from home, I knew I wanted to be my own boss and I knew I needed help as I hadn’t done anything online before. I came across Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek who literally changed my life. They introduced me to a whole new way of living that I would never have dreamed would be possible for me. They educated me in the ways of the internet and how to leverage it to make money. They trained me in the technical stuff and worked on my mindset to make sure I was thinking like an entrepreneur and not still as an employee. After just 9 months I am a different person.  I am able to build websites, I can advertise on Bing, Google, Facebook and Youtube. I can write posts that get read by hundreds of people a day and I can help others do the same. The ability to work from home means that I get to choose when and where I work, I was on a beautiful beach in Wales yesterday enjoying the Bank Holiday sunshine – my business was still working for me though, the same as it was when I was looking after my ill mother before she died or when I was in the Dominican Republic in January. I can work anywhere there is an internet connection and my business works for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best part is that you can do this too. It doesn’t take any special skills or knowledge as all training is given. A website is created for you that you just personalise so you don’t have to worry about that either. You get given things to sell if you have nothing of your own and you get shown how to market them on the internet on all the major platforms so you choose the one you are comfortable with or like the best. You get someone to help you with the business set up and you get someone to hold your hand through the first few months to make sure you are doing whatever you need to do to achieve the success you want and the results you need in your business. You get all this for an AMAZING £20 With your introductory membership you will receive:

  • Exclusive seminar footage where expert marketers show you how to build your business
  • DEA Digital Skills Platform that gives you the training you need to build and develop your skills
  • Access to SFM Business Model that gives you a website and business system to start your business TODAY!
  • Introduction to SFM introductory module to explain it all
  • FREE affiliate registration so that you can sell their products if you don’t have any of your own
  • FREE weekly consultations with me to show you the ropes and get you up and running in the fastest possible time
  • Allocated SFM consultant to ensure your business success and answer any questions

I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me. I knew instantly that it was something special and if you apply for membership today you will see this too. If you don’t then they will gladly refund your money – no questions asked. If you want to start your own home business but want limited risk, experts to work with, advice and guidance as you go along and to belong to a community of hundreds of like-minded people then apply today as you will never get a better offer than this.

Apply Here

The Benefits Of Working From Home

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