What’s Stopping You From Having Your Own Business?

What's stopping you from having your own business?What’s stopping you from having your own business? Most people have a number of worries or fears about working for themselves and this stops them finding out what they could achieve. Here are some of the main reasons people don’t follow their dream and become their own boss.



1. Fear!

Fear can be in many guises and could be one or more of the following things:

  • It will cost too much to start up
  • It will take all my spare time to get it going
  • I can’t afford to give up my job as I have bills to pay
  • I can’t risk not being sure of earning money each month
  • I don’t know enough about business to ever make it work
  • I don’t know where to start and I haven’t got the time to learn something new
  • I haven’t got a clue about book-keeping or tax and would get in a mess
  • I don’t know anything about IT and you need a website these days to be credible

The truth is that setting up a business is not easy. It does take time and it does take some monetary investment but it probably takes less of both than you might think.

A traditional business, bricks and mortar and staff and premises will obviously take a lot more of your time and money to get it running and then get it profitable. But if you start an online business you don’t have to worry about premises or staff, you don’t have to worry about making rent or paying bills each month for utilities. You can work from home with just a computer and a phone.

You can literally get yourself up and running for about £20 with a domain name and website. You can even buy into a whole business system that is ready for you to start working in a few hours for £20 so saying that it will cost too much is a fallacy.

You can also run an online business from anywhere which means you could check on it in your break or lunch hour while you are still working and maybe spend a few hours in an evening or weekend to get it how you want it. To be honest 2 hours a day is all you need to devote to your online business to make it successful, as long as those 2 hours are productive.

This means you don’t have to give up your current job until you are happy and satisfied that you can cover the loss of earnings. The best of both worlds is possible. You also get to try it out for size to see if it is really something you would like to be doing full time. A lot of people who think they would love to own their own business and work for themselves find that they don’t actually like it when it comes to reality.

You don’t need to know much about business to make an online business successful. Sure you will have to learn a few new skills and methods but that would be the same for any new job that you took on. You can find all the help and support you need out there on the internet. YouTube and Google are endless sources of information and you can find mentors to help you too.

You don’t need to know about double entry book keeping or accounting to run your business. That is what the professionals are for. You can even use quick books or an equivalent to run your business through that makes it even simpler. You just need to keep a record of what you make and what you spend and that is it. If you save about 20% of what you make then this should more than cover any tax that you will need to pay at a later date. Check with a financial consultant or accountant, they usually give you free advice before you engage them.

It is true that business need to have websites these days as this is how people have got used to working. They want to have a look at your “shop window” before they come in and buy from you. They want to be able to click and buy and they want ease of use. All these things are necessary to run a successful business these days so whether you are working online or in a traditional business you will need to either build a website yourself or find someone who can do it for you. Again, this is much easier than you might think. If you can use Microsoft Word then you can build a WordPress site.

2. Time

Having limited time is another big factor why people don’t start their own businesses. They think that they are too busy. They think that they will have to devote  their whole weekend or every evening to it and they are tired enough. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Depending on what business you start will depend on how much time to you need to spend on it. If you start an online business and don’t have to create or make anything of your own to sell then you can run a business on just an hour or so a day.

It doesn’t have to take years to get profitable either. Again if you are selling something on an affiliate or drop ship basis then you can be profitable in just a few months (with good mentorship).

You can fit your business around your family. You can work when they are in bed and if necessary get up an hour earlier each morning to fit in your business objectives. It really can be this simple.

3. Money

There is some mis-conception about how much it costs to start a business from scratch. Of course this again will depend on the business you want to buy into.  If you buy a McDonalds franchise it will cost many thousands of pounds as will most others, if you start your own restaurant it will also cost a fair amount of money to get it up and running but if you start a home business online then you can do it for just a few pounds and then grow it at a rate you are comfortable with.

4. Failure

Fear of failing is another reason people hold back. They are worried about what their friends or families will think if it doesn’t work out and the shame they will have to endure. This again is probably not the case. Most people are respectful of those who have a go. They admire their courage and strength and they secretly wish they were more like it themselves.

True friends will offer help and support and they will encourage you and motivate you when you need it most. True friends will not gloat if things don’t work out, in fact they will help you think of ways around your problems or ideas for you to try next.

So, what’s stopping you from having your own business? You are!

There is only really one way you ever actually fail completely and that is if you never actually try. The difference between success and failure is just a matter of persistence. If you refuse to give up on your dream then you will achieve it eventually.

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