Websites imageIf you would like to create a website for your business then I can help. WordPress is simple to use and I can help you to get one (like this one you are looking at or similar) created, designed, pages added and blog up and running in just a few hours. We do have to wait for your domain to be set up on the host’s server which can take up to 12 hours but all in all it takes about 8 hours to get it done.

Websites are the shop windows of your business. In the old days we had bricks and mortar shops or offices for people to come to and look around and it was these premises that gave the overall impression of your business. Now we have virtual businesses that are based online but the idea is still the same.

If you want to look professional and credible as a business then you need a decent website. Don’t be put off by people telling you it will cost thousands because it won’t. Don’t be put off by thinking you need to able to write code because you don’t. Don’t be put off by thinking you have to be a technical genius because you don’t. If you can use Microsoft Word then you can use WordPress to build, edit and shape your website so that it accurately reflects you and your business.

If you would like to know more then please contact me by any of the methods below for  a no obligation chat.

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Business and Life Coach

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