The Best Carrier Case For Assessors & Trainers

The Best Carrier Case For Assessors & Trainers

A carry case with a handle and wheels for assessors and trainers

The best carry case for Assessors and Trainers

Are you a trainer or assessor and looking for the best carrier case? I know that as an assessor in a previous life and now a trainer, I need to carry my whole office around with me. Does this sound like you too?

I remember how frustrating it was when I had forgotten something and how unprofessional I looked. I also remember having to take 2 or sometimes 3 bags with me wherever I went and then having to rummage around in each of them to find the thing I was looking for.

Well I might just have the answer for you. I have found an amazing carry case (after getting through about 8 of them so far). It literally has a pocket for everything. I can safely carry around my training materials. my documents, my laptop, my phone, my pencil case, my stapler, my projector and just about anything I can think of to stuff in there.

Honestly, it’s amazing and it’s really good value too.

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The large interior of the carry case

Huge amount of room for all your equipment and files.

It has lots of great inside pockets for those valuable items that you want to keep safe and protected. It also has somewhere large enough to put my large laptop (something that was a problem for a couple of the ones I had before). You can see for yourself right here how much you can physically get in there – great right?

I love the fact that I no longer have to carry 2 bags, or rather a bag and a rucksack, I can just take this one great carry case and fit my whole business into it. Amazing.

Here are some specs for those of you who like that sort of thing:



  • 45x38x20cm (All Parts) – Cabin Approved for Ryanair, British Airways, Easyjet & Jet2! 44x36x20cm (Body) / Capacity: 32L / 2.6kg
  • Ideal Business Mobile Office Luggage Bag for Professionals & Students – can be pulled or carried as a laptop bag
  • Spacious main compartment for a change of clothes and shoes for an overnight business trip with packing straps to hold everything in place.
  • An easy to access removable padded compartment for your Laptop and Tablet mean you can store and protect your machine in multiple sections within the bag, or in plane and in the airport.Multiple front pockets mean you can transport A4 documents safely and store all your stationary on the move too.
  • Features a smart black and red design by Aerolite with a lightweight, but sturdy, telescopic double trolley handle.

I haven’t taken it on a plane yet so I can’t comment on how good it is a suitcase but as a business accessory it is hands down the best carry case I have had so far…

You can get yours with free delivery by clicking right here.

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