Come and join one of my workshops. They are fun, informal and friendly. They are just £30 per person and I promise you will get at least £300 worth of value from them – guaranteed!

If you are registered as self-employed or a Ltd company and live in the Black Country and have not worked with me before then it will be free, if not, don’t worry just sign up and you can pay on the day.

Dates of upcoming workshops

10th October “How to Advertise on Facebook” Closed

24th October ” How to Edit and Maintain Your WordPress Website” Join Here

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How to Improve your Chances of Success in Business

How to Improve your chances of success in businessMost people would admit to wanting an “easy button” when it comes to building a business… Those new to business like to think there’s a “trick” or “secret” to success, which is why I’m constantly asked…

“How did you do it Lynne? What’s the secret?”

I know for a fact that I asked that same question years ago when I was starting out…

So here it is… I’ll give you the “secret”… and once you understand this, everything changes!

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Business Coaching in Wolverhampton

Business coaching in Wolverhampton has just had a boost!

A local charity has managed to secure funding to help businesses in the Black Country access 12 hours of coaching for free, and I am very pleased and privileged to have been asked to help deliver that support.

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Beware of Free Websites!

Beware of free websites.
Beware of Free websites, they are not as cheap as you think!

Beware of Free websites – they are not as cheap as you might think!

For the last year or so, I have been helping small business owners and people who want to become self-employed with their websites. I have heard some horror stories about people being ripped off or just plain misled.

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How To Add A Logo To Your Theme Using The URL

If you are using a more advanced theme then you will be asked to insert the URL of your logo into the control panel of your theme builder.

Your logo can be in png or jpeg format and it is really simple to do. I have used my theme as as example but most themes will be similar enough for you to figure out the gist of it.

First of all, go to your menu and hover over Appearance. Then open up your theme’s options as shown below in blue. My theme is called MyProduct but yours will be the name of your theme followed by theme options.








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Business Support in West Midlands

I have recently moved from Worcestershire to the West Midlands, just outside the Wolverhampton area. I have, in fact, come home.  I was brought up around here and it is nice to be back for a while at least.

I offer a bespoke business solution service to businesses large and small around the Wolverhampton, Black Country and wider West Midland area. This means that I can work with you on a one to one basis to solve your individual specific business problems.

I am not what you would think of as a traditional coach, although I can do this too if you want me to. I generally don’t follow a pre-scripted route where I ask you the same questions I have just asked the 3 previous clients. I don’t expect you to come up with all of your own answers, I feel that this is why you would need a coach – to help you find those answers. I will just turn up with a blank sheet in my note book and simply ask you “what do you need me to help you with?”

I have been running my own business for a number of years now and know the problems that both large and small businesses face. Small businesses owners are often the victims of overwhelm. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done and you simply can’t learn everything you need to know all at once.

For larger businesses it is problems such as change management, staff motivation and engagement issues, keeping up to date with competitors and maintaining your profitability in an increasingly difficult marketplace.

My services are bespoke and will be designed around you. I can help with all manner of things from designing websites and writing content and marketing material to everyday admin tasks such as letter writing or creating spreadsheets. I also work alongside partners who specialise in HR and Recruitment. The point is, I can help you solve whatever problem you are currently facing in your business for a very reasonable price – and, if your business is based in Wolverhampton or the Black Country I can give you 12 hours of support absolutely FREE.

How many hours have you spent trying to create a spreadsheet that will enable you to do your accounts quickly or keep track of your customers? How many hours have you spent trying to figure out the best way to market your business online? How many hours have you spent trying to find information for your content on your blog or social media posts? How many hours have you not been spending on money producing activities?

One of the best things you can learn as a business owner is what your skills are. Know your strengths and accept your weaknesses. The things that you are good at you should be concentrating on and the things you are not so good at you should find someone who is. Yes I know you are saying well I would say that wouldn’t I?

But think about it for a moment. How many hours did you actually spend trying to figure things out when you could have spent that time doing whatever it is that you needed to be doing to make money? How much did that time actually cost you in lost revenue? Even though you might not see it, I can promise you there will be a cost.

Let me explain. Say you are a painter and decorator. You make your money by being out at someones house or business painting and decorating. You will have worked your price out based on time taken to complete the job and materials needed. Let’s say you charge £150 per day + materials for argument sake. This means that if you work an 8 hour day you charge £18.75 per hour. Therefore, for every hour you spend doing something that is not painting and decorating it is costing you £18.75. The fact that it is something you are not good at means that you are spending a much longer time on figuring it out than someone would who knew what they were doing and therefore it is costing you much more than it should have.

Lets say you are trying to put an advert on Facebook and it is your first time doing this. The likelihood is that it will take you at least a day to figure it out so this is £150, it will also likely mean that you don’t know how to target your audience so your daily budget is being wasted on people who are not really interested in what you have to offer so say another £10 per day. For someone like me who does this kind of thing regularly I could have it all sorted in about 4 hours for you (including specifying your audience). This would have cost you £100 – a saving of £60 although I bet you were thinking that it would save you £100 by doing it yourself.

This was the best lesson I learned from my business coach – work smarter not harder. Outsource what you can’t do yourself and spend more of your time and energy on the things you are good at and can turn into income.

I hope you have found this post useful and if you would like to talk to me about any current business problems you have, please contact me by any of the methods below and I can let you know whether you qualify for the FREE support too.

The Benefits Of Working From Home

Lynne Thomas.
Business and Life Coach

07736 396519.

skype lynne.thomas33

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Real Business Support

Business support for youDo you sometimes wish that there was someone around to give you a helping hand? Someone who would actually work with you, listen to you, support you and help you to achieve your goals. Then your wish is granted.

There are so many business coaches and mentors around that promise to help you to achieve your dreams but really they want you to help them achieve theirs. They have a prescribed approach to your coaching where you are expected to follow a programme or regime. They will try and fix things that are not broken and change things you were quite happy with. What they won’t do, however, is sit and listen to what you actually need help with – precisely what you need you need help with, and then work with you on a plan of action to achieve that specific outcome.

I like to think that I offer a different approach. I can help you with many of your business problems from writing letters to creating websites. I can help you to come up with processes to make life easier and less stressful as a business owner, and I can help you to create great content for advertising copy, posts and pages for your website.

I actually work with you. I come to your place of work, or you can come to mine, or we can Skype, and we work together on whatever it is that you need. There are no pre-conceived ideas about what you need or what you should be doing. I will simply ask “what do you need me to do?”

I’m not one of those coaches who just keep asking the same questions in a multitude of different ways and I am not one of those coaches who expect you to come up with your own answers. If you could do that then what would you need me for? Right?

I do think that some form of learning has to take place though. If I teach you to fish you will be able to feed your family for ever, if I give you a fish then you will have just one meal. The idea of coaching is to pass on information so that you become more competent as you learn from me and are then able to do more things for yourself.

I do know that it is sometimes difficult to grasp things when you are trying to keep so many different plates spinning all at the same time. There is not the brain capacity to be able to learn absolutely everything that your business needs you to know. You want to be able to get everything you need set up but can only learn one thing at a time.

I know this because it is exactly how I felt when I started my business. I knew I needed a website and then I needed to market that website. I knew I needed a system for recording my income and outgoings. I knew I needed to advertise my services and I knew I needed to write posts and training material for my website and my workshops. There were just not enough hours in the day.

It is with this in mind that I offer my services to you, to help you on your way so that you can get everything done that you need to do but only have to worry about learning one bit for now. You can rest easy in the knowledge that everything is taken care of, and as I work alongside you, you will know that everything is as you would want it to be.

I can guarantee that you will get more done, spend less money, have more time and be far less stressed if you get some help to begin with. What you spend a whole day trying to figure out, I could probably do in half an hour or so. How would you rather spend your day?

If you are struggling to get everything done in your business and you would like some help with the basics then please don’t hesitate to contact me. You will find my prices are extremely reasonable and affordable and they are all posted on this website – I don’t hide anything so you can see upfront what things are likely to cost.

For example, building you a website with up to 5 pages, putting in content for you such as posts and images, starting a blog for you and teaching you how to add more yourself would take about a day so £200 in total. The site is yours and the admin rights are yours and I will show you how to add more pages when you need to so there is no need to pay any more money ever. The domain name and hosting service will cost you no more than £25 per year – No monthly subscription.

If you would like to know more then please contact me by any of the methods below for a no obligation chat.
The Benefits Of Working From Home

Lynne Thomas.
Business and Life Coach

07736 396519.

skype lynne.thomas33

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Reasons Why We Put Off Starting Something

The reasons why we put off starting something are many, but basically they come down to 4 main things.

1. Fear of failure

We worry about not being able to complete the task, or not being able to do it properly. This can be because we feel we are not sufficiently trained, or we don’t have enough experience or we don’t feel confident enough in our abilities surrounding the project and what needs to be done.

This leads to worrying about what people will think of us if we do fail. We will feel embarrassed or foolish. We will think they are saying we told you so behind our back. The reality is that that are probably wishing they had had the guts to try something new themseleves.

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Business Coaching in Worcester & West Midlands

Hi I’m Lynne and I have been running my own business for a few years now. I come from a corporate background and know how difficult it is to change your mind set from employee to entrepreneur.

I have spent the last 20 years in roles that included training, mentoring, tutoring and assessing. I have trained people in all sorts of things from Maths and English to spreadsheets and IT, in occupational qualifications like management, team leading, business administration and customer service to becoming self employed for the first time. I have also helped people get a website up and running and I have helped them to advertise their goods and services online to the right audience.

For the last 18 months I have been working online learning about marketing using social media, writing blogs, marketing products and services, designing and building websites, affiliate marketing, email marketing and so much more.

I am one of those people who just can’t stop learning. I enjoy it and I enjoy teaching and supporting others and that is why I am one of the most diverse businesses coaches around today. I have helped managers develop problem solving techniques, I have helped garages become more organised through really simple database development, I have helped people register their business online, I have coached them via Skype on mind set and how to focus and set goals as well as a whole host of other things.

I think that business is a scary place. Everyone thinks you know what you are doing and you like to look like you do. But truthfully, most of us are just making it up as we go along. That is fine as long as you are moving in the right direction but most of the time we aren’t. I know I spent a lot of time and money doing things I didn’t need to do when I first started out. I looked around for advice on the internet and fell for every promise I came across. Lesson learned!

I am now very choosy about the people I get advice from. I want to know about them and their background. I want to know that they are genuine and that they can genuinely help me with my problem rather than just droning on about how good they are at something entirely different. I want to know that when I ask a question I will get an honest and helpful answer. I want to know that this person is going to be there for me when I need them and not just take my money and run.

I guess most people are the same and the more practiced a business person you become, the more choosy you will become. You want value for money and you want to be able to see results quickly as time is money. You also want someone who will listen to you and sincerely want to help you to achieve your goals and dreams.

I try to be all of the above. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I am passionate about helping people, as my 20 years of doing it would testify. I have had some lovely feedback and testimonials from former and current clients and it is this that puts a smile on my face and makes me realise what a fantastic job I have.

If you would like to get to know me a little better then please don’t hesitate to contact me. I coach over Skype so if you are not in the local area don’t worry. You can reach me by any of the methods below.
The Benefits Of Working From Home

Lynne Thomas.
Business and Life Coach

07736 396519.

skype lynne.thomas33

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How To Persuade Your Customers To Buy From You

Since the dawn of time, merchants have been working on the powers of persuasion to attract new customers. The better at this they became the richer they got. Knowing how to overcome objections, handle questions, create a sense of need or urgency and being able to pin point your customer’s needs and match them to the benefits of your product or service are skills that are as vital today as they were back then.

I have recently been on holiday and needed something to take with me to read on the endless hours on the sunbed. I had been recommended a book by one of my coaches that delved into the psychology of sales. Although this is not the usual type of book that I read on holiday I thought I would give it look.  I had been told that it explored how we respond to certain triggers and why this is so. It gave a peek into the minds of the most successful copy writers and sales people and shared their insights. It looked at the science behind the claims and gave empirical evidence as to why something worked and how it had been tested. It gave 7 simple tricks to being able to persuade people effectively – without manipulating or coercing them.

I took the book out of my bag on the aeroplane (yes I bought an actual book ). I opened it with a slight feeling of “I wish it was a good Jack Reacher story” but by the end of page 2 I was intrigued. I read on and by day 2 of my holiday the book was finished. I LOVED it. It was funny, educational, inspirational and informative. Nothing like the stuffy text book I thought it was going to be. It gave me lots of science behind the facts, which I loved, and as I am a student of psychology I particularly liked all the stories that were attached to the “lessons.”

I don’t often recommend books as I know lots of people today prefer to watch videos or get their education by other methods but I felt I couldn’t not let you know about this one. If you want to know how to win over a customer, how to get them to agree to your price without argument, how to get them to recommend others for you, how to get them to sign on the dotted line there and then – then you have to read it.

I have taken the lessons learned in those 2 days on my sunbed and now apply them in what I do on a daily basis and it is making such a difference. I no longer have to hope that someone will agree to whatever I am proposing but almost know they will –  this is such an eye opener and has been a great help to both me personally and my business. I think that the extra sales I will make this year because of what I have learned from the book will pay for that holiday – how good is that?

So what is the name of this wonderful book I hear you ask. Well it is the Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B Cialdini and I have included a link to Amazon where you can purchase it in either book or electronic format.

I thoroughly enjoyed it as a book in its own right but learned so much from it as well and I hope you do too!

The Benefits Of Working From Home

Lynne Thomas.
Business and Life Coach

07736 396519.

skype lynne.thomas33

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