Support For Small Businesses In The Black Country

Support for small businesses in the Black Country has had a boost in the last year or so with funding being made available from the European Social Fund. But although the funding is there, lots of small business owners are unaware of its existence.


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How To Become Successful At Everything

How to be successful at everything was the title of a course that I took about 20 years ago. I wanted to be successful, I wanted to achieve my dreams and ambitions and I wanted to stop feeling like a failure.

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Are You About To Give Up On Your Business?

Are you about to give up on your business? Do you feel that you are wasting your time and you will never be able to make it work? Is there just too much to learn and too much to do? You need to change your mind, and here’s why….

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Join My FREE “Booming Businesses” Mentoring Group

For a few years now I have been helping new entrepreneurs get started in business. I have helped people to overcome their initial fears of becoming a business owner, to sort out their social media headache, to help them build websites and to find lots and lots of free tools that will help them achieve what they are trying to do in their businesses.

I was asked repeatedly if there was a way of getting some continued support once they had completed workshops with me or had completed their one to one coaching course.

I knew that I had only achieved as much as I had in such a short amount of time because of the help and support that I had received from a fantastic community of people that I joined as part of a my mentoring programme. I wanted to be able to do the same now for my students and clients.

And so, with this in mind I have created my brand new “Booming Businesses” mentoring group. Are you thinking about starting a business yourself? Are you looking for some help and guidance along the way? Have you been in business for a while and are finding it hard to break through that self-imposed ceiling? If so then come and join me and other entrepreneurs in my new Facebook group “Booming Businesses“.

It’s completely FREE and gives you lots of tips, tricks, tools and techniques to keep you going and keep you motivated. You can also talk to other members and ask questions and get help. There are weekly tutorials and many other helpful and supportive videos. I look forward to meeting you and will see you in there!

Lynne Thomas – Life & Business Coach

Creator of Boomimg Businesses Support Group

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How to Improve your Chances of Success in Business

How to Improve your chances of success in businessMost people would admit to wanting an “easy button” when it comes to building a business… Those new to business like to think there’s a “trick” or “secret” to success, which is why I’m constantly asked…

“How did you do it Lynne? What’s the secret?”

I know for a fact that I asked that same question years ago when I was starting out…

So here it is… I’ll give you the “secret”… and once you understand this, everything changes!

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Business Coaching in Wolverhampton

Business coaching in Wolverhampton has just had a boost!

A local charity has managed to secure funding to help businesses in the Black Country access 12 hours of coaching for free, and I am very pleased and privileged to have been asked to help deliver that support.

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Beware of Free Websites!

Beware of free websites.
Beware of Free websites, they are not as cheap as you think!

Beware of Free websites – they are not as cheap as you might think!

For the last year or so, I have been helping small business owners and people who want to become self-employed with their websites. I have heard some horror stories about people being ripped off or just plain misled.

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How To Add A Logo To Your Theme Using The URL

If you are using a more advanced theme then you will be asked to insert the URL of your logo into the control panel of your theme builder.

Your logo can be in png or jpeg format and it is really simple to do. I have used my theme as as example but most themes will be similar enough for you to figure out the gist of it.

First of all, go to your menu and hover over Appearance. Then open up your theme’s options as shown below in blue. My theme is called MyProduct but yours will be the name of your theme followed by theme options.








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Why We Put Off Starting a Business

ponderingWhy we put off starting a business can be down to a number of factors. I have spent the last couple of years helping people to become self-employed or start their own business and these are some of the things they told me had put them off starting.

Fear of leaving their current “safe” employment.

The security that employment offers is a strong motivator to stay put. Knowing exactly how much we are going to pick up each month gives us a warm and safe feeling. We feel secure. Our families feel secure.

The reality is though, that today there is no longer such a thing as a job for life. People are being made redundant from all walks of life and those that are not made redundant then have to do the work that those who have been made redundant used to do. More staff are taking time off due to stress related issues now than at any other time.

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Online Marketing

Online marketing imageWhether you are an established business or one that is just starting out, you will, at some point need to do some marketing. A lot of marketing these days is done online as this is where most of the population spends it time.

Knowing how to write good advertising copy will help you attract more of the customers that you are looking for, for less money. Knowing what keywords to use, what makes a good headline and how to take your customers down the slippery slope to a sale is the key to getting more sales and therefore more profit.

Knowing how to profile your ideal customer will mean that you can target your adverts to more specific audiences which will mean that you spend less on advertising and make more in sales.

If you thought that the only way to advertise or market your business was by spending money then think again. I can show you how to do it for FREE. It will take longer to attract your customers but it is an alternative if you have little or no marketing budget.

Knowing which platform to use is also vitally important. You need to be advertising your goods or services where your potential customers are hanging out online and I can help you identify this and show you how to target them. I can even tell you what time to put things out on the various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin – you want to be posting when most of their users on online.

Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do if you want to save lots of wasted money and time. I will help you avoid the pitfalls that lots of businesses fall into when running advertising campaigns, I will also give you lots of free tips and links to free sites and support.

So if you are thinking about marketing online but are not sure how to start then please contact me by any of the methods below.

Lynne Thomas.
Business and Life Coach

07736 396519.

skype lynne.thomas33

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