Start An Online Coaching Business Today

Start An Online Coaching Business Today

Have you ever thought about starting an online coaching business? Were you put off by all the techy stuff that you would need or the fact that you don’t have a website?

Well I’m here to tell you that you can start an online coaching business today without a website, or an email list and without having to make a single call or send a single message to anyone.  Interested?  Read on…


Hi there, for those who don’t know me, I’m Lynne Thomas, business coach and blogger and mentor to over a thousand small business owners.

I started my business many years ago as an online marketer which then led me to blogging which then led me to business coaching and mentoring. It’s funny how things turn out isn’t it?

I knew that there were many new and small businesses who could benefit from knowing the things I had learnt about marketing things online.

Over the years my business has grown and I now help people to build and grow their business by offering help and support with online marketing and building brand awareness.

I know from experience (both personal and anecdotal) that an online coaching business is one of the easiest businesses to build. Why? Well here’s the thing…

As an online coach all you need to know are these basic things:

  • Who is your ideal client
  • What problem does your ideal client have
  • How can you solve that problem for them
  • What the benefits are of no longer having this problem

Once you know those simple things it’s just a question of marketing yourself as a coach.

I’m a coach, a business coach and here’s what I know…

  • My clients are small to medium business owners
  • They don’t have the time, skills or knowledge to market themselves effectively
  • I can do their marketing for them
  • I can save them time and frustration and get better results for them in a faster time.

I market myself like this…

That’s right, I’ve just created a LinkedIn profile and told people exactly who I am, what I do, how I can help and how much it will cost.

I then do these things every day…

  • Put 4 posts a day onto LinkedIn
  • Send connection requests to people who are likely to be my ideal client
  • Engage with my connections on LinkedIn

That’s it! It takes about half an hour a day. I do most of it before I even get out of bed in the morning – how cool is that?

“But does it work?” I hear you cry…

Well, here are a couple of the leads I’ve received in the last 2 weeks…

The real beauty of this marketing method is that my leads convert at about 75%, how does that compare to what you are doing?

The reason the conversion rates are so high is because they already know who I am because they’ve read my posts, they know what I do, because it says so on my profile and they know how much I charge because it’s in my profile and in my posts.  By the time they contact me they have already decided to work with me.

This exact method works for any coaching business as the principles and processes are exactly the same.

If you would like to start an online coaching business in the simplest way possible, why not grab a copy of my short video course. It’s short (1 hour 18 minutes long) because there’s not that much to learn.

And what’s more I GUARANTEE your results. Yes, that’s right! If you don’t get your first paying customer within 3 months I will work with you to find out why not. If you don’t then get your first customer in the next 3 months I will refund your money.

I can’t say fairer than that can I? I am able to make this guarantee because I know that this method works.

It works for me, it works for my clients, and it can work for you too! All you need to do is grab your copy of my short course by clicking the button below. You will then be taken to PayPal to make your secure purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? You simply can’t lose. If you don’t get a paying customer I will give you your money back – and you’ve seen how easy this method is too.

  • No need for a website
  • No need for an email list
  • No need for paid advertising
  • No need for sales calls
  • No need to send any emails
  • No need to send any spammy messages
  • No need to be technically minded
  • No need to spend hours on marketing your business each day
  • No need to to be all over social media


My video tutorial will show you:

  • How to define your ideal client
  • How to find and connect with thousands of them on LinkedIn
  • How to create a killer headline that attracts their attention
  • How to write your perfect profile that will sell your services for you
  • How to create content that will resonate with your connections
  • How to get massive amount of views of your profile
  • How to build awareness of your business

To get started right now for just £99 simply click the button below. I’ll see you in there…



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