Siteground – The Best Hosting For New Bloggers

Siteground – The Best Hosting For New Bloggers

Have you heard of Siteground? They are a hosting company for websites and blogs, and in my opinion they are the best.

Until recently I have been using TSO Hosting (based in the UK) but recently I have been building all my clients websites with Siteground instead and here’s why…

First I must tell you that if you decide to take me up on my recommendation Siteground will pay me a small commission as a thank you for the referral. This is at absolutely no cost to you, I just wanted to let you know. I only promote and recommend goods and services that I have used myself and would tell my best friend about – that’s why people have come to trust me.

Okay. I have built my whole business helping new business owners and bloggers to get started. I specialise in finding the most cost effective way for my clients to start a blog or a business. A big cost is usually the website. Having someone to create it for you can cost thousands and then there’s the hosting.

I know people who are paying over £80 per month for hosting, with for example. This is outrageous and in my opinion, daylight robbery. Siteground will host your new website or blog for as little as £2.95 per month. For just £60 you can get a years worth of hosting PLUS a free SSL certificate. That’s less than Yell are charging for a month.

But what do you get for so little a cost?

  • Free email
  • Free domain
  • Free domain transfer if you are already with someone else
  • Free SSL and HTTPS
  • 24/7 support
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • and much more besides (technical stuff that you don’t need to know about right now)

Suffice to say Siteground has EVERYTHING you need to get your website or blog looking professional right out of the gate. This is important if you are trying to monetise your site.

For this tiny amount you can have up to 10,000 monthly visitors, so that should last you for a little while. Once you go over the 10,000 you simply upgrade to their next plan – and so on.

Siteground lets you grow at a speed that right for you and your business. It has all the necessary tools and support to help you look your best online and there are an amazing team ready and waiting to take your calls should you need help setting everything up. I know, I have a made a few calls myself over the years.

For those who like a challenge, they have some really great instructional videos that will show you exactly what you need to do to get your wordpress attached to your domain and your domain pointing to their servers. For those who don’t like a challenge there is a simple 3 click system to get you all up and running.

How do they compare to Godaddy or Wix?

For a start, Siteground DON’T offer free websites. This means that you are not paying for someone else’s website. This is why they are much cheaper than the likes of Godaddy or Wix.

They are also more geared up for the professional website. They have excellent speeds, they are the only hosting company actually recommended by WordPress and they can help you build your business or blog to whatever size you want with their helpful hints, tutorials and webinars.

Both Wix and Godaddy have their own “templates” that you need to build your site on and they don’t give you access to all the free plugins etc that you can get with a WordPress site with someone like Siteground.

I built a site for one of my clients just last week and I must say I was very impressed at how easily I was able to get everything done.

The WordPress builder is great for those who have never built a site before and talks you through step by step what you need to do.

The SSL certificate was really easy to attach (and enforce) too. This is just done via your tools options. There was no need to have to make a call or ask anyone to do it for me – unlike TSO where it was a little bit more of a faff.

But I think for me it is the ease with which new bloggers can get up and running that impresses me most and the fact that you get all this amazing support and incredible systems for so little cost.

For those bloggers who are going to be affiliate marketers it is really important to have the fastest loading times possible, and Siteground have some of the best in the marketplace, which is why I built my own new website with them just over a month ago.

Ad you know, I spend my days trawling through the internet to find the best apps and tools for my clients and blog readers, and I report back here. In my humble opinion, you would have to go a long way to find a hosting service that offers so much for so little.

To get started just click here. Don’t forget, they offer a full 30 day money back guarantee too, so if you’re not convinced 0f their awesomeness you can get your money back – no quibble.


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