Reasons Why We Put Off Starting Something

The reasons why we put off starting something are many, but basically they come down to 4 main things.

1. Fear of failure

We worry about not being able to complete the task, or not being able to do it properly. This can be because we feel we are not sufficiently trained, or we don’t have enough experience or we don’t feel confident enough in our abilities surrounding the project and what needs to be done.

This leads to worrying about what people will think of us if we do fail. We will feel embarrassed or foolish. We will think they are saying we told you so behind our back. The reality is that that are probably wishing they had had the guts to try something new themseleves.

2. Cost

Most people are working to a budget and what they are able to do in life is determined by the budget they have available.  They may not take up SCUBA diving as it is seen as an expensive sport that needs lots of equipment. This is true also for golf as clubs and memberships are very expensive.

Don’t you think it interesting though that these same people go on holiday and spend hundreds or even thousands on one or two weeks away in the sunshine. The hobby could have been for life seems not to rate as high on the priority list as those two weeks in the sunshine.

It seems to me that you will find the money to do the things you want to do – somehow. We take out loans, credit cards, overdrafts and other things to be able to afford our mortgages, holidays and cars, but when it comes to things of a more personal nature we seem to struggle to justify the expense.

3. Internal saboteurs

The voices in our heads that are telling us not to be so stupid or rash or decadent. They are telling us that we need that money for something else, or that we will only look stupid when it all goes wrong. They tell us that we are better off just sticking to what we know we are good at. They tell us that we should be lucky we have got a job at all and not keep wanting something better all the time.

So how is that helpful? It’s not. These are the voices that keep most of us from reaching our true potential. The built in defence mechanism that has been with us since the cave. The voice of reason that once kept us safe from predators and other dangers. The voice that wants us to stay the same because better the devil you know.

How many successful, rich, flamboyant, experimental, adventurous people have you heard of that got there by listening to these voices and obeying them? None. Not one of them did. The mere fact that they are different from the vast majority of us tells us that they must have done something different. They obviously didn’t let the voices dampen their spirits or tell them they shouldn’t try because they will look stupid when they fail.

4. Need help to get started and don’t know where to get it

For most of us, learning is an interactive thing. We need to bounce ideas around, we need to follow someone’s example or we need to see how something is done before we can attempt it ourselves.

The problem with starting something new is that there is no one around to ask. Your friends probably don’t do that sport otherwise you would most likely already be involved in it. You don’t have a course at the local college to show you how to become an entrepreneur. You don’t have a teacher to show you how to make that perfect whole in one.

Most of us think of teachers or coaches in a rather negative way. We are reminded of our schooling and being told what to do and how to do it with no room for our own creative genius. We think of them as expensive and have a problem justifying their expense to ourselves or our partners. We think of them as being too good and we will look daft when we take our first clumsy steps.

Of course this is just pre-conceived notions that are rubbish. Teachers are there to teach. That is their sole purpose and that is all they want to do. They are used to beginners making mistakes and cocking things up, and it is these mistakes that make the person better in the long run.

Look for someone who can help you achieve whatever it is that you would like to achieve. You will find that it is a) money well spent and b) far less trouble than trying to work it all out on your own. You will get there much faster and you will be far less stressed.

I hope this has spurred you on to have a go at whatever it is that you have been yearning to try. Don’t wait for the New Year, that’s just another excuse, get started this weekend.
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