How To Positively Impact On Your Family’s Wealth

How to positively impact on your family's wealth
How to positively impact on your family’s wealth

If you want to be able to positively impact on your family’s wealth you will probably be looking for another job or a second job or some other way to make extra money. The question you should be asking is “how much more money would you like to be making” for it to stand a chance of becoming a reality?

It’s not a trick question. To achieve the end result you must first decide what the end result is going to be. In essence, you need to be working backwards. Without a clear idea of where you want to end up a meandering round-a-bout sort of journey is likely to take place. This is not what you want. You want to be able to go directly from A to B because this will help you to positively impact on your family’s wealth much sooner.

How to get your end result today!

The first thing you need to do then is decide how much you would need to have the desired effect. Would an extra few pounds or dollars per month make the difference or are you looking for a sizable chunk?

Let’s assume you would like to earn an extra 10,000 per year. That is your starting point. you have made a decision that this is the figure you are going to achieve. This is your end result and it is important to have this in your head today because now you can make a firm plan as to how to get it.

Planning is for Pussies

Not true. No successful people get to where they are without having made plans. Whether these are business men, politicians or sports persons. The planning process was critical to their success.

If you are serious about positively impacting on your family’s wealth then you need to get a detailed plan done. What might you include in it?

  • The amount you want to be making
  • The date that you want to be making it by
  • The best route (as you see it today) of achieving this
  • People who you can ask for help or guidance
  • A list of training that you might need to take
  • A list of opportunities that offer this kind of extra income
  • A break down by month of what you need to have achieved

To reach the 10,000 per year goal (which sounds a lot) you need be earning just over 833 per month, this makes it sound more achievable doesn’t it. To break it down further you would need to be making about 40 per day (based on 4 x 5 day week). Now this seems much more likely to be achievable doesn’t it?

So what can you do to make 40 per day or 833 per month? Start making a list.

Taking action is necessary for success

It might sound obvious but taking action is necessary for success. You can make all the great plans in the world but unless you act on them nothing will happen.

You need to be making sure that you are doing something every day towards your goal. It doesn’t have to be a giant leap, baby steps are just as good, you just need more of them.

Put your plan somewhere you can see it every day. Mark off what you have done so that you can see your progress and this will also act to motivate you.

Don’t stop until you get there

I say this over and over again in my coaching sessions but I can’t stress enough how true it is. The ONLY way you will fail is if you give up before you achieve your goal.

Be persistent. If something gets in your way then find a way around it. If someone gives you negative feedback then simply ignore them and find someone more positive to work with or talk to about your plans.

 An idea that could help you achieve this goal

If working for yourself and starting your own business was on your list of possibilities then maybe I can help.

I am a member of a group of entrepreneurs who work online at home. We all have our own independent businesses doing all sorts of things and coaching is my particular specialty.

If you would like to know how you could be making the amounts of money we mentioned earlier or even a lot more, then have a look at this FREE video series which will show you how simple it is to make money from home online and positively impact on your family’s wealth.


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Lynne Thomas – Business Development Coach.

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