Is Working From Home Right For Everyone?

is working from home right for everyone?Is working from home right for everyone? This is the question I get asked all the time when I tell people about what I do, and the simple answer is no.

To be successful at working from home you need to be the type of person who is not easily distracted. It is so easy to go and put the washing on, or think that you will just pop out and mow the lawn while the sun is shining. You could fit the shopping in or spend that little bit too long on Facebook. All these distractions are getting in the way of you working and affecting your productivity.

You also need to be comfortable spending long periods alone. When you go out to a workplace there are people around to chat with and sometimes socialise with. At home there is just you. This can be a lonely existence if you are not comfortable with your own company. Of course you could go and work in the local coffee lounge, but then you would have even more things to distract you.

It is not right for people who are not very good at organising their time effectively either. If you are one of those people who never seem to be on time, are late for everything, never manage to finish what you start or have to put it off until tomorrow, them working from home is probably not for you. You have to be able to stay on task and manage your time throughout the day so hat you can be effective and productive. You have to be able to set yourself goals and targets and you have to be able to meet them.

You also need to be someone who can stay focused. It is no good if you are someone who flits from one thing to another. This will mean that you will do lots of things but none of them will be done properly or completely rendering your day a waste of time.

If you are used to a wage coming in every month and have palpitations at the thought that your money might not go into your bank account on a certain date then working from home is maybe not the right thing for you either, unless of course you are salaried and not self employed.

Working from home might not be a good idea if you have young children. If your home is not big enough for you to be able to shut yourself away without being disturbed then you are not likely going to get much done in the daytime – however you could make up the hours in the evening when the children are in bed.

Anyone can work from home, it is just a matter of whether they should work from home. There are so many options available now for those people who want to work from home and be there for their families, that it is almost becoming the norm. VA’s data entry clerks, call center staff and all manner of designers and manufactures are now working from home and most of them are making it work. This is great as it gives us more options and our work/life can once again become more balanced. The decision must obviously lie with you and you alone. You must decide whether you think you really are the type of person who is cut out to be working from home.

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The Benefits Of Working From Home

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Is working from home right for everyone?

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