How To Get More Customers Who Want To Buy From You

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How to get more customers who want to buy from you time and time again is easy when you know how but can be very frustrating when you are just starting out in business. There are a few simple tricks that you need to learn and then your customers will come to you, not just now, but time and time again and buying increasingly more expensive items.

Having a loyal customer base is essential if you are to run a successful, sustainable business. You will probably be one yourself. Think about what supermarket you use and why. Think about your favourite restaurant or brand of clothes. You are loyal to these companies because they offer you what you want at a price you can afford and the quality is good. But why did you shop there in the first place?

Usually we have seen an advertisement, or we have seen an enticement such as a special offer, or we have had heard from someone else how good they are. You tried it and liked it and now trust it and so keep going back for more time and time again.

How do you get your customers to do the same? First you need to get your potential customer’s attention. Like large supermarkets or clothes stores you could advertise. Give something away for free. This could be a sample of the product, a free report on something associated to your product or a free trial.

Your online business is no different from a bricks and mortar business in this sense. You need to tempt your customer to try your product and then you need to convert them into long term loyal customers.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to build a list. Having access to a list of people who are interested in your product or service means that you can build a relationship with them and court them over a period of time until they know, like and trust you. They will then be far more likely to buy from you and continue buying from you. Once they have bought one product from you, you can then contact them about further products you have available that they might also be interested in. If they liked the first one, they are more likely to try the next.

List building has been known about for a number of years now and is used by the most successful businesses on the internet to grow their customer base and build profitable online businesses that turn over millions per year. They know the power of list building and the potential it gives them for building these relationships with their potential and existing customers. (There is a free report on List Building on the right of your screen, just click on it for your downloadable booklet).

So the strategies are to advertise your business, product or service and wherever possible to let your potential customers have a taster for free. You then need to build a list of people who you can create a relationship with and offer them even more free content or information so that they begin to see you as an authority and someone to be trusted. Once you have a list of people who have sampled your free products or services or who have bought a product or service then you can re-target them with more products or services that you think they may be interested in.

These strategies are easy enough to implement and you might want to grab your free copy of the List Building for Profit report and get going straight away on your own. Others, like me, are a little more cautious and perhaps a little less confident. We like our hands holding and we like to be shown what to do before we go out and try something new. If you fall into this category then I have you covered. The mentors and trainers that helped me with my business are there for you too.

Meet Stuart Ross, founder of the Six Figure Mentors, Digital Expert Academy and who is, among others, my mentor. He and his colleagues showed me step by step how to create my online business, how to attract customers and how to earn multiple income streams using the strategies I mentioned earlier. Meet him for yourself in the video below. If you really want to learn how to get more customers then I thoroughly recommend his training and mentorship.

Watch the video to learn more!

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