How To Get A More Balanced Life

balance of lifeAre you looking for a more balanced life? It is difficult to fit everything into today’s hectic weeks. There is your job which takes up about 10 hours a day including travel, jobs around the house that need daily attention, ferrying the kids to and fro, shopping, DIY, school plays and elderly parents needs that have to be met. Is it any wonder we feel there is never enough time for ourselves.

Most of our frustration comes from the fact that we have so very little time. This is usually because our jobs take up most of our waking moments.  We have 168 hours a week. If we spend 8 hour days at work and then 2 hours each day getting to and from work then we have 118 hours left (assuming a 5 day working week). 49 hours (ave 7 per night are spent sleeping because who has time for 8 right)? This means we have 69 hours left. Washing, cleaning and cooking takes up another 8 or so hours which then leaves 61 hours for everything else.

This should be more than enough shouldn’t it? It is, afterall more than 9 hours a day that are left. The problem is that our work day starts an hour or so after we wake up so that doesn’t leave much time to get things done is those hours, it ends about 5 hours before bed time and an hour of that is travelling home, an hour is cooking the dinner and half an hour is washing and cleaning up and getting comfortable. All we want to do with our last 3 1/2 is relax and watch some TV.

If we could spread our work over the week more evenly, or start as soon as we get up and not have to travel to and from an office or depot then we would be much more efficient and have more time left in the day. If we could get all our housework done in the morning and then work into the evening we would have much more time and be more productive. If we could work a few hours in the weekend and spend more time with our kids in the week, we would feel less stressed.

Maybe you should be looking and how and when you work. Perhaps you should be asking your boss if there is any chance that you can work from home instead of the office, particularly if you are doing a data entry or telephone type role. If you are told no then maybe you should look for a job with a more forward thinking company who would let you do this.

Having more control over where and when you work has a positive impact on the rest of your life. It enable you to plan more sensibly for the needs of your family. It enables you to work around appointments and other things that need attention during the week. It also has psychological benefits. If you feel more in control of your life, you are less stressed, more able to cope with problems when they arise and less likely to become ill or depressed.

Being able to spend time with your children during the week and maybe work when they are in bed is invaluable. Being able to spend quality time with elderly parents while you still can is something you will never be able to put a price on.

We should be rebelling against this antiquated way of working. We should be looking to work for companies who value their employees time and show in accordingly by not expecting them to put in extra hours by having to commute or travel to work, let alone the stress of trying to get to work on time each day through ever increasing traffic and road works. We should be sharing best practices of companies who allow and encourage this way of working and turn our backs on the draconian workplaces of yesteryear who seem unable to relinquish control and let us decide our own working hours.

Try asking the question at work. Then see who else in the world is hiring people to work from home and go and work for them instead.


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