Financial Abundance & Why You Don’t Have It

Financial abundance & why you don't have it.Do you ever think about financial abundance & why you don’t have it? Then you are not alone. Most people in the world wonder why they are not able to buy even the most basic things without having to watch the budget, let alone the luxuries.

You might feel, at some level, that you are doing all you can to achieve the money you need to be able to afford the things you really want for yourself and your family. The truth is though, if you don’t have them already then something is hindering you, that something is probably your beliefs around money. These are self-limiting beliefs and I come across them all the time, and not just about money.

Simply put, there is cause (limiting beliefs about money) and resulting effect (lack of financial abundance).

Those of you who have read my posts previously will know that I was brought up will all sorts of scewed beliefs around money. My parents had a “poverty” mentality. They had decent jobs but that just allowed for the essentials and a few luxuries. They felt lucky that they had what they did have and that they were not even poorer. They scorned people who “got on in life” and thought they were trying to get above their station. Yeah – really.

These beliefs were instilled into me and my siblings as children as we had not developed any other beliefs of our own at that time so we took it as gospel. This led us to take certain opportunities and not others, to take certain jobs and to earn a certain wage. We have all done pretty well for ourselves but not one of us has reached their true potential – yet.

So let’s have a look at how we can do better and achieve the financial abundance that we all crave.

“True abundance is not about what you have. It is about your state of mind!” Bill Burridge of New Insights Life Coaching

The first thing you need to do when trying to change your mind set about money is to examine where you beliefs came from. As I just said, mine came from being brought up by working class parents in the 60’s and 70’s. Once you start to think about them you can be aware of them and then you can change them. You will be able to see that they are the creating the cause and effect that you are experiencing.

As I have said many times before, the main difference between those who are financially abundant and those that are not is their mind set and their beliefs about what is possible.

Once you know how limiting beliefs come to being, and the damaging effect they can have, you can start to make changes to the way you think about things. Remember what you believe is what you think, what you think is what you do and what you do determines what your life becomes.

By asking yourself “What is possible?” you start the process of expanding your mental frame around money.

Try this exercise:

Think of something you  would really love but don’t have. Now think about why you don’t have it. Think about how much you wish you could have it and ask yourself why it is that you don’t have it.

Now try a different approach. Think about something that you want and all of the possibilities that you have for getting it. Keep an open mind and ask yourself: “What are the things I could dothat might lead me to get what I want?”  This might be a change in job or a second job or training in some new skill that will enable you to demand a higher wage. It might mean moving to another country where it is more easily attainable. It might mean getting a new group of friends or joining a networking group.

Which one of these approaches makes you feel more energised and alive?

Perhaps you noticed that the first approach is the more traditional one that people adopt – and is the cause of the frustration and anxiety that many people experience in this regard.

Hopefully, the second approach made you feel a lot better. It was designed to expand your subconscious and conscious frames around prosperity and abundance.

A natural human tendency is to protect the status quo and thereby avoid ‘risk’’ but it’s often necessary to have to take a small step backwards in order to make a giant leap forward. We hear about successful people who have endured many failures before achieving their success. The only difference between them and you is that they were prepared to take the risks that change demands and that they were persistent and didn’t give up until they had achieved their goal.

To be able to take full advantage of the endless possibilities that today’s world has to offer, you need to be prepared to change your daily routines, habits and rituals.  You must also learn how to view your wold through a lense that promotes abundance and prosperity rather than one that promotes scarcity and poverty.

It’s amazing what can happen when you change your attitude and beliefs about what is possible. The shifts may be small at first, but as you continue to embrace this empowering way of thinking, the ‘magic’ will inevitably start to happen!

Here it is worth revisiting the Law of Attraction. Basically, you will manifest what it is that you consistently focus your attention on …

… Whether that’s what you don’t want, or what you do 🙂

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