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squeeze_pageAs an internet marketer I need people to sign up for my offers and give me their email address for me to send information they have asked for, or information that is relevant and that I think would add value. I am sick and tired of those unscrupulous people who collect email addresses purely for the intention of bombarding them with rubbish – and I have been a victim of this too! This spoils things for the genuine people on the internet who are trying to help, educate and support others through the information they share.

I know, but what can you do about it? is what I hear you say, and in my usual bid to educate and support my readers and subscribers I have found something that will help you to get stuff you are interested in without having to worry about getting spammed.

There is a FREE site called 10 minute mail.

You click here  10 minute mail  and you will instantly be given an email address to use that will self destruct in 10 minutes. This means you get an opportunity to apply for the product or service without having to worry about receiving loads of rubbish afterwards. If you feel the content you receive is genuine and useful then you can always go back and give your real email address afterwards to receive other content.

I do hope you will take advantage of this website and not be put off trying things because of those pesky spammers – they deserve all they get!

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