Business Coaching in Wolverhampton

Business coaching in Wolverhampton has just had a boost!

A local charity has managed to secure funding to help businesses in the Black Country access 12 hours of coaching for free, and I am very pleased and privileged to have been asked to help deliver that support.

The European Social Fund has created a project called RAISE (Raising Aspirations, Inspiring Self-Employment/Social Enterprise). It’s aim is to help businesses to become more sustainable by giving them access to support that they might otherwise not get. The cost of coaching can be prohibitively expensive and many businesses think they cannot afford it or that they would be better spending their money elsewhere. This is a false economy though and here are some reasons why…

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know. Many new businesses fail because the owners come up against obstacles that they cannot overcome. As a business owner there are many challenges every day and every one of these challenges demands time, energy and sometimes money to overcome. Until you come up against them you might not know they even exist. Being forewarned is forearmed and this can save you time, energy and sometimes money in the long run. Having someone to forewarn you and perhaps guide you around these obstacles is a very valuable asset in business.
  2. Time is money. Figuring things out on your own is commendable but is it worth it? How much time have you spent trying to figure out how to do something that you will never need to do again? If you charge that back to yourself as an hourly rate how much did that learning actually cost you? Would it not have been better to pay for outsourcing or to find someone who could have taught you the same thing in half the time or less?
  3. Mistakes are costly. Having a go at something you are not sure about can be a costly exercise. Have you spent lots of money on advertising on Google or Facebook and it has not had the desired results? Would you not have been better off spending some of that budget on getting someone to show you how to do it properly so that you got a better return on your investment and so that you knew how to do it again and again?
  4. Getting to your goals is harder on your own. Knowing what you want to achieve is one thing, but being able to set clear goals and milestones is a skill in its own right, and a very valuable one too. Having a clear goal will be the one thing that keeps you on track and gets you to where you want to be. Being able to set clear goals and helping you set out the milestones that will get you to this goal is a coaches skill. People who use coaches in business always say that they achieved things much more quickly and much less painfully than they would have done on their own.

So, do you qualify for our FREE support?

  • Are you over 16 years old?
  • Are you a business owner or a person who is thinking about becoming self-employed?
  • Do you live, or is your business based in the Black Country?
  • Do you employ less than 250 people in your business?
  • Do you have a national insurance number, Unique Tax Reference number or company number?

If the answer is yes to all of the above then you qualify for the 12 hours of free support. If you are thinking about self-employment we can help you with a business plan or talk to you about how to become self-employed, what you need to do to register, how to find your customers and how to keep records. If you are in business then we can help you with websites, social media strategies and campaigns, advertising online, keeping records and accounts, admin and much much more.

There is absolutely no catch. There is no obligation to sign up for any more hours if you don’t wish to but if you do then there will be a charge of just £30.00 per hour.

The charity that I work alongside is Access to Business based in Tempest Street Wolverhampton and has been helping people into work and self-employment for over 10 years. You can find them here

For more information on business coaching in Wolverhampton, or for a free and no obligation chat, please feel free to contact me by any of the methods below. I would love to talk to you about how we can help you and your business to succeed and grow.


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