Best Goggles For Long or Extended Eye Lashes

Best goggles for long or extended eye lashes

As a business coach I don’t usually write about things that aren’t business related, but I’m human too and have human problems and I found a solution to that problem that I thought I could share with others who might be having similar problems…

I love swimming and find it a great way to keep fit and toned but I was having problems with my eyelashes. I have eyelash extensions and found my lashes used to rub against the lenses every time I blinked.

To be honest, I just thought I would have to put up with it, as whenever I asked anyone if they knew of any goggles that would be good for my long lashes they just laughed at me.

But I did find some, completely by accident…

I was on holiday with my friends and I was messing about in the pool when I stole my friend’s goggles and put them on. I swam off with them and my friend in hot pursuit moaning about getting water on her mascara.

Best goggles for long or extended eye lashes
Check them out on Amazon

After a couple of minutes I stopped so that I could return them to her and this is when I noticed that my eyelashes weren’t rubbing against the lenses.  I blinked a few times just to check that I was right and not imagining it. I took them off and told my friend I found what I had been looking for and that her goggles were perfect for my lashes.

She laughed at me (not unusual) and said try them again then and see if they are really better than yours coz if they are we can swop for the week. I tried them again and was amazed! Not only did they not catch my lashes but they were leak free and didn’t fog up. They were really comfy too.

I asked her where she had got them from and she told me some place in America but couldn’t remember where. I said we would look it up when we got home so that I could order a couple of pairs.

I found the company – it was actually Chinese but selling via an American company. I contacted them and ordered a couple of pairs and then told my other eye lash extension friends about them and they asked me to get them some too.

They are now available on Amazon. Check them out. They are not only eye lash friendly but have UV protection, an anti-fog coating and are leak free. I paid over £30 for my Zoggs and they are almost as good and I paid over £20 for my Aquasphere and they beat them hands down for comfort and anti-fogging. They are just £7.50 at the moment reduced from £14.99 that’s a quarter of the price of my Zoggs!

So for the comfiest, eyelash friendly swim  why not try them for yourself. There is a love them or your money back guarantee as well as the usual Amazon returns policy so you really have nothing to lose.

Best goggles for long or extended eye lashes
Check them out on Amazon 

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