Are you worried about redundancy?

Are you worried about redundancy? I have found a redundancy free industry that you can join today.
I have found a redundancy free industry that you could join today!

Are you worried about redundancy? It is a sad fact that there is no such thing as a job for life any more. Every day we hear of companies closing and laying off staff.  After being the victim of redundancy myself, I wanted to see if there was such a thing as a redundancy free industry. Good news, there is…

The internet has opened up limitless opportunities for us worldwide, but particularly in the west. Anyone can “set up shop” from the comfort of their own home with hardly any costs and not have to worry about getting premises or staff.

Here are some interesting statistics about the growth of online industries:

  • 5 million people in the UK are now registered as self-employed that is 1 in 7 of the workforce
  • 64% of all small businesses started in the UK in 2015 were started by women
  • 74% of those women did not have children and did it as a lifestyle choice
  • Information/education is the fastest growing industry on the planet right now
  • Online courses are becoming the most popular way of learning especially by the younger generation

How can knowing this help you?

There are very few if any redundancies reported with online companies right now. Knowing that there is an ever growing demand for information and that people are paying many thousands of pounds for it should give you a clue as to the industry you should be getting into. If you learn something you can sell this knowledge on to someone else.

You don’t have to know a lot about something either, you just need to know more than the person you are teaching. You can therefore learn as you go and pass on the information as you learn it. How simple is that for a business idea?

Starting your own business also helps you to stay employed and avoid the threat of redundancy. You can build a business online around just about anything. There are lots of companies you can join as an affiliate who pay you commission to sell their products if you don’t have any of your own to sell. You can sell products that are associated with hobbies and interests or products that you have used yourself and recommend to others.

The beauty of online working is that you can do it anywhere you choose. As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection you are good to go. A business that you can pick up and take with you is a very enviable thing, you are no longer tied to a particular region, country or even hemisphere.

How much does it cost?

Did you know that you can start an online business for about £18. All you need is a domain name and away you go. You can build a website easily with WordPress which means you don’t have to pay someone else to do it. You don’t have to pay someone to add content to it either as you can do it yourself very easily through blogs, posts and pages.

If you want to buy into a business system that you can run your business from this can cost from as little as £197 for the system I use up to £1,000s of pounds, it depends on your business and what you need it to do.

How quickly can I get it up and running?

You can get your business up and running in about 48 hours. You need to wait about 24 hours for your website to go live so that you can publish it but then you can get cracking.

Obviously depending on what you want to do with your business will determine the actual set up times but simple sales and information websites can be done this quickly.

What support do I get?

If you have your website hosted (which I recommend) if there are any problems you can email or contact their support service. They are usually available 24/7 but they are all very quick to respond to your requests.

YouTube and Google are awash with people who are willing to answer just about any problem you can think of and much of this information can be obtained for free. For more individual support you can get advice from a business coach and mentor.

I want to start a business but don’t know where to start

Contact me for a free and no obligation chat. I would love to talk to you about your business idea and give you some initial pointers to get you started straight away. See below for my contact details.

Are you worried about redundancy? Here is my redundancy free industry.
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