Get A Domain Name and Website For Under £25

Get a domain name and website for under £25. There is no need to have to pay huge amounts of money for a good domain name or a hosted website. A hosted website just means that someone is looking after it for you on their server which means it is ready to go live on the internet any time of the day or night. They make sure that things keep working and if you need any help there is someone there to answer your questions.

Yes Please!

As usual, I am letting you know about a simple, affordable, good value product that I have tried and tested and can whole-heartedly recommend. I have recommended them to my clients over the last 12 months or so and they too have found them simple to use, cheap to buy and have said that the support is excellent when they have needed it.

You simply click here and go first to the domain tab. Here you can try different domain names out to see which are available and how much they would cost you to purchase (usually around £8). Once you have decided on a domain name that you are happy with simply click on the hosted tab and go to “wordpress hosting” which you will find at the top of the right hand column. (I recommend wordpress because it is very easy to use and it has lots of free plugins that you can download too). There are lots of different packages to choose from so just choose the one that you think will be best for you. If you are not sure then choose the £14.99 per year one. I run one of my large websites from this and I have never had any problems or found I needed anything any bigger. If you do need a bigger one at some point then you can upgrade as you go along.

Once you have purchased your domain name and website you will need to wait a few hours for the website and domain name to be “pointed” at the TSOhost server. This just means that it needs to register it and do some stuff in the background before it can let you start playing on it.

Once you receive your log ins etc for your website from TSOhost then log in and install a theme for your website. The theme you choose will be one that reflects what your website is about and how you want your viewers to interact with it. Have a look at some websites from your competitors to see what sort of themes they are using and then find one similar.  You can go to Free WordPress Themes on Google to find countless options.

As usual, I am here to help. If you get stuck with anything then contact me and I can hopefully sort out our or refer you to someone who can.

Like I said, there is no need to spend a fortune on websites and names. This totally simple, affordable package has you well looked after.

Yes Please!



The Benefits Of Working From Home
Lynne Thomas – Business Coach

07736 396519.

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How To Get A More Balanced Life

balance of lifeAre you looking for a more balanced life? It is difficult to fit everything into today’s hectic weeks. There is your job which takes up about 10 hours a day including travel, jobs around the house that need daily attention, ferrying the kids to and fro, shopping, DIY, school plays and elderly parents needs that have to be met. Is it any wonder we feel there is never enough time for ourselves.

Most of our frustration comes from the fact that we have so very little time. This is usually because our jobs take up most of our waking moments.  We have 168 hours a week. If we spend 8 hour days at work and then 2 hours each day getting to and from work then we have 118 hours left (assuming a 5 day working week). 49 hours (ave 7 per night are spent sleeping because who has time for 8 right)? This means we have 69 hours left. Washing, cleaning and cooking takes up another 8 or so hours which then leaves 61 hours for everything else.

This should be more than enough shouldn’t it? It is, afterall more than 9 hours a day that are left. The problem is that our work day starts an hour or so after we wake up so that doesn’t leave much time to get things done is those hours, it ends about 5 hours before bed time and an hour of that is travelling home, an hour is cooking the dinner and half an hour is washing and cleaning up and getting comfortable. All we want to do with our last 3 1/2 is relax and watch some TV.

If we could spread our work over the week more evenly, or start as soon as we get up and not have to travel to and from an office or depot then we would be much more efficient and have more time left in the day. If we could get all our housework done in the morning and then work into the evening we would have much more time and be more productive. If we could work a few hours in the weekend and spend more time with our kids in the week, we would feel less stressed.

Maybe you should be looking and how and when you work. Perhaps you should be asking your boss if there is any chance that you can work from home instead of the office, particularly if you are doing a data entry or telephone type role. If you are told no then maybe you should look for a job with a more forward thinking company who would let you do this.

Having more control over where and when you work has a positive impact on the rest of your life. It enable you to plan more sensibly for the needs of your family. It enables you to work around appointments and other things that need attention during the week. It also has psychological benefits. If you feel more in control of your life, you are less stressed, more able to cope with problems when they arise and less likely to become ill or depressed.

Being able to spend time with your children during the week and maybe work when they are in bed is invaluable. Being able to spend quality time with elderly parents while you still can is something you will never be able to put a price on.

We should be rebelling against this antiquated way of working. We should be looking to work for companies who value their employees time and show in accordingly by not expecting them to put in extra hours by having to commute or travel to work, let alone the stress of trying to get to work on time each day through ever increasing traffic and road works. We should be sharing best practices of companies who allow and encourage this way of working and turn our backs on the draconian workplaces of yesteryear who seem unable to relinquish control and let us decide our own working hours.

Try asking the question at work. Then see who else in the world is hiring people to work from home and go and work for them instead.


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Free Training To Get Your Business Started



For those of you who read my posts regularly, you will see how I started my own online business a year or so ago and how far I have come in this time.  I have been amazed at the sheer volume of information I have been privy to and the help and support that I have received along the way, both from total strangers on YouTube and other search engines as well as from my fabulous mentors and business partners at the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Expert Academy.

I now want to give something back and it is my privilege to be able to offer anyone who is interested in starting their own business the same training I received for FREE for a limited time and from the link that is available in this post.

Yes, Please Give Me A Free Membership

Find out the exact business system that Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek used to amass their fortunes online and that they now pass on to their students. Follow the exact training schedule and modules that I used that taught me how to build websites, how to advertise my services online and how to write content for advertisements and blogs.

You’ll be able to dive straight in with Free 30-Day access to a wealth of insights and training materials so you can experience for yourself just what’s under the hood. After all that’s what matters – making sure things are a great fit for YOU. So, without further chatter, here’s a summary of what you’ll get from your Free Trial with us:

  • One of the main things that makes our education opportunity stand out from the crowd is that you’ll get immediate access to your own personal mentor who’ll be there every step of your journey to make things stress free.
  • The refreshingly friendly SFM Community – people from all over the globe who are happy to lend a hand or share how they overcame challenges. Here you’ll find a culture of individuals giving each other a leg up instead of the mercenary attitude you typically find in the competitive business world.
  • A presentation recorded live in New York where Stuart explains the specific critical steps that create an online business; the knowledge needed to put these steps into effective motion; and an overview of the money producing actions that deliver results.
  • Access to Module 1 of our step-by-step Get Started curriculum. In this Introduction to Online Marketing we’ll take you through all the need-to-know factors involved in creating a successful digital business so you know exactly where you stand. This will leave you fully informed on whether an Internet business is the right step for your needs.
  • Comprehensive downloadable Online Profit Report explaining the exact business model and tactics that Stuart and Jay use to generate millions of dollars online each year. Get the inside scoop on game changers such as high ticket opportunities, the importance of providing value, what type of websites work for generating digital income and how to turn website visitors into loyal customers.

Special Bonus

Digital Skills Platform – full access to our cutting-edge Digital Skills Platform where you can brush up on your knowhow even during a coffee break! You’ll find hundreds of easily digestible video tutorials, from blogging tips to mastering social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. We have you covered even if you’re a total beginner.


Modern, high quality production

Our videos are a blend of live action and animation that’s polished to perfection.


Microlearning based

Our Digital Skills Library delivers short bursts of learning proven to engage you


Accessible anywhere

We’re optimized for any screen so learning can happen anywhere, anytime.

What are you waiting for? Start your FREE training today and see where you could be heading by tomorrow!



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Create An Email Address That You Won’t Get Spammed From

squeeze_pageAs an internet marketer I need people to sign up for my offers and give me their email address for me to send information they have asked for, or information that is relevant and that I think would add value. I am sick and tired of those unscrupulous people who collect email addresses purely for the intention of bombarding them with rubbish – and I have been a victim of this too! This spoils things for the genuine people on the internet who are trying to help, educate and support others through the information they share.

I know, but what can you do about it? is what I hear you say, and in my usual bid to educate and support my readers and subscribers I have found something that will help you to get stuff you are interested in without having to worry about getting spammed.

There is a FREE site called 10 minute mail.

You click here  10 minute mail  and you will instantly be given an email address to use that will self destruct in 10 minutes. This means you get an opportunity to apply for the product or service without having to worry about receiving loads of rubbish afterwards. If you feel the content you receive is genuine and useful then you can always go back and give your real email address afterwards to receive other content.

I do hope you will take advantage of this website and not be put off trying things because of those pesky spammers – they deserve all they get!

The Benefits Of Working From Home
Lynne Thomas – Business Coach

07736 396519.

skype lynne.thomas33

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Is It Time For A Digital Job?

Time for a digital job
Is it time for a digital job?

Is it time for a digital job? For those both in and out of Britain, you cannot have escaped the anxiety and uncertainty that leaving the European Union has caused. This is obviously feeding into business and therefore into job security. Is now a good time to look into a career that doesn’t depend on where you live or how your particular currency is doing?

With all the mud slinging, scare mongering and lying that has been going on between our politicians over the last 12 months or so, is it any wonder that this has spilled over into the general population and brought about the changes we have seen in the last week?

Whether you voted in or out (and there are good and valid reasons for both) you will not be able to escape the fallout that ensues. The only question will be to what extent will it affect you? It is no good speculating because I have come to the conclusion that no one has a clue what is going to happen and speculation seems to make matters worse more often than not. I am a huge fan of facts and when someone can actually give me some (I mean ones that are not changing on a daily or hourly basis) then I will listen.

For now though I am carrying on as normal. I am so happy that  chose to change my traditional job a year ago for one that is predominantly online. It doesn’t matter whether I trade with France, Italy, South Africa or New Zealand – the rules are exactly the same and the cost is exactly the same. Admittedly because I use Facebook to advertise and they operate in dollars, it has meant that it is costing a few more pence per pound to advertise this week than it was last week but other than that there is no difference. Maybe it’s time for a digital job for you too?

I came into this career because I wanted choices. I wanted to be able to travel and not have to worry about making a living while I was away. I wanted a business that I could literally take with me wherever I went. I wanted a career that I could control, that no one could make me redundant from and that I could get to choose my own hours and my own business partners. I had no idea of the massive change that was looming around the corner and what impact this could have had on my old career which depended quite heavily on European funding. Wow, what a near miss.

If you are thinking that it might be time for a digital job rather than the one you have then you have come to the right place. What I do anyone can do. I have no special skills or business acumen, I am just hard working and determined. If you are that then you can do what I do. I will also help you if you want me to.

I am an affiliate marketer (among other things). This means that I sell products and services for someone else. The products that I sell are educational programs to help people who want to become better online business people, or who want to start their own online business (which is how I came to find them).

The company is called the Digital Experts Academy and they are working with students from all over the world who are building their own online businesses. They also have a business system that you just buy and use (straight out of the box) called the Six Figure Mentors. This business system is easy to set up and you can buy into it at a basic level for just $297 (about £222 as of today).

If you want to start a business of your own, get help and support to do it, build it around your current job or commitments, share your journey with hundreds of others around the world then this is an opportunity you should not pass up.

There is plenty of information about how it works and what commissions are available on the website as well as more information about me and how I started and how I can help you start your business and get you going in a really short time. You can choose the package that you feel is best for you and your current goals and these can be added to at any time so there is no need for a large outlay before you get your business profitable.

Don’t wait for someone else to decide whether or not you still have a job, take action now and decide for yourself. If you become a member from this site I will work with you FREE of charge to help you get up and running in the fastest time possible.


  • How much time do I need to devote to a new business? A couple of hours a day – as long as they are productive can get you where you need to be quite quickly.
  • How much is it really going to cost me? A basic membership is around £220 and for this you get access to the full business system, a website – designed for you, a business adviser and business coach. You also get access to free training material to help you become more self sufficient on the internet. If you want to then you can buy more expensive packages as you go along.
  • Who is there to help me? There is a full support team to help you with technical difficulties if they arise (and they probably will) you will have access to a business adviser from the moment you become a member. You will be able to work with me if you want to so that I can show you how to get set up and focus on the parts of the business that are gong to get you to where you want to be – there is so much free information provided that it can become overwhelming when you start. There is an online community of hundreds of students as well as SFM and DEA staff who can answer any question day or night. There are experts in various fields who can be allocated to you once you decide which membership you want to take up.
  • What if I start it and don’t like it? You have a full month of membership to try it out and if for any reason at all you decide it is not for you then you simply email support and tell them and they will refund in full any money you have paid.
  • Can I talk to someone about it before I join? Yes you can contact me on any of the methods below and I would be happy to answer any questions you have.
  • How do I become a member? You first have to complete an application as this business system and academy is not right for everyone. Once you complete your application you will get a call from an SFM agent who will ask you about your aspirations and what you are hoping to achieve. From what you tell them they can decide if it is the right thing for you and whether you would be a good fit for the academy and community. If it is then you will be instantly able to choose your membership and get started on building your online business.

If your future is uncertain, or you would rather just take matters into your own hands then perhaps it’s time for a digital job!

Free Videos Show You How  
The Benefits Of Working From Home

07736 396519.

skype lynne.thomas33

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