How To Add A URL To An Image In A Post

If you add a clickable image to your post you are giving your reader another opportunity to click on the information you want them to go to. An image is eye-catching and if they hover over it and it shows clickable, most people will click just to see what happens. To do this is simple. Click on your image and choose the edit option which will open up a screen like this one.

How to add a url to a picture or image






Where it says Link URL above – add the URL that you want the reader to be taken to when they click on the image and then hit update. That’s it. Simple


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Is Working From Home Right For Everyone?

is working from home right for everyone?Is working from home right for everyone? This is the question I get asked all the time when I tell people about what I do, and the simple answer is no.

To be successful at working from home you need to be the type of person who is not easily distracted. It is so easy to go and put the washing on, or think that you will just pop out and mow the lawn while the sun is shining. You could fit the shopping in or spend that little bit too long on Facebook. All these distractions are getting in the way of you working and affecting your productivity.

You also need to be comfortable spending long periods alone. When you go out to a workplace there are people around to chat with and sometimes socialise with. At home there is just you. This can be a lonely existence if you are not comfortable with your own company. Of course you could go and work in the local coffee lounge, but then you would have even more things to distract you.

It is not right for people who are not very good at organising their time effectively either. If you are one of those people who never seem to be on time, are late for everything, never manage to finish what you start or have to put it off until tomorrow, them working from home is probably not for you. You have to be able to stay on task and manage your time throughout the day so hat you can be effective and productive. You have to be able to set yourself goals and targets and you have to be able to meet them.

You also need to be someone who can stay focused. It is no good if you are someone who flits from one thing to another. This will mean that you will do lots of things but none of them will be done properly or completely rendering your day a waste of time.

If you are used to a wage coming in every month and have palpitations at the thought that your money might not go into your bank account on a certain date then working from home is maybe not the right thing for you either, unless of course you are salaried and not self employed.

Working from home might not be a good idea if you have young children. If your home is not big enough for you to be able to shut yourself away without being disturbed then you are not likely going to get much done in the daytime – however you could make up the hours in the evening when the children are in bed.

Anyone can work from home, it is just a matter of whether they should work from home. There are so many options available now for those people who want to work from home and be there for their families, that it is almost becoming the norm. VA’s data entry clerks, call center staff and all manner of designers and manufactures are now working from home and most of them are making it work. This is great as it gives us more options and our work/life can once again become more balanced. The decision must obviously lie with you and you alone. You must decide whether you think you really are the type of person who is cut out to be working from home.

If you are thinking about working from home and would like more information or if you would like some help with getting started then please contact me for a free and no obligation chat.

The Benefits Of Working From Home

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Is working from home right for everyone?

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Get A Website That Works For You In A Week!

Working from home

Are you fed up with having to go out to work. The morning rush hour, the evening rush hour, the guilt that you are not there for your kid’s sports days and school plays. Do you sometimes feel that work is ruling your life? Would you like to have a website that went to work for you instead?

You have probably thought that it is hard to get a website up and running, that you need lots of technical know-how and that it is going to cost you loads of money. None of this is true. You can get a website up and running and working for you in one week and for about £20.

The beauty of having your website do the work is that it never stops. It works when you are asleep, on holiday or out playing golf. It works weekends and bank holidays and never takes a day off sick or demands overtime or needs regular breaks. It is the ultimate employee.

If you want to know how to get your Website up and running in a week then watch this video series. It is FREE and gives you 5 simple strategies to make it happen. Building the website is no problem as we have already done that for you, it is waiting for you to claim it. Your website really can be up and working for you in just a week!

Don’t moan about your job for another week, claim your website today and get it working for you by the end of the week.

Yes please send my videos

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Free Report On List Building For Profit


Access Now!





Most of us are told when we start to work online that we need to build a list. This is a list of subscibers who have given us their emails in exchange for something we have offered them, This might be a piece of free content or a product or service that we have sold to them. I have been thinking recently about how valuable this would be for any business, online or not.

If you think about it, some larger companies are already doing this by stealth. They offer reward and store cards which you have to fill in your details to obtain, They then use these cards to monitor what you buy and then every so often you will get an email flash telling you about something that you buy that is on offer.

The good news is that you don’t have to have sophisticated IT systems, loads of support staff or complicated tracking systems to be able to do this for your own business, no matter how big or small it is. All you need is a simple method of capturing their information and then knowing what to do with it once you have it.

That is where my free gift to you comes in. This List Building For Profit Report will guide you through the process of attracting, obtaining and using information that your “would-be” customers give you willingly, and then using it to make more sales and more profit for your business. It is written in plain English and is extremely simple to follow. Why not grab your FREE copy right now and start building your profitable lists.

Send My Free Report Please

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10 Business Analytics You Should Be Doing

10 Business analytics you should be doing.
10 Business analytics you should be doing

If you want to grow and develop your business then there are 10 business analytics you should be doing.

Many businesses do not appreciate the necessity of analytics and this is particularly so for small and medium sized businesses. It should not be neglected as it is a vital part of staying ahead of your competition and keeping track on what is working and not working in your business.



Here are some of the analytics that businesses of every shape and size should get to know and understand in order to grow and develop..

1. Cash flow analytics

Cash flow analytics helps you to see where your money is being made and where it is being spent. This enables you to plan in advance and predict future problems more accurately so that they can be avoided.

Having an understanding of how money is moving around your business and knowing what assets you have that you could quickly convert to cash (should you need it) will help you pay those unforeseen bills or get you through difficult or slow periods in your business.

Businesses need a certain amount of operating cash to pay salaries, buy or repair machinery, purchase raw materials or pay suppliers. Tracking and analyzing your cash flow will help you to prepare for these necessities and will mean that you are less likely to run into difficulties.

2. Product profitability analytics

Even if you know that your business is profitable, do you know where most of that profit is coming from? It is a commonly known fact that 20% of your customers will produce 80% of your profits. It is also well known that certain products are much more profitable than others. Knowing where you profits are coming from means that you can develop these further and make more money with no more effort or cost involved. It also means that you will know which products are losing you money so that you can make a decision about what to do about them before they cause a problem for your business.

3. Customer profitability analytics

Identifying which customers are making you money or losing you money will also be time well spent. There is a myth in business that any customer is good, but this is not always the case. Much the same as products, customers also fall into the 80/20 rule. Knowing which customers are making you the most money will help you to decide who to target your advertising at and those who are losing you money you can make decisions about what to do with them before they lose you even more.

In other words there is likely to be 20% of your customer base who account for 80% of your profit.  Conversely there is also likely to be another 20% of your customers who account for 80% of your customer-related costs.  Knowing which is which is important.

If you don’t know which are the customers who make you money and those customers who lose you money then you will treat all your customers the same and this will affect your profitability as a company.

This knowledge can help you to focus on the highest profit centres by really looking after those customers who are profitable and encourage the ones who cost you money to go to your competition.

4. Market size analytics

Analysing your market is also a process that is well worth the effort. Knowing how large your market is for your products or services will tell you instantly what potential there is for growth within that marketplace. You should be looking at what people are buying that is related to your products, how much and how often.

Knowing how your market is performing is good but knowing its potential is better as this is the information that will help you decide which direction to go in and what products or services to create or develop to fulfill those needs and requirements.

It seeks to work out how many people want or may want your product or service and how to prepare your business to meet those needs. Not doing this analysis means that you will guess and this can lead to loss of money and time because you are competing in the wrong market at the wrong time.

5. Non-customer analytics

Non-customer analytics is about understanding what people who are currently not your customers think about your product, services or brand.

If you only concentrate on your customers and your competition is profiling those same customers then you are going to end up in a position where you are getting an ever smaller piece of an ever shrinking pie. Eventually you will only be able to compete on costs and this will lead to a downturn in profits. Instead, looking at bringing new customers into your business is going to keep you moving forward and keep your business profitable.

What are the customers (who are not currently your customers) buying instead? Where are they buying it from and how often are they buying it? By doing this non-customer analysis you are finding out what your company needs to do to meet the needs of these potential customers which means you don’t have to cut costs or enter into a trade war with your competitors. If you do research this well enough then you will have a good idea of what product or service to develop that is ahead of what others are doing and this will give you the competitive edge.

Obviously if you can find new markets or new pockets within larger markets that have yet to be approached by you or your competitors then you have an opportunity to increase revenue cost effectively.

6. Pricing analytics

Analysing the price that people are willing to pay for products is an ever increasingly important part of business these days, especially in highly competitive markets.

What if you could find out exactly how much your customers would pay for your product ahead of time?  Price analytics is the process that delivers that outcome.

It enables you to set your price at the correct level so that you can capitalise on the easy to get customers but also on those who may be willing to pay a premium for your services or products. Having this information means that you can increase the volume of products to suit the demand and also make more profit by using some imaginative pricing techniques.

Another major benefit of price analytics is that you can adjust your price depending on what your competition are doing, this way you will never be far more expensive or far too cheap.

7. Customer lifetime value analytics

A customer may or may not be profitable to your company the first time they make a purchase. This could depend on how they came to be a customer. If you enticed them with a free offer or a much reduced product price then they are not going to be profitable from the outset. But, if that customer then goes on to buy your most expensive product or service then they have become extremely profitable for you.

Know what the averages of your customers spends are will help you to determine their lifetime value to the company. A company that has am integrated product line such as Apple will continue to sell products to the same customers over and over again. Someone who buys an iPhone may then go on to buy an iPad and then an Apple Mac. A company such as Tesco or Costco will have customers who shop there every week and will spend a certain amount each week. Both companies can then work out the average their customers will spend over a lifetime to work out how much they can afford to spend to acquire that customer ie advertising and marketing budget.

8. Social media analytics

The process of gathering and analysing data from social media is what we mean by social media analytics.  The rise of social media has created a mass of data from individuals who are customers or potential customers.

Analysing this information can give you a real time glimpse into what your customers think about you and are saying about you. This is invaluable feedback for your business and gives you an ideal opportunity to respond to their requests or expectations.

These insights can be used to increase revenue by tapping into un-met customer needs, reduce customer service costs, and highlight customer service issues that cause loss of business or reputation.  They can also be used by product development to gain real world feedback on products and services.

9. Customer engagement analytics

Customer engagement analytics is a highly evolving field at the moment where businesses are trying to map the entire customer interactive journey on and off-line. Essentially, it is the process of assessing how well (or otherwise) you engage your customers with your products, services or brand through these various interactions.

Business is notoriously bad at customer engagement, and yet it impacts bottom line results.  When customers want to speak to you and get passed around several departments, having to explain the situation all over again to each department can be infuriating for them.

Customer satisfaction is not the predictor of behaviour that many companies once assumed it was.  The argument has always been that satisfied customers = loyal customers = profit.  Unfortunately in the modern world of multiple options and constant deals whether a customer is satisfied is not necessarily enough to keep them as a customer.  Customer engagement, on the other hand, can fix this problem.

10. Project and program analytics

Knowing how effective your projects have been will enable you to tweak or change them in the future.

There are always three key components that successful delivery is measured against:

  • schedule – is the project on schedule?
  • budget – is the project on budget?
  • deliverables – is the project delivering the specified outcomes?

Project and program analytics assesses performance against schedule, budget and quality of output.

Most strategic and change initiatives are delivered via projects or programs. If they are unsuccessful, too disruptive or do not get finished on time, on budget or to the right standard then the implications can be felt right across the business.

Keeping an eye on project and program performance as they progress is far better than setting out the target and crossing your fingers that it will be met.  On-going assessment can help you to anticipate any potential problems

Thank you to Hiscox for the original idea for this post. If you would like to know more then please contact me using any of the methods below.

The Benefits Of Working From Home

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How To Choose Your Audience

If you are wondering how to choose your audience then hopefully this quick tip might help.

I was wondering the same thing just a few months ago. I knew that I had a product that would appeal to all ages and both genders – who exactly was my audience and what was going to be my niche?

It really doesn’t matter what you are selling or how you are selling it, online or in the real world, you first need to know who you are trying to sell it to. This might sound daft at first, of course you know who you want to sell it to –  don’t you?

Let’s take fishing tackle, I choose this because I used it as an example in my class today and found that the keyword for fishing tackle had over 12 million results on Bing and over 3 million on Google. That is a lot of competition to get in front of if someone is going to find your particular fishing tackle.

So first of all think about who you want to attract with your advert. Trying to please everyone will mean that you end up pleasing no one and this is disastrous for sales. I learned this the hard way. I thought that limiting the potential customer base would result in less sales not more.  I was wrong though, and here’s why…

If you are a 19 year old lad who is just thinking about getting into fishing what sort of rod would you want? If you were a 60 year old veteran what rod would you want. And, yes, it would also depend on what type of fish you wanted to catch and where you were going to fish etc etc.

So first think about what your audience needs. How old are they? What pain are they going through at that time? For the  19 year old it might be that he needs something to help him catch his first fish, for the 60 year old he might want something that is more likely to land him the biggest fish. Knowing what they want and being able to put in front of them is powerful stuff and this is what helps to sell your product.

Think about who their gurus or heroes are. Who are the people they read about or watch for tips. Are there any chat rooms online that they get involved in? What sort of language do they use? If, for example, you are trying to get into the pension niche you might need to look at the terminology that other advertisers are using or the language that is being used in the chat rooms or forums around this subject. If you are trying to sell into the technology niche then what sort of words are popular at the moment and how can you use them in your advert? Being able to speak the lingo is very important as it means your audience will resonate with your message and you will build a relationship with them.

So, for example, I want to attract women between the ages of 35 and 55 who are interested in starting a home business. I know that they will read or watch people like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer or Gary V because they are interested in personal development. They will be looking at buying books such as rich dad poor dad, the science of getting rich, the secret, Improve your wealth etc because they want to find out how to make the extra money that they desire. They will be interested in information about courses for self help, online education on business matters, starting a home business or something similar because this is their ultimate desire – being able to run their own business from home and make a good living from it.

Knowing who my audience is makes it much easier to  sell to them. I can narrow down my advertising to speak to these people only, rather than taking a blanket approach. I can talk about the books they have read. I can talk about their pain points such as  not enough money, no time for the family, no time for themselves, feeling guilty about leaving the kids with sitters etc etc. I can then address these pain points and show them how they could be alleviated.

I would not be able to do this nearly as effectively if I was speaking to the whole population. I can make a new advert for the men who might want the same product or who want to overcome the same pain points. Men would speak about it differently to women, they might have slightly different pain points, it might be that they are more interested in attaining the prestige things in life like a big house or sports car. It would also depend, no doubt, on their age and current needs, and this is the reason for knowing who your audience is – so that you can meet those needs.

So how to choose your audience need not be complicated. Think about your product and who would most likely be using it. What benefits would they get from using the product. What features does it have that are unique from other similar products. What would a teenage lad get out of using it and what would a middle aged woman get out of it? Approach them differently and separately in your advertising. Address the pain points each might have by telling them about the benefits of using your product, talk to them about others that have benefited from it (if you have testimonials use them) and tell them how your product will solve their particular pain or problem.

Again my example would be that the education system that I provide would help a teenager learn to become a self employed online entrepreneur that is never out of work. A middle aged woman might benefit by being able to work from home so that she is able to be there for her family. A middle aged man might be interested in the additional income it could provide for his family or for him to be able to buy that sports car he always dreamed of.

So hopefully you can now see how each of these audiences are different. They think slightly differently, they use different language, they need or want different things, albeit from the same product, and being able to satisfy these needs in your various advertising campaigns is what is going to sell your products.

If you would like to find out more about what I do then contact me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have or help you to start your own home business.


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Would You be Better Off Working From Home?

You could be better off working from home
You could be better off working from home

Would you be better off working from home? It isn’t just a matter of location it is matter of health and wealth too as I found out recently.

Like most people I was working long hours and was constantly trying to hit targets and meet deadlines. My emails never stopped coming through and work expected me to answer them even at 9 O’clock at night.

I was doing over 100 miles a day getting to the office and back which was costing me £100 per week in fuel and now I have a 3 year old car that has the equivalent mileage of a 5 year old car. So it has basically wiped about £3,000 off the resale value of my car and was costing me roughly £4,800 per year in fuel. In 3 years this has amounted to a whopping £17,400 – and this was just to get to work!

I used to leave the house at 6.45 am and would work til around 8pm in the evening, that is 13 hours a day. I got paid around £140 per day for my services at roughly £35,000 per annum which equates to £7.69 per hour for my 13 hour days. The UK’s national minimum wage is £7.20 at the moment which means I was doing all that for an extra 49p per hour (and that is not counting the odd weekend that I ended up working to catch up or complete work).

It all caught up with me eventually, when my Mom became ill and not able to look after herself any more. I was then trying to take responsibility for her as well as do everything else and I became very ill. One day my joints flared up leaving me in pain from my neck to my toes. They were like this for months and eventually I decided that something had to give.

After much soul searching I decided to give up my job. When I sat and calculated how much it was actually costing me to go to work – in time and health – it became clear that it just wasn’t worth it. I could do something far less stressful for far less money and actually take home about the same amount – crazy! I could actually be much better off working from home.

It was at this time, when I was looking around for something else to do, that I discovered my present career and passion. I now work online from home and have never been happier. I do go out sometimes to deliver training to others on how to build websites and I give talks on advertising on the internet, but that is my choice and I can decide when and where I work.

I am pleased to say that I am healthier now than I have been in years. I have time to go swimming every morning, I have time to eat properly and at sensible times and I am no longer stressed and suffering with constant headaches. My joints have gone back to normal and for the first time in a very long time I feel that I am in control of my life.

Another bonus is that I am paying far less tax and national insurance as a self employed person than I was as as an employee, that, added to the savings that I have made from not having to go to work, has meant that I only need to earn just over half of what I was earning in my previous job to have the same take home pay. Crazy! That meant that I could take my time and build my business in a way that suited me rather than be constantly under pressure to replace my income.

Why not calculate what your job is costing you each year and see if you would be better off working from home? You might be surprised to find out just how little you are really earning.

If you would like to find out more about what I do then contact me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have or help you to start your own home business.

The Benefits Of Working From Home

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CSR 4.0 Driver

If, like me, you have been messing about for days trying to get you CSR 4.0 diver for your dongle to work then hopefully I can help. Well not me exactly, but these guys that I found after days of searching around online.

Thank you Gleescape, and don’t forget to buy him a drink… it was well worth the $5 🙂

The Benefits Of Working From Home

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Start A Simple Home Business From Scratch

Start A Simple Home Business From Scratch
Work with me and start a simple home business from scratch – today!

Learn how to start a simple home business from scratch! Today is a beautiful day. I am working outside in the garden. I have dragged out the table from the conservatory and my office chair and I am sitting in the sunshine listening to the birds singing and the distant hum of someone mowing their lawn. Fantastic. I feel great, and then I got to thinking that your working environment plays a massive part in how you feel, and not just the location but the whole thing.

As those of you who have been reading my posts for a while will know, I was working long hours, I was stressed, I was always playing catch up at work and I was miserable. Last year I became quite ill and that is when I finally decided that enough was enough.

I try to keep myself relatively fit and healthy. I have been swimming most mornings now for about 2 years. One day last February I noticed that my neck was really stiff and I thought I must have slept on it awkwardly. By the Friday I could’t walk. Every joint in my body was inflamed and painful. The tendons at the backs of my knees were making it almost impossible for me to walk and every other joint was affected too from my shoulders to my toes. I was really worried and made an appointment to see my Doctor.

She said that it was most likely a flare up brought on by stress but said that she would test for other things as well just to make sure. I had just about every test known to man. I was tested for everything from rheumatoid arthritis to Deng-hi fever. Everything came back negative. The pain went on for months and I struggled to do pretty  much anything. My fingers were so sore I couldn’t type very well which worried me even more as I did this for a living. I was at my wits end.

After a lot of soul searching and financial planning I decided that I was going to give up the job that was causing me all the stress. It wasn’t an easy decision as the pay was good and I had come to rely on it. I knew though that I needed to put my health first. I made the decision that I would hand my notice in on returning from my holiday in June.

The moment I told my boss I was leaving I felt better. I felt like a whole weight had been lifted from me. I knew that I had made the right decision and I stopped worrying about the money because I knew I could find something else. Anything would have been better than what I was beg subjected to. I am so glad I made that decision and have never looked back, in fact for the first time in years I am looking forward and enjoying what I see.

I now work for myself. I found a company who helped me set up a simple home business (see here for more information), and I am so glad I did. Now I mentor other people who want to become self-employed, I coach people who want to make changes in their lives. I train people to develop skills in the workplace and I help people to grow businesses that they have set up but are struggling with. I love it.

The best thing for me though is that I can work mostly from home. I don’t have to battle traffic any more, I don’t have to put up with office politics or stupid bosses. I don’t have to work if I don’t want to and I can choose to work wherever I want – like today, out in the garden.

I am pleased to say that my health is improving. I am swimming again. I am much happier than I used to be and am now a pleasure to be around (according to my long suffering partner). He is so happy that I made the decision to quit as he can see the positive impact it has had on me both mentally and physically. He can also see the potential that my new business has and the difference it will make to both our futures.

I don’t think I had quite realised the impact that your working environment had on things like mood and well-being until I fell victim to it myself. I suppose you don’t thing too much about it do you? You just go to work each day and do your job t the best of your ability and then come he and moan about it-that’s just the way it is and we accept it. For your future self’s sake, please don’t accept it. Don’t end up like me (or worse), take notice of when you are stressed or working too many hours and try to make some changes before it’s too late.

If you are struggling with your work or health and are considering a change then why not find out what I did. It is really simple, you don’t need any special skills or experience and you don’t have to worry about doing it alone as I would coach you every step of the way.

For more information about how to start a simple home business from scratch, contact me by any of the methods below, I would love to have a chat with you. Anyway I must get back to work now and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, so bye for now.

The Benefits Of Working From Home

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How To Wipe Your Website

If you want to wipe your website and start again then this simple solution is all you need. You don’t have to buy another domain or start all over again with you host. As usual there is a very simple plugin that you can install to take your website back to where it was when you first started to build it.

You will need to save any content that you want to re-use to a word file or similar as once you press it to reset you will lose everything, pages, posts and content, it will be like you are starting from scratch.

Here is how to wipe your website.

Go to plugins in your dashboard menu and choose “add new”

In the search bar enter “WordPress reset” and click on search. You should see this option…


Mine shows as installed because I have it on my site – this is to show you which one to select.

Click on install and then click on activate. You can now go into it and select “reset” when you are ready and all your content that you want to keep is saved.

That’s it… you are now ready to add a new theme, new content etc to your website and start from scratch.

I hope you have found this useful but as always if you need any more help then please feel free to contact me by any of the methods below.

Are you worried about redundancy? Here is my redundancy free industry.
Lynne Thomas Business Coach


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